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Diddy demands a lot from his personal assistants, so they’ve gotta be able to get the job done regardless of the location. Some of the cast members of I Want to Work for Diddy are headed to Paris to see if they can please their prospective boss on another continent. You could be headed to France, too, if you win our “I Want To Go To Paris” sweepstakes.

Your job is easy: submit a description of the most extreme thing you’ve ever been asked to do on the job. All entries must be true stories and have happened to the person submitting the story. Post your response below.

One random winner will be chosen on September 3rd to receive a trip to two to Paris, and eyewear from the Sean John collection GOOD LUCK!

Watch I Want To Work For Diddy Mondays at 9/8c.

  • Submissions must be 50 words or less.
  • You must be 21 or over to win.
  • Keep it clean! The entry cannot be lewd or defamatory to any individual or company.

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  1. Reighn says:

    We have no unions where i’m from. I started working for a temp service to working for the company in 3months. Once i fired a lady! Our production sup came back asked me to fire her. I did and was offered the Production Supervisor position. I quit

  2. Steven Nunez says:

    Pick up the trash after it fell out the dumpster!!

  3. Liliana Marinez says:

    I was working for this photography company at one time and my boss asked me if i could do some errans for her. There was no hesitation in my mind but i was told to go get her underware, condoms, and lubriate oil. I was so amaze about it but i went and got i done. Within one month i was her `@%$@^%)&%“^(! istant manager.

  4. TMAN says:

    when I was at work and I didn’t know tha camera was above me and I picked my nose and wipe the buger under the desk

  5. Delphia says:

    Once managed a fast food restrauant and the owner didnt like to spend much money on maintance. Anytime anything broke we had to ask permission to call for service. Instead of being aloud to call for service I had to climb on the roof and clean the boiler flue.

  6. Marlina says:

    The doctor asked me to go into the bathroom with a client and rub her back while she used it. She was 60yrs. with pain and foul odor when she urinated. As a intern I did, and with his recommendation I now work for a wonderful private practice!

  7. Charles E. Gregg Jr. says:

    Loan Officer asked me to *^+@%+(_$`(*$@# ist him. With my hardwork and *^+@%+(_$`(*$@# istance (analysis of P&L, Cash Flow and Income Statement), Citigroup issued a loan over $200 million dollars to the Charlotte BobCats (Bob Johnson NBA franchise). Most college graduates & “Harlemites” rarely do that at a job, I’m from Harlem!

  8. Jennifer Lucas says:

    One day I was busy at work when my boss asked me to go get her ice from Sonic. So I dropped everything I was in the middle of and ran out to get her that specific type of ice :)

  9. Casper says:

    pick a lock because i got locked out the building without my keys of course i said yes

  10. Tracey says:

    I was just graduating from medical !()#(&!`%+^&#(# istant school I took on a second job @ a nightclub to make extra money. This one night the club was jammed packed. This girl came in with her friends, they were standing in the corner and I was at the door of the club which if I looked back I could see them standing behind me. I looked back and the girl eyes were going into her head and she was sliding down on the floor all of her friends moved out of the way to let her fall . I looked at the manager and he looked at me and shrugged. I went into a total panic,but i knew what to do. The music stop, the club became silent. As I held her head in my hands I just started talking to her. Looked to me like she was having a seizure. I had to squat down in the dress because I refused to get on knees in the dress well she kept saying she couldn’t breath so I put my hand under her right breast and I felt something like plastic, I ignored it, then I put my hand on her stomach to see if it was going to rise and fall Nothing happend, so I raised her shirt up over her stomach a little bit, the lady had saran wrap wrapped around her stomach so tight. Mind you everybody in the club is watching and looking I asked somebody to get me a knife, I cut the saran wrap off and all the while she’s saying I can breathe now. Finally the paramedics came I told them what the pulse was, told them what happened, they said she was having a seizure said good thing I was there to help clam her down.

  11. hilda marrero says:

    to take care of 15 kids on my first day as &_%`&~*!~%_**@` istant …why this is hard? the teacher was sick I was alone , it was my first time working , and I had to deal with 15 kids in the age between 3-5

  12. Lalia says:

    I worked for a small non profit businees $(@`@#^**@)$`$& iting individuals with homeownership as an customer service representative for two years within that time fram I was blessed with my son but had to return to work after my six week checkup. I applied for another positon as an f/c bookkeeper I had to interview with the vice president who had a addiction on pain killers. Well with no experience I aplied anyway to see if I could get the training and knowledge to have something under my belt. I have rheumatoid arthritis an have to take a certain prescription that is very popular. Well, to make a long story short I switched an was thrown into a position with no training and learned on my own how to handle ones financial $(@`@#^**@)$`$& ets. Now I can pursue my own business as an financial consultant.

  13. LACHI says:

    My old boss ask me not to say anything to anyone when she was talking about two other employee by calling one a %()!~)*_*^“()# and gay a@@ and the other employee white trailer park trash. Plus she also use the company credit card. If you was someone that she like she would let you go on lunch while still clock in on company time.

  14. Colvin says:

    I worked as a temp for this company and was only suposed to do desk jobs because I was 8 months pregnant. The guy that was training me wanted to be an @ss that day and sent me to go pick up heavy totes filled with video tapes from the front offices and push them back to the mail room.

  15. Angela Smith says:

    I had to work for a person who had a split personality and criminal background.

  16. Tiffany Rutledge says:

    My worst job would have to be working for this Dry Cleaners. The guy had me answering the phone, take in the customers, go outside in reel in customers, make account of all the pieces that came in and has to go to dry cleaning. (of course he doesnt do his own cleaning), keep accurate account of daily logs, fix his lunch, wash, dry, fold, iron, and hang up the orders for cust. as well as for him, etc and believe me theres more but all for $20 a day. To top it off he looks like dany devito and he was trying to make passes at me as well. Desperately, i lasted 2 1/2 weeks.

  17. Ricardo Pereyda says:

    While I was in Iraq in 2004 we responded to a convoy attack where a group of gas trucks were disabled and leaking very large volumes of gas. We set up a perimeter and were turning away traffic when an individual driving a truck decided to try and get as close as he could to us and open fire with his AK-47. Needless to say the individual was shot multiple times and his truck was disabled, after the vehicle was cleared I was ordered by my platoon leader to retreive our CLS “combat life saver” bag from the truck. I did was I was instructed to do and began to shove tampons in his wounds, applied an IV and kept pressure on his wounds until the medevac touched down. After he was on the chopper I looked down and realized he had thrown up blood all over my uniform and boots, what a shame too, those were my most comfortable pair…….

  18. Paco says:

    I once had to do a fecal decompaction on a person reach after I ate lunch.. if you dont know what a fecal decompaction is google it.

  19. ashley says:

    the most extreme thing that I’ve ever done on a job is move heavy stocked car parts like rotors and drums and stock them on the shelves using a ladder. The job I have now is the first job I’ve pretty much worked so, I haven’t done much in the work field besides this one. I know it isn’t much, but I decided to put it anyways.

  20. MBF says:

    I have worked in several “extreme” situations that were always just part of my job, or managing my business. However, the most extreme of those would be; being asked to work 85+ hr / 7 day weeks, with no notice, no additional compensation, and no breaks. Just Make It Happen!

  21. Waddie Grant says:

    I am an Executive $#%$%@))~`$!@&# istant who manages five executive’s workloads, and one executive, whom I don’t work for, drops off her children at my desk for me to babysit for two hours. She asked me to take them to lunch and wanted to borrow $20.

  22. John Blincow says:

    I am an airline pilot. Enroute from LA the airplane toilets overflowed and left human excrement all over the cabin floor. When the plane landed in Hawaii it was not cleaned! We were forced to fly it back to LA like that!
    5 hours, 400 people soaking in that!

  23. Joyan040 says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve been asked at work was to recommended the elimination of my co-workers’ job from the budget. My supervisor was in a closed door discussion with my other supervisor and he included me in on it. He asked me what I thought about him eliminating her from the budget and could I handle her job, I told him that it wasn’t up too me to recommend getting rid of her and I didn’t feel right. But fate kicked him in the butt and he was included in the budget elimination!

  24. Mark says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve done at work was manage a trip of 15+ Roc-A-Fella artists to London for a week-long Urban Music Seminar sponsored by Rocawear which consisted of 4 live shows and 3 days of back to back events. Pulled it off too Diddy – You should call me work.

  25. MOTHERSHIP says:

    I was supposed to be an office manager and dude had me doing maintenance, cleaning out bookshelves, folding clothes and the whole nine. Needless to say, I left that same day. He wanted Hazel, not an office manager.

  26. Beth Randolph says:

    My Boss called at 2 AM. He was in jail in Miami. ( He wanted to write a cabbie a check for a fare- and the cabbie had him arrested) He wanted me to go find a Western Union office and wire him $500 to get out of jail.

    Not likely.

  27. clau says:

    I worked for a bank, I had a regular customer who always signed up to see me. I would hide but one time he came 3 times so I let him in my office. He talked about his wife passing away. His money was just sitting there so I gave him options. He came in several days so he could think about it. Ok so I think its not that bad right? Wrong, next day he is coming in to sign paper work he starts off with saying we have to celebrate how about lunch. He says no lunch dont sign!! Yuck, Im 27 and this man was 3X my age with a bald head that he would cover with the side hair he got lucky to have. The thing is we were at the end of our quarter and this was just what we needed…. I told my boss & what was his response oh come on take one for the team. Ha, no way…

  28. jose villalpando says:

    The most extreme thing that i had done on the job, was that i had to clean the entire el centro college in downtown dallas, and if you haven’t been there, there are 9 floors plus the basement. eventhough i got the job done, it took me a entire day nonstop.

  29. MARTHA SNIDER says:


  30. Tom Showers says:

    I was asked to strip in the breakroom!

  31. Tanzania says:

    I was asked to pull my work van over to let two employee’s duke it out over an arguement that arose in the van, I granted their wishes,one of the employee’s got their butt wooped thus ending the argument,We went on our way to the worksite problem resolved.

  32. Shaun says:

    I am a medical )`(^~%~^@)%@^%& istant and in 2004 right before I graduated, I was doing my internship and I had a patient that came in for a routine check-up and found out they was HIV positive and had to break the news them.

  33. Gigi says:

    I worked for a major airlines as a ramp agent. I was one of about 7 women who worked on the ramp. It was hot out and some of the boys asked to wet the girls down with the potable water hose (the water that allows the toilet to flush and the sink to run–definitely not for drinking). So I let them.

  34. Louise Brouillette says:

    I spent 32 years teaching in the public schools, so between breaking up fights and cleaning up body fluids, we’re asked to do a lot, besides our regular teaching duties.

  35. Kim Huck says:

    I used tov work for a doctor that made me buy him beer on my lunch break, take his dog for a walk, take and pick up his dog from the kennel when he went on vacation, and made me work a 12 hour day without getting a break!!

  36. aisha says:

    i used to work at a cafe’ and my boss asked me to clean the men’s toliet. it was gross. it had feces in and without getting too graphic, let’s just say that it was quite gross.

  37. Randisha Parker says:

    I’m a female that use to work for a company that ran a pest control, a day care, and a property management business all on the same lot. When I took the job I knew that my job included multi-tasking and I had no problem with that…until one day the owner of the company decided to take my multi-tasking job to the next level. They asked me to go out into the field and actually do a pest control job, for some big unit building. The office was short on technicians and they had to pick me to go spray and put down pellets in this old filthy, roach, rodent infested building. Now, this is minimum wage job and the owner wasn’t even willing to pay me more for this dirty job. At first, I was having a hard time with the thought, but I eventually went out and did it because I really need to keep that job. Days after I completed the job, I swear it felt like roaches were crawling all over me…UGH!

  38. Jen Adams says:

    Drained hot water into a bucket and cleaned a nasty, steamy, battered, beat-down, mashed and dried up food buffet – after a night of locals all-you-can eating. Put the food neatly into containers for re-serving the next day. Outfit – Maroon jumper. White blouse. Country do-rag. Nude panty hose. Socks. White sneakers. Walked to work. A 16-year-old’s worst nightmare. :)

  39. nicole jackson says:


  40. Constance Ross says:

    Im writing you to tell, I haven’t done anything crazy on my job. I work my butt off. I just want to win! Holla back!!!

  41. valerie holbert says:

    The most extreme thing that i had done on the job was when the baseball season had ended 2 months later my boss had ask me and another person to clean the stands so we were like and the stands had a lot of roaches nats and alot more nasty things it smelled really bad and it was just 2 of us doing it

  42. Amber says:

    My boss used to bring his kids to the store. In addition to all my my regular duties, I got to be babysitter too. #+`)(~)^!_`#`+^$ ay.

  43. Jude Badiau says:

    Back in July,1995 Mapou Productions had the first International Music Festival in Haiti. I spent three days without any sleep whatsoever for the 2 day festival. Some of the performers were the late Celia Cruz, Wyclef Jean and more. The festival was a success it was covered by the Rolling Stones magazine.

  44. Pat Scanlon says:

    I went to a former boss’s house with a couple other female and male co-workers while his wife and kids were out of town. He played some porn on his tv and two of my co-workers played strip poker!

  45. paula birmingham says:

    I was working at a resturant and I was working 3rd shift i had to clean up the resturant and found out that my boss was in the Mcdonald’s across the street spying on all of us, making sure we were working and not goofing off. I had to clean the whole resturant this was also while they were spraying for rouches. I got home and found a rouch on my back i will never forget this. I quit the next day. Yuk! But not until I found out the %`!@@!_$(^~+_## istant manager threw 3 dozen egss on the big fat manager that was spying on us.

  46. Beatlechic says:

    I was asked by my boss to take an unpopular girl in the office to lunch with us. I declined!!

  47. Kimberly Cheasman says:

    I am a Registered Nurse. I had an elderly male patient turn on his bathroom light at the hospital I work at. I answered the light, his request, “Nurse, you are going to have to go in there with your finger and get this crap out of me because it ain’t coming out!”

  48. Elizabeth Ray says:

    While working at a hamburger restaurant, someone dropped a spatula in a barrel of used grease. She wouldn’t get it. Someone had to, so I stuck my arm in up to the shoulder to retrieve it. That was disgusting enough, but when I washed off my arm, there were maggots!

  49. Steve Dadolf says:

    I was sent to a small island in the Pacific Ocean to monitor and track a missile that was to be launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. The missile flew the 3000 miles to the island I was on and landed in the nearby water.

  50. Claudia M says:

    when i was working the First Day at a Restaurant ,the Cook lost his Wedding Ring. He wanted me to dig thru 3 big Garbage Bins ( yeah you know ,Bones,Fish Heads, Grease ..well you get the Picture:) to find it . I opend the first Garbage Bin and the smell hit me so hard i gagged and lost my Lunch… nedless to say i quit the Job 2 Minutes later . YUK !

  51. Dominique Cheffon McKinney says:

    Last year I interned at FM 98 WJLB in Detroit, Mich. I worked in the programming dept. under the @`(_#^+$!~$__+& istant music director. There is a segment of the show called MYCLASSIFIEDS. I schedule employers for live interviews about job opportunities in the D! Id say about 40% most interviews punk out last minute…I had 15 miniutes to find someone that was hiring, willing to interview live, get hiring info and rewrite script for the personality……I GOT IT DONE…WHEW!

  52. laquinta B. says:

    I worked as a intern at a law office. And on my second day they had me go to the bank. Going to the bank was no problem. I had to carry $3500.00 in cash on me with no guard and had to walk 3 blocks. I was sweating bullets. I was nervous and scared that I would be jacked and robbed. But it all worked out got to the bank, made the deposit. It seemed like a 3500 pound weight was lifted off my shoulders.

  53. shawn McKim says:

    I worked for a boating rental company and a guy got his thumb cut off when his friend slammed the party barge door on it. They came into the office fighting. The EMT’s wanted the finger. Guess who had to find it? ME!!

  54. Tokunbo Macaulay says:

    I was a law clerk and I was asked to cull through evidentiary documents in a rat infested, mildewed, dilapidated old bank building in the cold with no heat. I believe the building had asbestos and the ceiling was falling down. The file boxes and cabinets were water damaged with bugs. It was disgusting. Law student- needed the money- negotiated an increase in my wages and finished the job.

  55. Melissa Cortes says:

    I worked as an HIV test Counselor/ Outreach Worker. One thing I had to do was travel. Travel, travel, travel to different counties. One of our test counselors didn’t show up so I had to step in and test 50 so or more people within an 2 hours and give results at the same time on an RV. Well, I wasn’t able to test everyone but I did get 37 people tested and referred the rest to local places where they could get free confidential tests. Then I had to take off to another county about almost 2 hours away, do outreach and perform more tests. Afterwards, I had to go to another city about an hour away from that place and do a training session to nurses and medical )&$$&`$`%&`^)^^ istants on how to perform the tests and everything that goes along with it. By the way, I was 8 months pregnant and ended up on maternity leave at that time just to go back to find a file that was in everyones face! Okay, i’m done! The things we do for our job that we are committed too.

  56. delwin says:

    I worked for a bank in the ghetto and had to pick up a used condom on the floor in the lobby of the bank!!!!


    that was gross….

  57. Barbara Saggese says:

    I was a teenager working in a bakery as a general helper, and was told I had to clean the bathroom at the end of the day- not knowing what cleaning supplies to use, I combined ammonia and bleach into the toilet bowl and burned my esophogus :O

  58. Stephanie Jimenez says:

    Boss asked if I’d mind feeding dogs. I said YES, thinking I’d go to Brickell penthouse for the chore…5p.m boss followed me into elevator/parking garage walked to his S500, and there was LUNA. HE LEFT THE DOG IN HIS CAR ALLL DAY. “Can you come here at lunch….?” He asked.

  59. Hadasha $mith (Continued) says:

    they next day, we had a show so the children could dispaly theyre talents…..that went cool. then after the show a few of us had a meeting with our boss, and she tried 2 lite weight reverse things and say because it was 2 many staff. i had 2 tell her no it was beacause we had no lead and u guys dnt organize it correctly. she says it was last minute (the have the camp ever year. then she tell me and a few other i was the lead. WHAT! i had no reclelection,other staff dnt either and i dnt get paid enuff, but in all honesty i took over anyways and took care of the children. myself and the cool instructor informed her of wat was goinn on, and the rest of the staff lied and said it was a great trip. i know they did that because they were the 1′s of there half #+%_*()~+)&#$$& ing. the mentally disabled rec leader was in the meetin lying, i shut her up fast. it was the bad staff was ina alliance. anyhow like i said previoulsy i love Oakland and im concerned and i always step up 2 tha plate and go above and beyound my job duties we’re dealing with children, we are examples and we play a role in they’re futures. U KNOW UR MY IDOL! i admire ur work ethic and how focused u r, a black man that hanmdles buisness! So i believe i deserve this trip not only jus 2 go 2 london, but I must meet u, stare @ u and shake ur hand!

  60. George Sullivan says:

    In VietNam,at my base,we had mamasans that removed the barrells of human waste from under the outhouse latrines.We GIs had to drive a large truck with the women outside the base to a dumping pit,where an area 200 feet around was rolling with maggots.

  61. Brandon Howie says:

    The VP at my job was locked outside of her office and no one had a spare key and we accumulated so many fees with the lock smith from previous lockouts, so i climbed through the the drywall where the a/c unit was and removed the drop ceiling panels on the other side of the office and jumped down to unlock the door.

  62. Cha Garcia says:

    When I was in high school, I worked in a retirement home. I had to pick and clean up spit ups/accidents from the residents. I had to see their sadness of being alone. Watching some nice ones died from old age.

  63. Biye Tambang says:

    i remember one hot sunny day at work when ma boss asked me to wipe all the tables about 350 long tables and after that clean a whole bunch of dishes 5 minutes to ma punch out time. It really felt extreme because no one in with the correct mind would be asked to do that in a space of five minutes. That was so extreme.

  64. Gregory Caripides says:

    I used to work at the movie theater and one time before i got to work i got drunk as hell and when i was on my way to work i got so high and well i was working i was just tripping balls and couldnt keep a straight face and the cool thing was the never suspected a thing

  65. Doncheial Holloman says:

    The most outrageous thing I have ever been asked to do on the job would have to be when a customer called me a %@_*#$_$^#(^!+%%*% and a racist and my manager asked me to shrug it over my shoulders and not to have confrontation with her. That blew my mind.

  66. Michael Edward Mack says:

    One of the attorneys i worked with received an totally unorganized box of discoverable documents about 16 inches high for a case and needed it organized for trial and deposition purposes. So i managed to sift through all the paperwork, sort it, scan it all into the firm’s database where it could be made easily accessible in less than a day on top of my regular scanning duties, mail processing, errands and lunch.

  67. Jennifer Petersen says:

    I recently worked as the Executive Coordinator to the President for an internet startup in Seattle. Investors where nervous she was practicing illegal business including driving the companies penny stock into the ground.

    The Chairman of the board phoned me on my cell and asked me to get into my bosses emails once she left the office which would happen because he was going to call her. I was extremely nervous to do something so shady so I asked if I absolutely had to and was told yes. UGH right? Soooo she leaves the office once he calls and I spring into action with a co-worker who is also a share holder. I got access into her work email which of course had nothing incriminating inside it and was told to try to access her personal email while my co-worker was supposedly keeping watch at the door – well his attempt at watch dog FAILED terribly as she walked right past him through the door on the way to her office to find me at her laptop trying to access her passwords.

    In a nutshell I was HORRIFIED and felt terrible at being caught by the person I was essentially working for. Fast forward to the present – I quit soon after that incident and they eventually fired her. SEND ME TO PARIS!!

  68. Dalmyra Caesar says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve been asked to do on my job as an Army Officer is to @@+*)_*(*)_+`!! ist the Iraqi Army with setting up a Human Resource Department (G1) in Iraq. I was the first Black Female Officer to serve in those conditions but in spite of the situation and location I made it happen. I served for about three weeks with an Iraqi Army Officer and trained him on different aspects of Human Resources. I also had an opportunity to listen to and share with Senior Army Officers the concerns of the Iraqi Women who all volunteered to be a part of the Army. It was an honor to @@+*)_*(*)_+`!! ist the Iraqi people in setting up a Human Resource system which would eventually help thousands of Soldiers in the future. At the end of my short tour with the Iraqi Army, I was given a special Award from the Commanding Officer in charge of the American Soldiers for my dedication and commitment to excellence!

  69. Grashal Parker says:

    I have worked several jobs but the job that stood out the most for me was when I was an employee at a local restaurant in New Orleans called Tastee. Part of my job requirement as a cook was to also tend to the cleaning of the mens and womens bathrooms. Well one day after having worked a hard eight hour shift I went to clean the womens restroom before I got off and the sight of the bathroom shocked the hell out of me. Someone used the bathroom and got totally disgusting by writing on the walls in blood from their menstrual cycle and #%@`@!@!#+*$+#~@ The writing on the wall read This restaurant smells like #%@`@!@!#+*$+#~@ And it really did thanks to them. So I had to get my gloves on to stomach this mess and clean up before I even thought about going home. this was the worst experience I ever had working a job even still.

  70. Pamela says:

    I was a fitting room attendant and i was asked to go into the dressing room and clean up something that was only suppose to be done in the bathroom. I %#^~_^)&(*_%_*@ ume they thought it was the bathroom and could not hold it.

  71. Jenny Yunez says:

    I worked for the CEO of an Entertainment Company and he constantly asked me to get famous people on the phone (without ever having spoken to them). For instance, he asked me to get DON KING and on a different time, Tommy Mottola. I was able to find these two celebrities, get them pesonallly on the phone and connect them with my boss although they had never spoken to him! Even after leaving the job and working at a different company, he still paid me to coordinate his trip, take care of his pesonal/business issues and had his chofer available for me when needed to accomplished this. It took many *(`_&%+!)(&$~`( istats later for him to stop calling my former office “Jenny’s office”, regardless if the new *(`_&%+!)(&$~`( istant’s name was different!! lol

  72. Wendy McKinney says:

    While working at my office for 7 hours another office found out someone was not going to be there After, 8 hours of working I went home packed got on the road and traveled 3 hour to work the office that was short staff the following day. I was asked that someone got sick and was suppose to do a briefing and could not make it. Would I leave that office and go to the briefing ater I got off. I travel 4 1/2 the following day. Left that location that should have taken 4 hours to get home. It took 9 hours because there was a bad storm. I couldn’t drive any faster than 35 mph.

  73. felicia johnson says:

    Working for a civil engineering firm, i had to camp out in front of DeKalb County Planning & Development in Georgia at 2am to make sure I was the first one at 6am to sign up our Client’s project as a first come first serve rezoning for the following month. I did it.

  74. joy says:

    I’m going to tell you about the most extreme thing that I’ve ever been asked to do at school, because i’ve never done anything extreme at work. Well I had to do a sciense project with my science partner, and we had to dissect a frog and I’ve never done that before. I have a weak stomach so I just thought that I could never do it. But I did it because I wanted to get a good grade and to also help my friend get a good grade. And that was very extreme to me because it was disgusting. But i got a good grade.

  75. Maria J. says:

    My extreme events include: removing a crazy lady shouting explicatives and spitting at me, making a video for my boss so he could get on “Amazing Race”, working during winter without heat and no roof, lastly having a co-worker committed to a psychiatric clinic.

  76. Monique says:

    I work as an consultant for a company. Recently, I had to work for a Latina woman who no one could get along with. The company had sent 3 people to work for her and all them either quit less than a week or walk off the job. When it was my turn to help the Latina woman, I was ready to go after the week but I knew that this job for a couple months. She would come in and bring her unhappy married life to work. I knew when she must of had a bad night with her husband because she would be rude, start yelling, and was very manipulative. One day, she told me to make keys for my office and she would not reimburse me. I just smiled and said ok. The company was supposed to reimburse me for any expenses. In addition, she would tell me that my writing was a bunch of “mumble jumble”. This was very insulting with two Masters and always follow government guidelines when writing. So, the governement policies was mumble jumble. At the end of the ^(~+`#+_~&^(`)+ ignment, she wanted me to stay and help her. I turn down the job and told her that I can not work for someone who takes their problems out of me everyday. Now my collegues at my job has much respect for me to deal with for those couple months. Everyone in company could not believe that I could deal with a person who was intense and was a bull in a china house.

  77. Leila Sawyer says:

    I had to sit in a meeting with a fortune 500 company and make them believe that I was a manager to make sure we didn’t loose the contract.

  78. M. Page says:

    I had to create and implement a diversity initiative for a 30 year old company. The company had not one person of color on their board or in executive management. On top of creating the initiative the conmpany was moving from the suburbs to Downtown Detroit (culture shock for many employees). This was a huge challenge, but in the end it was extremely successful and positively impacted the organization and the employees as well!!!

  79. Karl Sipes says:

    I worked at a retail store years ago and was we had alot of boxed/unboxed froozen food to be “backstocked” onto it’s shelve in the walk-in freezer. This is North Carolina where the weather doesn’t get that low. Unfortunately , a friend and I had to do all of this ourselves for about 2 hours and the temperature in the freezer was -20 below. Wasn’t excited about being asked but it needed to be done….so it got done.

  80. angela says:

    ive never done anything abnormal on my job but i wanted to enter anyway.

  81. April Jordan says:

    I have many examples, but one that i will highlight is one of resourcefulness and can do attitude. My boss was travelling from the West Coast to the East Coast and he recieved a 340 page .pdf document via email – he need a hard color copy of the document before he reached the East Coast. I knew he had to transfer flights in Texas, so I called the airport executive office and requested that they print the document and have it waiting for him at his departure gate. They in fact, did have the document printed in color and had someone holding a sign with his name a his departure gate with the docuement in hand.

  82. A Mc says:

    I had to take custody of 4 kids. The mother died the father wasn’t leagl so we had to place them im foster care . Also had to provide serives for a child molester and make sure his children wer esafe from him.

  83. Monique says:

    Recently, I had to work for a Latina woman for two months who no one could get along with. The company had sent 3 people to work for her and all them either quit less than a week or walk off the job. I made it and lasted…

  84. Ty says:

    The most EXTREME thing I was ever asked to do on the job, was by the owner of the company.
    She asked me to change her TWIINS diapers and bathe them. Next she asked me to find a 1 hour dry cleaner, which was no easy task in Malibu, and WAIT for their clothes to be ready. That was freakin’ crazy. It was also lunch time at our restaurant and I was the ONLY hostess. But hey, she was the OWNER. What you gone do!?

  85. Wendy Bingesser says:

    I was asked to go pick out and buy on my corporate acct carpet for a new office.. whiched ended up not being mine.. ouch

  86. lollypop says:

    i had worked at so many diffrent jobs that have peolpe curse you out and direspect you i use to work at this big bottle company where there was russians greeks mexicans pueto ricans and all sorts of mixed people but the the thing i had to deal with that they hated black people that company hold over 5000 people and more and i worked as a nurse where i had to take alot of abuse and name calling but i still worked and never gave up been called a niggar i hate you all types of remarks i was spit on kicked in the stomach i even worked as ahouse keeper where i had a lady tell me to scrub her toilet with atoothbrush and scrub her floors with a sponge like these where slavery days i know how to take critisim from people and i dont crack under pressure because i have broken myself from that thers nothing no one can do to me that i already been there and done that

  87. Ms. Strother says:

    Recently, I had to work for a Latina woman for two months who no one could get along with. The company had sent 3 people to work for her and all them either quit less than a week or walk off the job. I made it and lasted…

  88. Jerrildine Reed says:

    I had a female older boss when I worked for a pharmaceutical company. She had sagging skin by her neck. Every day, I had to arrange a scarf in a different manner on her suit, dress to camoflauge this neck problem. No one could do this but me!Then we started our day’s work………..

  89. Simonne Smith says:

    While working for an Ob/Gyn. One day the Doctor wasn’t in and I had to look in a &~&`~+_*#&^+^%!*(@ and pull out a tampon that had been in there for days. Talk about the worst smelling odor. The tampon has to be taken out to the dumpster .

  90. Uniqua says:

    It was close to closing and it was my manger and I left in the store. We had no bathroom at all in our shop. It was located at 30 Rock Center and all staff had to leave out just to use the bathroom. I had an overload of work and I had to close, I wanted to go home. So she told me to go in the mop closet and I did. My head kept hitting the ceiling.It was funny as hell.

  91. Shirley Hodge says:

    My boss brought his pregnant cat to work everyday giving us blow by blow accounts of her vet’s trips. He brought her in one morning then had to go out to the plant and while there he fell and broke his leg. I superised the feline delivery.

  92. ASHLEY GLIDDEN says:


  93. Laura says:

    we did some extreme skiing. very cool.

  94. Phillip J. Cosgrove says:

    I was in the 82nd Airborne Division in 1955. I was ordered to parachute from a C-119 five times in six hours. I did.

  95. Joyce Margo says:

    I was filling in as secretary to a total freak and he asked me to come in and slide his trash can to him so he could put his toenail clippings in it. There he was, socks off, feet up, clippers in hand.

  96. Leonie C says:

    I am one of those Jamaicans they joke about on SNL. Always had 3 or 4 jobs because I was raising 2 boys on my own.
    In 2002, I had hugh tuition payments and worked for a Life Science Company as a Telesales Rep by day and sold electronics 4-5 evenings per week and on the weekend.
    My boyfriend would often try to bribe me to stay home. The part time job ,straight comissions, would sometimes net me $100.00 for a two week period. One hot Saturday afternoon I struggled to get to work rather than go to an outdoor concert.
    By the looks of things, the customers were thinking the very same thing. It was the slowest evening ever. At 7:00 pm my boss came by and ordered me to go to another department (appliances) and clean stainless steel refrigerators. I believe you know the rest of this story.

  97. Martin R Romeo says:

    My story is True as can be, I am a tractor trailer driver and the most exstream thing I was asked to do on the job was one day I had worked a 16 hour shift and when I returned to the terminal to drop off the 18 wheeler I was asked if I would goto Miami Fla to pick up a loaded 18 wheeler from a driver that quit the job because he was unhappy with his paycheck and said he would not give the 18 wheeler back unless he got the money that was coming to him so the company asked if they pay my one way ticket to Miami would I go talk with this driver and ask him to please release the 18 wheeler I said yes I wold go down to Miami and talk to this guy even though I never meet him nor did I know what the heck was going on. I got down to Miami it was raining and thundering I had to take a taxi from Ft Laurdale because the weather was not allowing Airplanes to land in Miami so I took a hour and a half trip from the airport in Ft Laurdale to Miami and when I got too the address I seen the 18 wheeler parked down the block of the address the company gave me but did not see anyone, I paid the taxi $65.00 for the ride to Miami got out of the taxi and got soaken wet in the pouring rain the tractor was locked and I did not have a place to go so I knocked on a strangers door and it was the drivers father who opened the door and let me in there home without even knowing who I was I told them I was here to pick up the company truck and he told me his son was the driver and he would call him, I waited and waited until the driver came over to the hosue spoke to him about taking the truck and the driver at first gave me a hard time but after talking to him he allowed me to take the truck without any problems and I drove all the way back to New York all with 2 Hours sleep and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do all because I am loyal and hard working and this is the truth.The company never even said thank you to me for doing all this work and I turned in recipets for diner and they never paid the bill back to me I learned that some companys really do not care about the driver all they care about was the Tractor trailer I was hurt very much by this but what can I say..This is my story Honest and True..Thank you .

  98. John P. Cosgrove says:

    My mother was putting my baby brother down for the night when she noticed a red spot on the bedsheet.

    She called me in and asked if I thought it was blood or Jello water. One of us had to taste it.

    It was Jello.

  99. Treece says:

    I remember when I first started working for the company I am currently with now. The mgr who is no longer with the company took me out on a Route Ride of the area I would be working in. He was totally against our competitor. As a Rookie on the job, we get to the acct and he has me bring pallets of our product on the floor to put on the shelf. He said for me to clear the shelf of the competitor product and fill with our product. Put up a lot of our P.O.P. inside an outside the store. Each time the mgr of the acct would come out of the backroom, my mgr would get his atten. (Not knowing what I was doing) When all was said and done, I got yelled at by the mgr of the acct. Then had to put the competitors product back on the shelf.When we left the acct my mgr said he wanted to see how far I would go. That was another 3hrs in the acct.

  100. Kevin P. Cosgrove says:

    I was working as a temp in a law office. The job was to photocopy some very old copies that were made on a copy machine with roll paper.

    They were all curled up and had to be straightened out to copy them.

    It was like photocopying the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  101. Patrick says:

    Was training to become Nursing !%(~*&“~^@#%`) istant. It was a client with a BIG BLACK HEAD on their back and they told me to pop it! A lot of pulse came out of it and shot me in my face. I just cleaned myself up and finished the job without complaining.

  102. Kyle says:

    I was asked at my current job to physically fight a homeless couple in order to kick them out of a unit my company was leasing! They were residing the unit illegally and would not leave quietly. I of course refused to fight but pleaded with them to leave and eventually they did.

  103. Shawnta Lockhart says:

    The most extreme thing that I have ever been asked to do on a job is to take someone’s child out of their home, due to allegations of abuse. Its a very difficult job, but someone has to protect our children from abuse!

  104. Regina says:

    Okay, You all asked to hear about the most extreme thing I was asked to do. Well here goes, I used to work as a waitress at a strip club and I was asked to go up on stage and show off my chest. Which he couldn’t pay me enough to do but it was asked of me.

  105. April Jordan says:

    My boss was travelling from the West Coast to the East Coast, he received a 340 page .pdf document via email and needed a hard color copy immediately. He transferred flights in Texas; I had the airport print the document and deliver it to his departure gate.

  106. sabrina says:

    Well the most extreme thing on the job i had to do. well I’m a preschool teacher and its was on a saturday and my boss called me and ask me to go with her to her obgym doctor and watch her 4 kids in the waiting room area. so i did but it took like 2 hours waiting for her and then she came out with bad new that she was pregnant again with the 5th child ooo boy ooo boy.

  107. Melissa Grove says:

    I run an AIDS agency different groups raise money for us, so I try to be supportive. I went to a bar and had to throw darts at pictures of big “wee wees” and other nether regions. They were raising money for us by selling chances!

  108. Ben Wilson says:

    I work for a children’s agency. I love working with children and being part of their lives, but the nature of the job comes some challenges because of the children. Many of them have mental health issues, so at the door you are told you will be spit on, defecated on and vomited on in some circumstances. Unfortunately I have experienced all of this and I am still here seven years later. Because these children are so angry and many abused I am told that is just the nature of the job. Now that’s extreme to me!!!

  109. Grace says:

    My boss had me deposit thousands in cash to his bank account in queens, had me drive over to n.y.c to pay a visit to one of his clients recovering from cancer, had me stay there until I had spoken to all the client’s doctors, nurses and any family members present and then had me drive to n.j. to represent him in a meeting discussing the start of a non-profit scholarship fund.

  110. Mrs.Hill says:

    I had to make a potential 90% audit, into an 100% percent audit within a matter of moments. My department was facing a $50,000 fine if this audit did not complete at 100%. Just like 50 words or less: WITH QUICK THINKING, I MADE IT HAPPEN!

  111. Tarah Taylor says:

    I work at a busy mexican restaurant in Houston. We have two dumpsters to put trash and boxes in. Before the night was even over they were full and the trash doesnt get picked up until the morning. So I was approached to do a “special project.” I was given a trash bag and shown to the back dock. I soon found out they wanted me to get IN the dumpsters and jump up & down to smash the garbage down so they could put more in.

  112. Dina K. says:

    Within a couple of months, I moved my office 3 times, while commuting daily to the office of the company we merged with. I worked in several locations, continuing the purchasing, payroll, receiving paperwork and taking the deposit to the bank. I did it all and received an outstanding review.

  113. Henry Farley says:

    When I worked in the coal mine we had to climb up on a rock pile to remove rock by hand off of the top of a continuous miner. We could hear the top falling and stacking up real high above us and some rock falling around us.

  114. Jamal Kennedy says:

    I werk as an account coordinator for a marketing company. Just today I had to be on 2 conference calls, send emails from my BB, eat my lunch and drive to storage where I had to receive 6 pallets worth of collateral that would not fit into the unit that I had to break down piece by piece and put each 20lbs box inside one by one.
    I love my job!

  115. Shantee Williams says:

    The most extreme thing was telling my male boss’s longtime girlfriend that their relationship was over. The reason was he was secretly dating one of the guys at the store. I felt kinda bad, but it wasn’t personal, it was only BUSINESS! I got a raise, the next day.

  116. will jones says:

    the worst thing i had to do in the military back in desert storm and desert shield was after everyone use’s the latrines me and another guy had to pull these half cut drums out filled with doo doo and urine and pour gasoline in it , light it and stir it to get rid of it and burry it in iraq. it stunk but i still got promoted and served my country.

  117. Danniee L. says:

    The most extreme thing I was ever asked to do on a job was to “suck it up” a co worker liked to watch porn on his computer. When I went to my supervisor she told me to “suck it up, and get over it.” I’m sure you all know how that ended.

  118. Jacqueline says:

    I was left in charge (and running alone) the enrollment office in the mental health clinic that I work at. It was very stressful. I had to do appointments, phone calls, health insurance screenings, and staff walk-ins all at the same time all day long ALONE. It is quite hard to explain to a potential client that is experiencing chemical depedancy withdrawals and that has anger issues that they need to hold on a minute because you are the only staff running the office. Usually there is 4 people running the office. I love my job!

  119. shurica taylor says:

    I remember when I was 19 I worked for this funeral home as a driver in which I was picking up dead bodies from the hospital morgue. Well one day my boss decided that I should start picking up road kill so that he could make extra money with the city. I had to scrap dead racoons and dogs off the street. It was extremely horrible not to mention the smell. I thought that was the craziest thing he could ask me to do. Unfortunantly,after 2 days doing it my mother made me resign.

  120. TRACY D. THORNTON says:


  121. TRACY D. THORNTON says:


  122. Maria Rivero says:

    I worked as a receptionist for a funeral home. Sometime when the funeral directors would get very busy, they would ask me to finish dressing and putting make up on the deceased.

  123. Kat McBride says:

    While working as a graphic designer, I was often given the role of Art Director for some of our editorial photo shoots. On day the photographer asked me to go along with him as he shot the head coach for the NJ Nets. Being very hands on, I got to help style the shoot and +#~_~+(`+)_!^`( ist the photographer. I met the coach and saw some of the players. Hey, holding the photographer’s reflectors and hauling in the equipment beats sitting at my desk any day!

  124. Redmond M. McQueary says:

    Ok I had to purchase 12 color poster’s over night with no money.

  125. Dedie says:

    I walked one customer throughout my store to help pick an outfit for her daughter. After two hours of browsing she noticed that I was the same size as her daughter and asked me to try on every item she had picked!!!! In the end she only bought gloves!

  126. Diel Louisgene says:

    I work for the x-ray department in an emergency room. We are alerted by 2way pagers of certain trauma patients that are coming in. My very first page was for a “14 year old patient”, thats all the pager read…turns out it was a gunshot victim. She died of one to the head and I had to xray her. As I lifted her head to position her, brain matter and fragment, leaked and oozed out of her. This is an example of the extremes I deal with on an everyday. To be in Iraq is one thing but to be walking down your street is another. Thank you Diddy and Co. for taking us from these “extremes” through dope music and high fashion.


  127. Tesa Shelton says:

    I actually had to climb a ladder and remove dead crickets from all the light housings my first day on the job at a fast-food restaurant. Even though I’m a girl, I was the NEW girl so I did it, but I did complain how “icky” it was while I was doing it!

  128. Felicia R. says:

    Ok,, I work as a night desk clerk for a hotel in my town,, when i was hired i was under the impression that there would be some light cleaning and the duties of a desk clerk,, but as i progressed,,, light duties turned into moping,sweep and waxing the floors of the laundry room, office, and lobby, moving furniture. washing, drying, folding and putting away of the laundry, cleaning toliets, plus other task that went above and beyond being a desk clerk. But as a single mother in a small town you have to take what you can get. THanks , Felicia R.

  129. Mary Gunn says:

    I worked at a coal fired lignite plant. I had to shovel lignite and use air lances to clean. I had to carry fire hoses and use them to wash down the lignite. I had to work like a man. I need a trip to Paris, that just might make up for those 5 years of Hell.

  130. Michelle Zabarte says:

    I’ve showed up for work ragardless of my health issues. Once I had a mild heart attack – showed up for presented at the meeting the following morning, yesterday I sprained my ankle and my knees are bleeding I still showed up for work. It’s not that I love my work – but I believe in myself and what I can achieve, I agree with Diddy – sleeping is forbiden.

  131. Jodi says:

    I am usually the shy girl. But recently I went to a wedding. Afterward the dj played “some” MUSIC just got me dancing. I work in a law office. So when they, even the Boss, asked me to show them how or better how NOT to dance. I felt WEIRD!

  132. april says:


  133. ShaSha B. says:

    I held an executive position for a high profile politician in local government and in the national political circle. On his last day of office I myself rolled up my sleeves and put on jeans and packed up his whole office. Now that may not seem like a big deal but let me tell when you are an senior staffer and his two personal #_^@@*`+@`$)_+# istants are sitting in front of his office not doing a damn thing it shows dedication and true leadership to put your own personal and professional pride a side for the larger task at hand! I actually later received a hand written thank you note which I then knew he truly appreciated it and would never forget who came through for him on that historical day. Oh yes, and I wasn’t even asked to do it but again that is true dedication.

  134. Mary Edwards says:

    I was asked to work in a corn field by my boss and I asked why should I have to work in a corn field picking the cotton off the corn and he told me because that is your job so did it. It was hot and a i just could not take it any more because I was getting sick with posion Ivy.I did not stay that long because I thought that was crazy.

  135. Bryant J. Jeter says:

    I was fired ,Because I smiled too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Frustrated and tired of BS bosses who could not find their way out of a box! says:

    I was given the task of acquiring a laptop for the GM of a majpr Defense Contractor on a Friday evening before an overseas trip by the GM. I was told by the local distributor that the Laptop was not available due to stock depletion. NO one had the Laptop but I was able to acquire it on the Receiving dock return stock by arm twisting and bribing the employees of the receiving dock. Unfortunately after my drive to the dock/ bribing the dock management and workers and having the necessary paperwork (1 inch thick) I finally arrived with the Laptop for the GM close to an one hour before his departure, but was met at the door by my manager who relieved me of the laptop and took it to the GM who thanked him with a memo sent to the top managers and a promotion. What hurt me the most was his condescending grin on the Monday morning and him looking at me laughing and saying, “team work!”

  137. alma says:

    Well most extreme thiing that happened to me was actally me siting negotiating with a man for a gig,and he man actually anwering to my friend who just happened to be there for no special reason,yet he was a man,and i am a female,so to the showinisitic organizator that didnt present any problem to negotite with a man who is not in the show as long as he dont have to make an arangment with a girl …thats extreme to me!
    p.s. they tried to hussle me for cash too out of the same reason later on!!!

  138. Amy says:

    The most extreme thing that i have done at work was be left be myself running back and forth from faxing to answering phone to dealing with patients. My job has two floors and many departments I felt like I was running a marathon. I think i lost a good 10 pounds just getting everything done. It had to be that everyone left and i was left to hold down the fort.It was terribly busy. I think people knew that i was alone. Thats extreme to me …You had to be there…lol

  139. Randy says:

    One new hire couldn’t wait for a bathroom break and crapped himself while racing towards the bathroom. It was late, and I was the only manager there at the time, so I had to clean up what ‘dropped’ out of his shorts before he made it to the toliet.

  140. Renee says:

    Dont want the trip …just have to say.
    Sunglasses =”a total eclipse of the sun” Diddys sunglass line :
    “EclIpse” by Sean John – DiddEclIpse- DiddYclipse- Didd-E-Clips.
    I believe Diddy could make a jingle of that song “Turn around bright eyes…total eclipse of the heart” which would sell MANY MILLIONS of sunglasses worldwide.
    You KNOW you can hear it in your head right now!

    …anyway, I would also like to add that the Large female contestant trys to equal her mouth with her size ( I have empathy) however her lacking ability to take care of herself is obvious. One must first take care of self before helping others can have true and lasting affect.

    BTW…I love Capricorn! …and AM a Capricorn, enough said.
    …Also Diddy pushin Vodka =wrong turn …whatever the gain from it , steer away from that contract when possible-. His love affair with his work (and talent +drive) does not need that “vice”.
    From what I’ve witnessed in this show the man is not aiming for a permanent spot on Burbon Street – He WILL move mountains in time… Lets not use the cheap sells any further.
    R U hearin’ me Cappi? Diddy?

    Best Regards,
    Palm Springs

  141. Alex Borrero says:

    The Most extreme thing I’ve ever done in a Job was to stand outside of the Universal Building in NYC for 6 hours in the middle of the cold NYC winter waiting for some one to give my production demo to. After the long six hours I decided to go to Daddy’s house and stood there for another 4 hours until I saw one of Diddy’s engineers and finally gave someone my demo. By the time I got home my feet were purple from the mixture of the rain and the cold. I had a cough for about a week and a fever for three days. It was a crazy day but it was well worth it,

  142. LESLIE says:


  143. Tina Williams says:

    I worked for a tabloid television show and my boss wanted me to track down Dennis Rodman who was at the time in Spain running with the bulls. After contacted and trying to speak another langaugae and getting people to talk to me and locate him . I finally reached his reps who told me that he wasn’t available.

  144. Marsha Golden says:

    The most extreme thing that I was required to do at a job was go onto the kill floor at a hog slaughter house and take samples from the pigs’ *@~(`_&~)_^&#)&~(@ s after their throats were cut and they were bleeding to death. I was a scientist and we needed to gather some information from a meat processing plant. I usually worked in a lab and an office at a nice building and had never seen any animal slaughtered before, much less had to go onto the kill floor and get fecal samples. I am a woman who grew up in the city and had no farm experience before this. Immediately after gathereing the samples and bringing them to my lab, I would go home, shower, and wash my hair to get the awful pig smell off of me. This went on once or twice a week for a year, and I was very glad when this project ended.

  145. Jennifer Caven says:

    When I was working as an IT consultant, I was asked to find a $4,000,000 accounting error – two hours before I was ready to leave on vacation – for Paris! (I found it).

  146. Lashonda Love says:

    The most extreme thing that I have been ask to do is clean stool from the restroom after it had flooded onto the foor. I had to get the plumber to unstop the toilet and while unstopping the toilet the stool and water was splashing onto my clothes and face.

  147. Johniece says:

    The most extreme thing that I have done was I used to work for an IT company as an administative (%!~_+@!&~^_`~! istant. My coworker had to take a required class, so instead of buying the book he made me stand at a copier and copy the book pages front and back. The book was over 400 pages (So over 800 pages copied) and while doing that I had to still cover the front desk and answer the phones too. It was rough, but I handled it!!

  148. Jenny says:

    I use to be a bank teller. I knew I was going to handle currency, but who knew I was going to have to clean a bathroom? One day, a person decided to go #2 in the restroom. That’s all well and good, BUT NOT ON THE FLOOR! We don’t have janitors until night time. Something had to be done, and I was chosen because I was newest on the job. Nice. Found out this was a person who would go to different bank branches and pull this stunt.

  149. Kristine says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve ever been asked to do on the job was to teach a Spanish class for a couple of days. Now, it may not seem that bad. But as a student, teaching kids that were only 1 year younger than me was frightening. I’m not majoring in Spanish or Education, so it was intimidating to have to teach a class – let alone a Spanish class.

  150. Marilyn Wons says:

    Our office was under construction and I was in charge of a party there. I had a catered hard hat party in the rubble of construction!

  151. Candice says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on the job is to sneak a not-so-famous client onto the red carpet at one of the biggest award shows in the music industry and get them press coverage. I thought I was doomed but I wasn’t going down without a fight! Not only did I manage to get my client on the red carpet, I got tons of press for them in the process!

  152. Charlene Vaughn says:

    I had to shovel horse crap one summer.

  153. GISELLE ROLDAN says:


  154. Kate R. says:

    When I worked on Wall Street, my position was to push brokers to sell certain mutual finds (A mutual funds wholesaler.) Once a month, we had to take a broker to lunch – which essentially involved taking someone who had the ability to produce sales, or who was already selling the funds to lunch. Lunch always involved these guys drinking a few and my having to listen to them. I called this day Whoring Day, although I never had to sleep with any of them.

  155. michael solender says:

    I was asked to fire a ubordinate my first day on the job. I refused.

  156. Abhishek Dutta says:

    I am a fashion Journalist. i was asked to interview 5 celebrities in one day at different places. i had 103 fever, yet i went for it!

  157. Doug Barnett says:

    I was required to clean up a dead person who blew his brains out with a pistol. The blood soaked through the floor and was in the basement.

  158. Arlene Vogel says:

    My boss once asked me, his secretary, to tell one of his employees (a very smart weapons analyst), that he was fired! I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t in my job description to hire and fire. My boss later apologized to me.

  159. Rob Hegstrom says:

    Decades of work in a maximum security psychiatric hospital was cause for many extreme long and tall stories I recount just now! Daily I was responsible to doing intakes counseling of murderers and sex offenders who would somehow be candidates for work in the future… So as a trained psychologist I loaded trucks, supervised 150 workers with TOOLS and also managed a parttime management job in customer service for my own sanity! I need Paris to forget it all Diddy! –Rob!

  160. lakenya harley says:

    I work for a security company & on any giving day my boss ask me to go to the chicken spot to get chicken & newports & the funny thing about the whole sitturtion i dont mind going sumtimes later !!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Josh says:

    i’ve had many crazy jobs over the years. from working in paris 10 straight with the flu to cleaning crap off the bottom of my old bosses dogs paws (he liked to turn in circles when he defecated- thus causing a
    mass explosion of poo all over the sidewalk- which he would usuallly step in.)

    by far my most extreme pressure situation involved my opening a luxury boutique in manhattan. We were straining our budget massively and therefore had to take on additional duties to cut costs. at the last minute, a day before opening it was deemed that i had the responsibility of wiring the stores stereo system. having no knowledge of how this is done and not wanting to ruin several thousand dollars worth of equipment, i was forced to learn very quickly how everything worked.

    first i had to convince the electricians to aid me in laying the wire through the walls for free. no small task as no one who is union ever wants to work for free. i had them follow the drawings that i made up with the person who sold me the equipment (which was essentially a piece of lined paper with some sketches of lines going in different directions.) i then set about cutting, splicing and drilling everything i could. my first three attempts were no good and the pressure was mounting. how could I have ruined such an easy task I was asked. but luckily through sheer determination, I wired the thing and it worked.

    while this alone would be a tough task, i also was in charge of training new employees on our computer system, screaming at customs to get our clothes to us in time and lastly making sure the Murano glass chandelier we shipped from Paris was #~!~`*$@+#(#+)^ embled correctly and not broken by the people installing it ). By the way, thsi chandelier was so large it took an entire truck to bring the box to us. We were unable to bring the crate in the store and there fore had to leave it in the street and bring it in peice by piece.

    so as i wired the speakers (and also set up the track lighting by the way) i was barking commands to my new employees, talking on the phone with customs and keeping an eye on the chandelier installation. To make matters more complicated, the system I was teaching to my employees was in french as the company wasn’t willing to order an english operating system for our computers.n I had had to teach myself how to sell something in order to teach others.

    this was a tough #~!~`*$@+#(#+)^ ignment. i was an impossibility that became a possibility. I learned that anything can be done if one is determined not to be beaten by the situation. In the 12 hours after the above tasks began, we built the store and were ready to open in the morning. We lost some sleep, I got some gray hairs and learned a lot about what it takes to make things happen in this world.

  162. Karen Kos says:

    I once had to take a severed foot to the morgue. The foot was found in a car that had been in an accident, and it wasn’t until the towyard began dismantling the car that it was found. Yuck!

  163. Aliah D. says:

    The most shocking thing a boss ever asked was to re-stock shelves on Christmas Eve when the mall was closed on Christmas. I will never work in retail again.

  164. Kristin Williams says:

    My job is a single mother. I will graduate from nursing school in Dec., so the most extreme thing I was ask to do was pass my first semester by having my second son on a Wednesday, and being back in the classroom Monday. They are only 1 and 2!!!

  165. Michael Smith says:

    Asked to conduct fiber optic training in Mexico. The challenge was none of the trainees spoke english.

  166. anita carey says:

    The most shocking one was when I burned my hand at home whlle browning a roast the greese jumped out of the pan after i accidentally
    dropped the roast in oil.
    I recieved 1st degree burns on my hand and had to have it wrapped and kept sterile.
    I went to work told my boss what happened ,(I was working for a big clinical laboratory at the time)
    I told him that I could not put gloves on my hand to do my job and that He would have to find something else for me to do.
    He did not believe me and told me to get back to work regardless that I had a huge wrap on my hand.
    I had my hand wrapped for 5 weeks with silvadine before it was better.
    I worked with one hand for that entire month. I should have quit but needed the money and job.

  167. Candice Washington says:

    I was 16 working at a grocery store I was in the cashier dept and I wanted to become floor manager and one day at the age of 16, I got the opportunity when the head manager named David had to leave due to a family emergency I had no training but I ran it smoothly

  168. Rob says:

    i was asked to fix phone lines at the WTC site after 9/11 ..i’m scared to think of the soot in my lungs from it

  169. Nikia Strickland says:

    I work for a popular nightclub in DC. I work in security at the club( I’m a woman). On one occassion, a highly intoxicated patron mistakenly thought a closet was a restroom and defecated all over the chairs and himself, he was in the military and I had to hose him down, give him my clothes so that he could be taken out with some sort of dignity, not be embarrassed because he was in uniform, wear my daughter’s too small clothes homethat was in my car.

  170. Karen Kollander says:

    The Most Extreme Thing??

    Raise three kids as a single mother. Not totally asked to do it but, was sone because I loved doing it. I raised a Son who is in a band, Raised an award winning dancer/choreographer Daughter, and my youngest son is totally into football, eating healthy and good grades.

    I was the one who had all the cheerleaders at the Christmas parties and had to keep the boys away. ha!.. easy.
    Single mother, college student, three kids, work.
    I won the lottery on a local television show and bought my son an Amp so he can fulfill his dream as a singer. I’ve even written some of his lyrics. I have written award winning poetry and am currently trying to get something published. I worked at a daycare with 8 infants in a tiny room..oh boy…. that was extreme. I’ve been told if I can’t win the million I’ll have to work for it and work I do. I worked for a catering company and had to have everything done in five hours Cook, setup, catering, clean up. Teamwork.
    If working for you is “like a rollercoaster ride.” I’m in line. Put me in the back with my hands high in the air and I’m there!
    I recently moved to New York State and Paris is the place to be. Beside Diddy!

  171. Neka says:

    Try delivering real estate materials to a long list of clients who live in no man’s land”. The directions were all wrong and I was lost until 9pm. My car had no air and my cell phone was dead. Man!

  172. hotvianica says:

    the crazys thing that happened to me at work was about three years ago i was doing house keeping and the owner would always try to talk to me he was a old nasty indian man i was down stairs washing the linen all the sudden he came down there and pulled his stuff out if you know what i mean. buy the way it was very small just down right a shame and tried to hump my leg i looked at him in horror and walk out and never return again not even for my cash i made them mail that.

  173. GLENDA says:


  174. Jenele Terry says:

    I worked for a cell phone company in their customer service department a few years ago. This employee was stated as to have carried a gun to work in her purse to work. At the time I was working in HR and monitored attendance. She had reached to point of termination. Since it was rumored that she carried a weapon, the call center director and HR generalist had the nerve to tell me since it was a termination for attendance that I had to terminate her employment. So being the solider that I am I called her into my office and terminated her employment on my own. Later, I found out that when she was at the security desk with her personal items she did have a weapon in purse.

  175. latora dixon says:

    I work at a hospital and crazy things goes on all the time. One day I d to do a double and it was only me registering, discharging, and admitting patients by myself. It was getting frustrated but I had to do what the supervisor asked of me. The line was turning around the corner and ambulances were coming back to back. They gave me an award for a good job that day, and til this day none of my co-workers can do what I do because then they would quit.

  176. aissatou says:

    im French and i leave in new york ,i used to leave in France but i still want to go for vacation.

    the crazy thing that happen to me is when i was in Africa ,it was a crazy pregnant women sitting in one of the house my father own but the work wasn’t done so i went there to check thing up ,when i saw her trying to have her baby ,so i was force to go search for someone to help her and then they have to ask me to help (if u know what i mean),and it was blood all over the floor that a really scare thing.

  177. Kristine Dourado says:

    I worked at a resturant that stayed opened till 4:00 am, there was no one to open the resturant in the morning and that was at 8:00 am so my boss asked me if I could do It i sayed sure but the thing was that i had to stay at the resturant so I would not go home and go to sleep and not wake up. So I sayed thank god there was a comfortable chair in the office room!!!!!

  178. Marly Rateau says:

    I got called into the security office, and I was informed that I was caught stealing. The problem was, I did not steal anything! I was working as a cashier, and someone came to my line to buy something. Without my knowledge, the guy had placed some items in his bag. I was so upset. They suspended me while they investigated the whole situation. The concluded that I was guilty, but I kept my word, and stood my ground, and told them I did not steal anything. I did not care about staying at the job at that point, I just did not want to be accused of stealing. Finally, after really fighting this, they believed me AND gave me my job back.

  179. NAY NAY says:

    I had a co-worker that I used to give rides to and drop her kids off at school. One day another co-worker tells me to turn the news. The one i gave the ride to was on there 4 child endangerment for having one of the flithest houses. Rat and dog feces everywhere. Our supervisor told some of us to go help clean the house so she could get her A** back to work. The city ended up condemning the house anyway!!!!!!

  180. Shannon Larsen says:

    My job was to measure all shapes, sizes, and ages of woman for the “perfect” bra/fit! The older ladies would insist on fully undressing. FYI when they hang to the knees I cannot get an accurate measurement, please keep those things covered and at their upright position….. if possible.

  181. Reesy D.C. says:

    Okay my worst job experience was working as a Stocking ^+*_(_`(^$~~~$( ociate in the emergency room at a hospital in my city. They often get a lot of homeless people who come in for medical attention, food, or shelter. Half of them are just drunk and need a place to sober up. There was this one guy who frequently visited the E.R. for intoxication and he was placed in an isolated hall to sober up. So after he sobered up the nurses requested that he take a shower because he was very dirty and had Pediculosis (Lice if you were wondering). And the head nurse asked me if I could ^+*_(_`(^$~~~$( ist him and watch after him to make sure that he doesn’t fall in the shower. I was mortified, and it wasn’t even in my job description, but because the E.R. was so busy I had to. So I had to put on protective gear and help him appIy the lice cream to his back (and thank god he washed his own hair). I still think about and get creeped out to this day. Needless to say I was mad as heck for the rest of my shift.

  182. Julia says:

    I was asked to purchase and furnish a house for my boss’ girlfriend. I had to set up a separate account from the joint account he held with his wife. I then had to put the house in my name and go through the entire process of purchasing a home. After I successfully completed the task, I had to then arrange for several “surgeries” for the girlfriend. The breast job did not turn out the way that my boss wanted it, so I was fired.

  183. Keela Butler says:

    On a modeling job I’ve been asked to walk around a pool as if it is a runway. We had to walk right next to it with the smallest bikinis on. THEN we had to walk up a few stairs with tall 4 inch heels on a step over two rocks with a water fall in between. I thought I was going to fall into the pool in front of everyone or twist my ankle. Crazy!

  184. Reesy D.C. says:

    Okay my worst job experience was working as a Stocking %_+&((_(!^*~$%+ ociate in the emergency room at a hospital in my city. They often get a lot of homeless people who come in for medical attention, food, or shelter. Half of them are just drunk and need a place to sober up. There was this one guy who frequently visited the E.R. for intoxication and he was placed in an isolated hall to sober up. So after he sobered up the nurses requested that he take a shower because he was very dirty and had Pediculosis (Lice if you were wondering). And the head nurse asked me if I could %_+&((_(!^*~$%+ ist him and watch after him to make sure that he doesn’t fall in the shower. I was mortified, and it wasn’t even in my job description, but because the E.R. was so busy I had to. So I had to put on protective gear and help him appIy the lice cream to his back (and thank god he washed his own hair). I still think about and get creeped out to this day. Needless to say I was mad as heck for the rest of my shift.

  185. carol lewis says:

    The worse thing was I had to do was wait on all the tables in the restaurant at once for lunchtime because no other waitresses showed up. The restaurant was full and I started to cry and got real confused.

  186. Deyjauneh Billups says:

    I haven’t been asked to do anything on the job that was extreme or at least i did’nt feel it was.
    Anyway this is my entry and if it was meant to be I’ll be going to Paris.

  187. Jen says:

    My first job at 15yo working at sea world cleaning the bathrooms, I’m 27 but still remember like it was yesterday. While mopping the floor I slipped and twisted my ankle. I sat down, the boss stood over me and told me to get up, he didn’t care if I had to hop I needed to get over to section 23 (his sons section) or I’d be fired. I got up and hopped along to section 23, when I got there it was a combination of vomit and feces on the floor, the son was chilling, in the shade, drinking lemonade….he was really drinking lemonade in the shade sitting on a bench directly across from the bathroom. I did what I was told on one foot, I find inspiration from this because that situation made me strive for more.

  188. Geena says:

    My absolute worst job experience was when I worked for a non profit agency operated by college kids. I thought the idea was great! I had always been sort of an activist, I was 19 and I wanted to do something different. Also, the job was projected to pay big!!, so I definitely needed the money as well. Initially I thought the job was going to be about traveling to different areas around the city of Rochester, NY in a group setting and advocating for environmental issues ( our specific project was controling mercury submission in the atmosphere). Unfortunately, it turned out that we were all hurdled like cattel and dropped off on random streets in the city. We were forced to go door to door and collect money to help support the profit of the particular organization because it was non-profit. We were dropped off individually from 4 in the afternoon until 9 at night. Pitch black and no way of getting out. It was the most tramatic experience of my life, not to mention it starts pooring rain and after 3 days of attempting to make this odd job work, I was forced to quit due to my lack of fund raising. What a waste hahaha. Well, at least I was a wayward activist for three days of my life! I got a check for 20 dollars after my hard work.

  189. lisa boyd says:

    my worst job was one day my boss had to go to the doctor and I had to take care of 15 kids alone. I had to cook and clean get all the papers for the kids to do change the babys get the kids ready for nep time and play with the 5 years old read to them and pray that they would stop crying she was gone all day I did it play with them change them and them put them to bed the day was long but I DID IT.

  190. spencer lewis says:

    I had to wash dishes at a bakery! I HATE washing dishes!

  191. Ramatoulai Fofana says:

    I love the show, and hope that Diddy’s inner circle realize that even though Kim is a go-getter, she would not be a good representative for him when working with other people, because she is so abrasive. You never know, that bell boy that you are talking down to might go on to own the company that you would like to do business with in the future. Please don’t choose her.

  192. Kenneth Gutman says:

    Working as an EMT, I had just dropped a patient at the E.R., when a doctor calls me into the trauma room to help. “Squeeze here,” he commands. I obliged, as I put my hand into the open chest of a man and squeezed his exposed heart—he survived.

  193. Celestina Spruill says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve been asked to do on a job is take phone calls and messages of people calling in to apply for my position. I lived In Long Island, NY for a few years and was paid $8/hr to do billing, shipping and receiving labels, invoices, processing orders from other businesses for nurse call systems. I was hired with no experience and had one week to learn the ins and outs of the business and my position which the owners themselves weren’t good at. I was the only one in my position and the business was not productive without my part. I did excellent and was even complimented by my boss on how fast I learn and work. However, the business was owned by a Jewish family.(no disrespect, but true story). They were used to their employees accepting insults and working for them as slaves for little to no money. They did not appreciate their employees and treated them like they were nothing. I am a team player, but I am strong headed and right is right and wrong is wrong. When they talked down to me openly in front of the other employees, I stood up for my self in a professional manner. I wasn’t aware at first that they were looking to replace me until I continuously received phone calls from people inquiring about my position. I confronted the owners, and they told me it was none of my business and to get my _^#&&($$_`%&@+~ back to work. I said okay and walked out. The lady yelled, “i’m not done with you, I did not excuse you” and I said “I’m done. They pushed me out the door after wrestling the phone from me as I was trying to call a cab. Weeks later, I was asked to come back to work for them after they first tried to take me to court alledging that I stole money from them when a customer came in to make a payment. ….Not true, they didn’t think I was smart at all I guess. Customers don’t even come to make payments, they mail it.

  194. Yali Medina says:

    An Annual function which I volunteered for had a guest who had gotten intoxicated and then decided to come on to me by asking me if I would go to paris with him that night. My boss thought it was funny to then ask me to take him home being that he was intoxicated and obviously fond of me. I did it but I was so embarrassed

  195. julia m says:

    They made me change someone’s diaper.

  196. steve says:

    Probably the worst thing I had to do was find a missing patient sample (blood) that a tech misplaced. The only sample left for a patient that needed a kidney transplant. Needless to say, I had to dig deep in waste to find the sample and after 4 hours of searching; nothing. Until the tech said she found it in her ice bucket. What?! You haven’t really worked at a hospital until you have to dig through waste until the absent minded tech, who didn’t help in the search finds it where it’s suppose to be. She forgot she had it when the ice melted-all heck broke lose because the patient was supposed to be transplanted that day. I could tell you more horror stories that would lead you to question hospitals and their workers. So if you think getting cheese cake on foot is tough or trying to recite a hip hop classic, you haven’t really toughed it out. And thanks for the opportunity, whoever wins knows it’s going to be BIG because that’s the way Diddy and Bad Boy do it.

  197. Alicia Lindo-Hodge says:

    Just out of college, I worked as a reacreation therapy !!*(~`*~`_**)`~ istant in a Therapy department which included physical, occupational and recreational therapy. The head thearpist was a fan of sky diving and was researching unorthodoxed methods of therapy. He asked me to go skydiving and give an account of my emotions and sensations. Jumping, of course, was optional.

    I didn’t get scared until I had to sign the waiver stating that if I were killed the sky diving company would not be held liable. My friends said that black people jumping out of planes was unnatural.

    The jump (at 13,000 feet) – was one of the most exhilerating moments of my life. My evaluation stated that I was not afraid to go above and beyond for the sake of therapy reserach (something like that) and 3 months later I was promoted to Director of Recreation Therapy.

    I even had it video taped for memories. How cool is that!

    P.S. – Studied the French language in H.S. and college but never able to use it and my friends from Haiti can’t decipher my French from their Creole. Forever dreaming of the chance to go to Paris!

  198. Lisa Washington says:

    very interesting.

  199. Candra J says:

    I use to work for a retail company as a Loss prevention Detective. Yeah, I use to catch shoplifters, Thieves, criminals. It was fun and all. You know catching every one from black, white, young, rich and poor. What I realized to see was that all kinds of people steal. It was kind of funny because on this day at work I was tired from partying the night before. I had to work the night shift at work, It was cold and a little snow on the ground. I went to working hoping no person would steal today . I had on some timberland boots, jeans and a sweater shirt . I went into my office, turned on the cameras and the first thing I saw was a young african girl stealing all kinds of stuff. Socks, panties, shirts, and perfumes. I took off after her and when I approached her she started to run. So I started to run after her. It was cold outside and I had almost caught died after all the running, but I caught her and saved the company 233 dollars. I called my boss and it was a “good Job” for the day! LOL

  200. Jack Marshall says:

    I am speechless….that is, I am without speech…..have nothing worhtwhile to add.

  201. Soo Hom says:

    An old boss of mine ordered me to spy on a co-worker so he could build up a case to fire him.

  202. Mary Ellen D says:

    I took 70 8th graders to NYC for their class trip. We visited Ellis Island and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Since my co-teacher and I are both females we needed volunteer parent chaperones, and a few males were manadatory. 13 year olds try to get away with “things”, and we couldn’t go into the boys’ lavatories to make sure they behaved, so we allow 2 questionable fathers to attend. On the ride back home…the 2 fathers engaged in wrestling with each other on the floor of the bus. We all made it safely back home, and never asked these “Dads” to help again. That is why I know that sometimes the children are the most mature members of their households.

  203. mitch m says:

    Yes, I’ve had to do a disimpaction for work.

  204. shirley beermann says:

    For many years I worked in an Irish Pub. We had to put in a 22 hr day on St Patricks day. There was a couple dancing when the guy became ill and did projectile vomiting all over me. Boss said clean it up so no one skids on the floor.

  205. Anna Parciak says:

    Ok, here’s one that was a little embarrassing for me. I worked for a doctor many, many years ago. My fiance at the time was a patient of this doctors and had an appointment there one day. The doctor was doing some type of procedure in his office on one of his patients, little did I know it was my fiance. Anyway, the doctor called me in to +_~%($)))~&$~#) ist him and boy did my face turn red when he asked me to hold my fiances ((`+^+*!)!#)^+)_% which I had never seen) while he did the procedure he was doing. After I had turned beet red, he knew I was embarrassed and decided I could go up to the front desk and take care of some paperwork. I could not believe that the doctor had me go into that room knowing that guy in the room was my future husband and that we had never had sex. It is hilarious now, but it wasn’t then, I can remember it like it was yesterday. This happened about 38 years ago. Eventually we were married, but we are now divorced and have been for quite some time. That was one task that I was shocked over.

  206. Lady says:

    Ok. Here it is. I use to work for a local video store. This store sold everything from videos, to candy, to CD’s, to porn and toys. On this particular day, two of our regulars of the porn section came in. We had just received a new shipment of videos and toys. Well, a new vibrating toy was among those new toys. To make this short, the couple was unsure if they wanted to purchase the product because they didnt want it to not meet their needs. So, I was asked to try it out and let them know if I liked it. This was really weird, because I was still young and had never tried one before. I agreed, and I liked. I sold the entire stock of them (there were different styles) in two day. Most to myself! Oh, I forgot to say, my job !`~`+^#^&(^+%$` le was cashier / clerk!

  207. carlaf says:

    In EMT school a woman had a seizure and landed in her cats litterbox. With kitty litter and turds covering her face she quit breathing.The paramedic is vomiting from the stench,screaming at me to perform mouth to mouth. I used the bag and the woman lived.Thank God.

  208. Linda Pinto says:

    I worked as an accountant in a computer accessories catalog company in Silicon Valley. I was made to color code (with every highlighter color available) every category of expense in a report so our controller could distinguish one sort of expense from another (supplies, payroll, rent, etc.). She was later fired (for stupidity I think). The non-management employees spontaneously gave a just because party in celebration because they, too, had to operate at a kindergarten level to please this woman as well.

  209. marie says:

    i would love to work for diddy,cause i been looking for that for a long time is like a dream come true,if i am not the winner i would love to meet with him face to face,Yes, I’ve had to do a disimpaction for worki hope i go to paris with him.

  210. Michael Marcelin says:

    Have you ever worked for a job where you didn’t want to be? When push came to shove I found myself working at a neighborhood carwash. The car wash produces a lot of trash, so my manager told me to enter the big garbage and take some garbage out to make room. I had to flatten big card board boxes. I did what I had to do because in the long run at that time I couldnt risk losing my job. Life is a learning process and ever since that day I learned to stay in school because that’s how the real world takes advantage of you if you have nothing to offer.

  211. NC says:

    I once had to sift through a trash compactor to find a lost cell phone.

  212. Charmaigne Maciel says:

    Taking care of someone who is terminally ill is pretty extreme in a lot of ways!

  213. Nicole says:

    I live in Buffalo, Ny and ive always worked in restaurants. About 2 years ago, i was working as a hostess at one of the fine dining restaurants in the city and i was approached by a older couple, probably in their early 40′s. They where very friendly and nice when their dinner was over they stopped to tell me how wonderful everything was, like most people do. However, as they told me how great dinner was the next question was worst. His exact words where, ” dinner was great, do you want to come home and have a threesome with me and my wife.” My mouth dropped and i politely said no but that was the most extreme thing i had ever been asked on the job.

  214. Lorraine Anderson says:

    My co-worker had a bad accident and I was told to collect the money from everyone for her.Which I did and return it to my boss, well when my co-worker came back to work everyone had ask her did she receive the collection that was taken up for her, she said no. My boss had spent the money for herself now everyone is looking at me like I kept it, well to make a long story short , my boss gave the money to the co-worker. So for now on I do not take collection up for anyone no more.My boss felt bad about what she had done so she said that she would treat all of us out to eat for lunch, which she did.The next day my boss say to all of us that we all owe her $5.00 for lunch that she said she was buying. Now you tell me if that isn’t shisty or what and the funny part of this story is that I still work for this chick hey what can I say the pay is great.

  215. elginia phillips says:

    the most extreme thing i do on my job is digging out poop from my bedbound patiets.some stools are hard,soft, formed,mushy,watery loose and thay all stink and does take a while,this has to be done!

  216. Pamela A says:

    My boss (female) made me go with her to get a bikini wax for support. I had to hold her hand. I am still traumatized!

  217. Jessica Wallace says:

    I ate spoiled potato salad. My supervisor left it in the fridge for a week before wanting to eat it. She was pregnant and she made me taste it to see if it had gone bad and risk me getting food poisoning rather than her and the baby.

  218. Linda Zenkewich says:

    As an executive secretary to the President of a large corporate company I was asked to trim his nose hairs while serving him yougurt on his bone china plate.

  219. Josh says:

    Snuck a camera into Walter Reed Army Medical Center to interview an amputee who’d just come back from serving in Afghanistan for a local paper. This was without permission from the Army.

  220. Cheryl Alston says:

    Greetings: Once manager, who was afraid of all kinds of animals, found a dead rat , then a dead bird her front porch. She let me leave work one and a half hours early to go by her house and scoop up the carcasses two days in a row.

  221. Nettye Hampton says:

    I was doing a internship at a doctor’s office. The Doctor then asks me to draw the patients blood. Come to find out the patient was HIV postive. So I go into the room to draw the patients blood. I was so nervous that im shaking, to the point where i drop the needle and blood was almost everywhere.

  222. Donna says:

    After working for a new company for about two weeks, I was asked by my Boss to stop wearing pants to work. I asked why and he did not respond.

  223. KIM D says:

    I was working for the nation’s largest collection agency and my boss, head of the department , requested that I wear a ponytail to work everyday, while he put his foot on the top of my desk and I don’t care to describe the visual – not good, crotch-related.

  224. Linda Lansford says:

    I was asked to attend a meeting for my boss. Turns out the meeting was for upper management and as a clerk and only female I felt out of place.

  225. annalisa johnson says:

    I work and reside in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Currently, I work for a Casino in a male dominated department. The most extreme thing I had been asked to do by my manager was to change a light bulb which was over a box shaped stairway 3 floors from the lobby level. It was in a odd spot(almost dead center) and a ladder was not an option because the edge of the railing was just wide enough for a foot. It seemed impossible but I was not going to be defeated. I asked my co-worker to hold my legs while I climbed on the ledge; leaned over and changed the bulb. I thought I was shaking because I might fall but it wasn’t me it was the co-worker shaking because he thought that holding my legs wasn’t enough if I leaned too far and fell over.

  226. Julia Magrath says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do at a job is to dress like a playboy bunny and serve drinks at a convention. I was a receptionist at a singing telegram company at the time and I didn’t feel this was in my job description.

  227. Aury Rosario says:

    After months as an `!(~)@__`&##`*_ istant in a well-known Advertising agency, my boss went on business trip to LA. He also went on personal trip to Arizona. He claimed it was approved by a SVP. A week later, I found out that it was not approved, and he was reimbursed $4,000.

  228. Aury Rosario says:

    After months as an #!+(*+*%~@~_`&* istant in a well-known Advertising agency, my boss went on business trip to LA. He also went on personal trip to Arizona. He claimed it was approved by a SVP. A week later, I found out that it was not approved, and he was reimbursed $4,000.

  229. Laura Goetzl says:

    Deliver a baby!

  230. Tamma Hughes says:

    I had to go and clean up a home after it had been raided b the FBI for drug dealers………and they had not found them yet.

  231. Paola Salinas says:

    follow her spouse around, look through his phone for numbers & put an investigator to prove he was cheating

  232. Jonathan Pierre Marshall says:

    i worked at a flower distrubution plant. we picked, pulled, planted & fertilized plant bulbs in crates of dirt. one day the told us to go outside in the fields, during the summer to plant bulbs for ten hrs. i felt like a slave, was demeaning, but also a reality check.

  233. M. Martin says:

    Mr. Diddy,
    When I was a Junior Accountant, I was asked to wash dishes for the lazy people that used the kitchen and thought they were too good to clean up behind themselves. I’m talking coffee cups, plates, silverware, pots and pans and whatever they just did not feel like cleaning. Now this was a green glass building with an elevator; not a Mom and Pop shop. A business administrator of a multimillion dollar corporation asking a Junior Account to wash dishes. Now that’s extreme. And I had to do it.

    Mr. Diddy, please pick me to win a trip to Paris to rid myself of DHS (dishpan hands syndrome).

    Thank for your consideration,

    M. Martin

  234. Alexander "Mystachoo" Collier says:

    I had to prepare three different events in three different cities over the course of two days, with a weeks notice, handling the booking, graphics, promotion & marketing and djing for two of the three events. And Each were SUCCESSFUL. Want to kno more …SEND ME TO PARIS!

  235. Edith Burch says:


  236. Alicia Lewis says:

    I was working at a kids restaurant/entertainment center as the main office administrative secretary. On my second day there, my boss told me to quit typing and go be the “party fun coordinator” for the birthday party they had booked. I had to entertain and watch 16 pre-schools for 2-1/2 hours. So much for my business administrative and computer skills.

  237. Julianna says:

    I was required to climb up from the railroad tracks on to a train. The problem came when I had to climb down. I could not reach the place to put my foot and I fell to the tracks. I fractured my leg. That was the last time my employer ever asked any one to do this.

  238. Taiisha Pinkney says:

    I was promoted from Receptionist to Executive Sales *#`~$_)+@$@(~!! istant. Day of a big meeting I wore a new suit. The breakroom fridge stunk and I had to clean it ASAP. I closed the door, undressed and scrubbed! I washed off in the bathroom and made it on time looking fresh.

  239. Jeff Mayo says:

    When I was a real estate agent, I was asked by the broker of the company to go put an eviction notice on a door of one of his rentals. The couple was home and one person punched me and the other sprayed mace at me-then they called the police!

  240. Christine says:

    I’m an attorney and a supervising attorney once instructed me to act in a way that would have violated our client’s interests. Obviously that would be a huge ethical violation, so I refused and was fired.

  241. Ashley says:

    Currently I work in a homeless shelter for men and my job is an Intake Specialist my job duties consist of providing shelter for every homeless man to sleep. One evening after working 12 hours from 8am to 8pm a call came in to the shelter, there was a fire at the female’s shelter and they were moving all the females to a local school and they need people to (*(!*+!)~$#*@^^ ist. I got off at 8pm went to check on my 3 children and was back to (*(!*+!)~$#*@^^ ist them with providing shelter for the females. I got off 9am the next morning.

  242. randy says:

    i fell on ice

  243. Kelly Tezino says:

    I really would like to audition for the next season, please someone HELP Diddy needs me on his show, I AM HIS PERSONAL )&)~)@`+!&$%(@` T. Can someone give me information on how to audition for the next season? Any info would be great!!!!

    Kelly Tezino

  244. Dianne Osmundsen says:

    I worked a temporary position for a medical chemical company with another temp who was schizophrenic. I called my sister, a psychologist, who warned me the woman could harm herself or others. Needing the money, I held my breath for a week and stayed. I will never forget that )@+(#^%%&+&!(~+ ignment.

  245. billy wilson says:

    I had to repack human skulls in a box.

  246. Angela Carmichael says:

    After graduating from high school years ago; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I decided to take a 4 week course as a CNA (Certified Nursing @^*#&&_^(+^&&^& istant). After the training, you were guaranteed a job. Well, the course was fine. It was after I got hired at a nursing home in Atlanta, GA. I decided to take the night shift thinking that majority of the patients were asleep. Needless, to say that training was held in the day time. Well, on my first day there, I came across a patient that had really bad diarrhea. And I was tasked to clean him up. The smell was horrible, and I thought I would die, but I performed the task. Afterwards, the patient thanked me and told me that was the best sponge bath he had ever had. After I finished, I immediately went up stairs and told the head RN that I just wasn’t cut out for that type of job and she too thanked me for my honesty, and stated that alot of CNA’s don’t have the nerves to tell her that. They just don’t show back up.

  247. martha Nyalouk peter says:

    ‘ive only worked one job
    my whole life , do to the circumstances of me being a migrant and because i have scoliosis, but the one job i had, someone asked me to clean some shoes, which had nothing to do with the job discription*/ at all, i felt so offended.

  248. Lorin Montgomery says:

    My worst job ever was a summer job during my college years that was way misrepresented. I was told it was an environmental opportunity, it was just outdoors, full of spiders and really weird outcasts. I tagged fish which was slimy and smelly, but was an exact science, if you carelessly
    tagged you could injure or kill the fish. Unfortunately, one old guy didn’t care and a lot of fish swam
    in circles, those fish were now brain dead. The bathrooms were open so it was like arachnophobia
    in addition to being dark and dirty. The only things that we looked forward to was going on the boat to release fish and our small paycheck. I am sooo happy that job was the lowpoint of my career…

  249. Angela Carmichael says:

    After graduating from high school. I decided to take a 4 week course as a CNA. I got hired at a nursing home in GA. On my first day, my patient had diarrhea. The smell was horrible, but I performed the task.

  250. Nicole Thompson says:

    in 2001/02 for the holiday season I picked up another job for some extra ends I was really stretching myself. Now I had 2 jobs was a mother and a student. I must have been insane. Everything was fine then I caught a stomach virus..I came in to my 2nd job and the line was around the corner my manager said I understand you’re sick but I need you!! that’s all I had to hear despite my green hue and constant bathroom breaks I pulled a 14 hour shift.

  251. Katherine D. says:

    On my first day on the job as a personal &(%_#“(`_#!`!@ istant, I was asked to give him an anal suppository. Yes, it was an actual medical prescription. No, I could not bring myself to do it. No, I did not have a job 5 minutes later!

  252. Keith Barbour says:

    I used to work for a valet parking company. We once had to run back and forth almost a mile, to the parking garage for the vehicles. It was a large party maybe 1000 people. only six valets. Got great tips that day!

  253. Marilyn L says:

    In prepartion for a phone deposition, I was indirctly asked by the Esq. and my boss to twist the truth to avoid a lawsuit by a prospective employee. It worked

  254. Lantra Wolfe says:

    The most crazy thing that i had to do it a job. I was working at the hospital in MS. I was a ER Registrar. I was tould by the doctor to go into the room in get the person infomation. when i went in to the patients room.”He was dead” That was my first week never seen a dead person. I walked out of the room and said he as no information to give.

  255. Anthony Berryhill says:

    I was running a national debate tournament with 70 people from 6 states competing. The challenges were keeping a tight schedule, managing a violently angry boss, and computer crashes. Over 4 days I slept no more than 6 hours total: things had to be kept on schedule no matter what.

  256. Judy says:

    Hello, DiDDY i am Judy i am 30 years old I love the show i am a big fan you are an inspiration to me. Ok the most extreme thing i’ve ever been ask to do on the job was to clean same toilets i did not had gloves so,i was determent to do my job and yes i did it with my hands. another time my boss ask me to quick working for him because he want it to go out with me and i said no!!!!! i need the money. one year later i stop working for him he send for me and now we are married with 3 beautiful kids!!. i will love to be given the chance to be in the show. Thanks Judy!!!!!

  257. hicmatu kamara says:

    i had to clean a overflowing toilet with poop on da floor. i was a a clerk at a travel agency

  258. Jeanne Lenora says:

    I was hired at an Endodontists office. NOT AS A HYGIENTIST! Days in, it’s SURGERY time! The doctor takes a blade to the gums then another tool to hold them to reveal the roots of the teeth. He then has me at suctioning the blood while holding back the gums.

  259. Tom Steines says:

    to be on time for a year

  260. ANTHONY BALLARD says:

    When I worked in construction as a framer, I had to climb on the roof of a house (that was under construction) and tie off the trusses to keep them from blowing off — this was during a hurricane. I was the only one on the crew left to do this (everyone else except the foreman was sent home due to the storm) and I was hand-driving 2×4′s (with hammer and nail) onto the roof despite the heavy winds and rain in a dangerous hurricane.

  261. Tracy Iglesias says:

    For the sake of ‘keeping it clean’ let’s just say I was asked to visit a ‘casting couch’ by a boss, and it was not an entertainment company, I was not auditioning, and I am NOT an actress! YUCK! I ran out of there!

  262. Melissa says:

    I worked at a bank as a teller and my boss thought the man in the lobby was very suspicious and was concerned it was a bank robber. She told me to go out in the lobby and restock the forms where he was standing to see what he was writing and doing. I was very hesitant and she was ordering me to do it. I did it and as I was restocking the forms, he looked straight at me, literally growled at me and walked out. He was very scary looking! As I stocked the side he was on, I saw a note that said, give me your money or I will blow your head off! I left the form there without touching it, and told my boss. I was scared and shaking! She picks up the paper and calls the police. They came and tried to track him down as well. The police scolded her for telling me to go out there as he could’ve hurt me if he was on drugs or scared and then scolded her again for touching the paper that he left! Ha!

  263. Michelle says:

    I had to give a workshop inside a prison to prisoners who were teaching other inmates to read. It was awful. My male boss was supposed to go but chickened out, and sent me, a woman. What a loser that guy was.

  264. dybron says:

    I work as a manager for a coffee shop and this one gentleman would go into the restroom shave and put his hairs in our soap dispenser, he defecated on himself, all over our restroom and clear to the front door(crazy). I know that any job or career comes with the unexpected.

  265. TaNe'Shea says:

    My worst experience was being confronted by a patients wife…..for sleeping with her husband. I work for a dental company he was the patient that every women in the office was happy to see coming little did anyone know I had already had him on my team. We had being fooling around for some months…well the day before she come for her daughter appt our computers went down and we had to confirm appts so my manger had me take the list home and call the patients. That night he did come to my house after I confirmed his daughter appt with him. She put two and two together and decide to come in with her daughter. After checking her out the phone rang and I answered when she heard my name she stuck around to confront me…When she atarted in about calling her husband I stayed calm and explain that I was doing my job…My manger took up for me but again little did any one know the truth……JUST TO ADD IN SHE WEIGHED 200+ AND I ONLY WEIGH 125….A YEAR LATER THEY GOT A DIVORCE AND THE THRILL WAS GONE FOR ME (WE ARE STILL FRIENDS)…….THE SECRET OFFICE AFFAIR.

  266. Michelle Thomas says:

    I used to work as telephone directory ()!@%!~#%#`%$_( istance operator. While in training we were told that although we get many prank calls, not all of the strange listings could automatically be considered a joke and disconnected. They told us to handle the call as we would any other call. My first week on the floor I got a prank call. I asked the caller for their listing and things got strange fast. I’d like the residence of Jack Mehoff please. Script says to repeat what we are searching for, I’m hoping at any time they will hang up, but I was not so lucky. By the end of the call the guy on the other end even waited for a supervisor to take the call so he could hear the whole thing over again. Do people not realize they are paying for these calls???

  267. Angeleen says:

    The adsolute worst experience I had at work happened recently. I’m an ~@(*)+^&$%*#^$+ istant manager for a women’s retail chain. Halfway through a rough day which included one of our regular customers attempting to return animal urine soaked clothing, I smell a horrible odor coming from the fitting rooms. There was a long line at the register, so I couldn’t check-but I didn’t have to because a customer comes out screaming that someone went to the bathroom (#2) in one of the rooms. Of course being the only manager their, with the weakest stomach on earth, I had to clean it up. Suffice to say, I managed to get a bucket over it before I threw up. Unfortunately, the rest was left for the store manager the next day. Can’t wait to graduate and move on…The things we do for $$$.

  268. Mzbunni says:

    One of the most extreme things I had to do on the job was submit to a strip search while I was a police officer. (Yes, I was once the PoPo). I was working the station and had place some $$ property on the book and when the guy retrieved his $$ he said it was short. Mind you 7 other officers had handled the money and the Lt. subjected only the female officers to a strip search by a highly suspect (if you know what I mean) female sargent. Of course no money was found on my person, but I swear he had a smirk on his face when it was over. Pervert. I could talk about my first day out of the police academy and I sat 5 hours with a dead body weighing over 400 pounds in an hot, tiny a** apartment. Or, I can talk about the time when…. too many times I had to do extreme things for a job (but at the time they didn’t seem so-hmmmm)

  269. Starsha Jimenez says:

    My worst job that I ever had was being stuck in a frezzer( 20 below) counting flowers. If I missed counted I had to start over again. The flowers were in buckets of water that would occasionally bust and would create an ice ring in the frezzer room.I would always get sick right after work snezzing and everything ,just like if I had the flu all the time. The roses were the worst the throns were never cut when they came off the truck and I would make trips daily to the first aid kit with cut up hands and some frost bite.It was the worst job ever ,so right now I am going to school to study dental so I can help people as best to my abilty instead of messing up my hands with throns and frost bite.

  270. FREDDY says:

    lets JUSST say PUKE,NICOTINE,AND I were eXtremely good friendS ON A 9 to 5 basis.

  271. Amber says:

    I was working my first job as a nursing aide and was told to shave a woman in her private parts because she was going home to her husband.she was a BIG woman. while down there she farted.i have never done it since.

  272. Beatrice Ford says:

    Well..the most extreme thing, thus far, i’ve been asked to do on a job as a Computer repair tech is repair 5 laptops in 30mins or less. And if i couldn’t do it, i wouldn’t have a job.

  273. Felycia says:

    The most extreme task I have ever been presented with was for a very young CEO (15 yrs my junior)…the office was also his home (a loft in the back) and he would have big parties on the weekends. One Monday morning there were 17 girls who were to drunk to get home so they slept on the trampoline and in various other places. He wanted me to get them all up, dressed and cleaned up (along with the entire office) in 30 minutes because he had a possible investor coming in for a meeting. By the way, did I mention I was to pass them off as office “((++`@#@_%)_) istants!!!!

  274. Tashima Austin says:

    When I was 18 and working @ a retail store, I had a bad experience with a customer. I was spit on and made to stay at work. She was upset because she had a item which was not the price she thought it was. I could have done a price adjustment but she was cursing and screaming. I called for a manager to come. I then began to tell the customer that if she continued to curse I was going to call security. She then told me to call security. When my manager came over she started telling the manager that I was rude to her and told hime the situation about her item. The manager told the women that he coulndn’t do a price adjustment. This made the her very angry she said that we were a bunch of nigga’s and spit in my face. My manager called security and the women was taking out of the store. I was very embarrassed. I wonted to go home but my manager made me stay. I know that was the hardiest and longest day I ever worked.

  275. harold says:

    i would like to go to paris because i like the culture and french

  276. Tricia Andrews says:

    When I worked at a national non-profit I was teaching a certification class. One of the participants did not pass the test, which means she wouldn’t be allowed to go to work the next day. She blocked me in my office by standing in the doorway demanding that I give her a passing certification. Soon after that incident I left the job. My safety and sanity was not worth getting threatened by a man woman!

  277. Leah Gluchoff says:

    When I was 18 I decided that I was going to skip college, and instead landed a working for the State government in their animal laboratory. The mission of the lab was to test for diseases in domestic and wild animals state wide in the hopes of preventing animal or human infections. Well, after 6 months, college was looking DARN good. Six months of helping the vets do necropsies (the animal version of an autopsy on a dead body). Six months of standing in hip boots because you will be standing knee deep in a cow’s intestines, poop still in it and all. Six months of helping clean hundreds of guinea pigs cages (and trust me, all they DO is eat and poop).Six monhs of standing at a counter with boxes of blood having been shipped in summer heat from slaughter houses, covered in more poop(do you see a pattern emerging!!). Then taking the corks off those tubes of blood and using tweezers to remove the blood clot so the remaining liquid can be centrifuged to separate the blood and plasma for testing. Six months of opening packages and finding everything from a live bat to a fox’s head sent for rabies testing. Needless to say, international politics soon beckoned.

    However, I think that early experience left an indelible impression on my psyche, and maybe dulled my senses a bit to boot. Because at age 39 I left a cushy desk job and returned to blood and poop when I changed careers and got another bachelor’s degree in NURSING!

    What goes around, comes around!! (But I’ve never again had to stand knee deep in intestines, and have never gotten another decapitated head or bat in the mail, so things are looking up).!

  278. Debbie Tyras says:

    I was a secretary for a hospital department. My boss was in the middle of getting her master’s degree so she would ask me to type her papers for school which I thought was tacky but I needed the job. One day she comes to me with another request to sew baby bonnets for her and her coworkers for a halloween party, so I sewed 5 baby bonnets for these adults to go party. Get this, she paid me on company time to sew them too.

  279. Chelsea says:

    The Boys and Girls Club Summer Program starts tomorrow. As the Computer Lab Instructor, I created a 10-week curriculum teaching Microsoft Word & Excel to over 200 students (Ages 6-18). I installed, cleaned, and programmed 14 computers to teach eight classes! It was a very successful program!

  280. CDH says:

    To be honest, all of my jobs have been mellow. I am waiting for that extreme situation to occur. I want to go to paris, so I enter the contest.


  281. Jaime says:

    I worked for an attorney who said, “I’m going to the barber shop to get my hair cut “. A few minutes later he’s back and says the line is too long, me being a smart-a@@ I suggest that I could cut his hair….he took me up on it.

  282. jackson miller says:

    Well, i guess it would have been my last job. Near the end of my stint with my retail job my female manager at one location made me sleep with her in order to keep her mouth shut about something that would put my job on the line. Several weeks later she told her gay friend that i was apparently good in bed and her friend happened to work for the same company as well and he was a manager. So a few days after the two talked the gay man manager held the same thing over my head and tol me i would get fired if i didnt sleep with him. After this was all said and done they made one more deal with me, i had to sleep with the both of them in a three some in order to keep my job. once that was all done, i ended up getting fired because the regional manager found out i slept with most the company.

  283. tisa deveaux says:

    “”Well I’m 21 yrs. of age ,about 4’12 and weight about 105 pounds, I’m from the Bahamas. About couple months back i was working a waitress job,although its a lot of confusion and back and forward,i loved it .NOW my parents had a little restaurant selling fish and chip on a beach front and i would help them out by serving the costumers ,so i had a lil bit of experience. But the job i had this time was more than hard work ,but again experience and i love to huslte. It was about five of us working to a function three serving and two behind the bar,i was 1 of those serving,that some guest had and it was from 9 to eleven,and the guest was on a tour bus 180 guest, so they all came and left the same time.So first it was all good the guest came in we served them drinks by the door,after they’ve already been seated we were to make sure that they had there drinks on time and if they order and other drinks put it on the check,so of course i was from table to table serving and ordering drinks.And whiles doing that we had to make sure the tables stay clean so that they could eat So we was doing this for bout a half hour. Then the food came out,lucky it was buffet style so after i made sure everything was straight me and another employee went behind the table to serve the food , because the Boss did not like standing around so i had to keep myself busy,Any way for another hour i was back and forward serving food and sending the empty trays back and forward in the kitchen, and when i was not doing that i was carrying the plates in the back, helping washing them ,and bringing them back out
    because we only had 150 plates.after it was over me and another employee had to lift the hot plates back inside and twelve wooden tables but my boss helped with the tables.
    And besides that i was to work from from ten that morning. and had to be back to work for eleven the next morning. The good part about it is we got pay over200 hundred dollars that night.

  284. Dianna says:

    In the past I had several internships and a lot of part-time jobs because I was a full-time student. The most extreme thing I’ve been asked to do at my job/internship was to get up at 3 am in the morning for a homeless enumeration. Apparently, that is the time where homeless people can be located. I had to drive around with approximately 3 other people to local locations where there might be homeless people, we had to count and interview them. Although it was a self-fulfilling task it is something not a lot of people are told to do on a job.

  285. Natasha Ferguson says:

    The most extreme thing I was ever asked to do on a job was to dress up as Calico the Cat at the Franklin County Fair in the 90 degree Ohio heat and humidity. I had to dance and pose for photos in a utterly ridiculous cat costume. Top that!

  286. Ty Pinkney says:

    I worked at an amusement park on a water ride. A duck had babies one night in the water. Next day we had to stop the ride with people on it, i climbed a ladder with a bucket and towel and removed the babies while the mother kept attacking me.

  287. LaTrell Pinkney says:

    As a radio intern I was personal #!&!#~#$^@%^__+ istant to celeb guests. An celeb had ME go into a fast food restaurant and learn how to make her burger so I could do it because she didn’t trust the staff there. I also had to sanitize everything she wanted to touch.

  288. KIM D says:

    The head of the department where I was interviewing, insisted that I take 2 separate lie-detector tests and hooked me up to a machine. He then asked me many personal questions, one of which was “Have you ever tried marijauna?” and I answered very truthfully – “No.” He refused to believe me and asked it repeatedly and I kept answering “No.” After he hired me, he kept insisting that I was the only person who ever “tricked” his machine! I kept insisting that it wasn’t a lie or a trick and I honestly never tried pot and still haven’t! He never believed me.

  289. Shana Gordon says:

    The most extreme thing I ever done on the job was when I working in a smooothie shop on the first day I had to wear a banana suit and serve customers outside for free. I felt ridicilous wearing the suit but I had to stick out. It was a werd experience. But I think if I could work for diddy I the can still handle the challenge that he brings to the plate I really want to travel and I think I would make a great personal ++)@~$!~$!_$!!@ istant because I’m always sticking out the odd things that happen on the job.

  290. Andrea Williams says:

    The most extreme thing that I have done on my job was, removing poop from the ladies bathroom. It was stopped up with a load of bowel movement. I had to hike up my
    Diane Von Furstenberg dress, take off my Gucci shoes and use a hanger to get the load of poop out of the commode before some investors came into the office. This is the most extreme thing I have ever had to do on my job as an +&_*~@@^`!%$*&! istant. My attitude is “you do whatever it takes to make your boss happy and to make sure your company is always represented the right way. For those of you that feel that that was not my responsiblity please read the definition of +&_*~@@^`!%$*&! istant “Personal +&_*~@@^`!%$*&! istant job duties can range from menial tasks such as picking up the dry cleaning to more important tasks such as attending contract negotiations, briefing journalists on which questions can and can not be asked during interviews, travelling etc.”

  291. Brandy says:

    Some of these things are very extreme. THe most extreme thing I’ve been asked to do and experienced on my job – I worked as a one-woman show in a small law firm. I was the “everything” paralegal, secretary, MR specialise, client intake, runner, process server, etc. And there was a nasty old man (the father-in-law to my boss) who would rub on me and tell me “sweet things”(nasty old man). I tried to resign but the attorney asked me to stay on and entertain his father-in-law a little while longer until he could make enough money to move out of the building so I did. So I added to my list of duties- dream girl to nasty old man. Oh, but I did get a $1,000 bonus for letting him look at my legs! Money makes the world go around- that’s why “I want to Work for Diddy” is a trip to me-all that bickering KNOWING Diddy is watching. .. but it is good t.v.

  292. Sarah says:

    My boss is a lot like Diddy. She is always working hard and NEVER sleeps. When I was still pretty new in the organization, I was asked to handle most of the PR/event planning for an auction we were doing with a local sports team. After several sleepless nights pre-event, I was asked to first set everything up and then follow a photographer all night to get good pictures. I did not sit, drink or eat from 3 p.m. until 2 a.m. Then about 12 a.m., I was asked to throw on a team jersey, stand up in front of about 400 people and get them to bid on the jersey. It was hard work, but I loved it!

  293. EDWARD says:

    When you’re young, you’ll do anything. During high school, I worked in an office supply store. One Saturday, the owner told me I wouldn’t be working in the store that day. Instead, I would be working for his wife at their home washing all the windows in their house!

  294. Hella says:

    I work for a Hospice company in St. Louis. I started off as a Secretary. My original Director had resigned, before she resigned she hired a new branch manager. This branch manager, asked that I complete my secretary job duties, along with all of the data entry duties(from which she fired the data entry clerk), then odd jobs that she hadn’t learned to achive. We asked by the owner of the company, how was your training going? And have you helped your secretary input the numerous of visits that need to be entered with the next three days to keep billing up? She stated oh yes, I’ve complete that task and all others. She came into my office asked that I please have all visits entered into the computer system, post all payments, and fire an employee that she didn’t want to work for us anymore. Seeing that I need my job, I completed all tasks that was asked of me, then I thought, who’s the employee, so I called her ext. and asked who’s the employee, she told me whom it was, I then turned around called the owner , went back into her office and fire her!

  295. Angela Billups says:

    I was in the woods on a mission to pick up a downed pilot. I was one of the competent members in my team and I was appointed the land navigation member and lead them to the downed pilot. When we finally got there we seen the pilot. 4 team members had to stay back and my leader choose me ( a the only female) and 1 other guy to carry a 250lbs man over a ravine while the others members stay on security. When we attempted to get him we came under fire and the leader got killed and I was the only on alive calling for my other team members to help. They was so scared and I had to survive using the terminated team members bullets and guns. I was low crawling through the grass to hide myself. I was a survivor. We finally made it out the situation.

  296. Tamika Jones says:

    The most extreme thing i was asked to do on a job was, My boss wanted me dress up every day like lil Kim because he is infatuated with her and he says i resemble her a lil. He paid me extra money when I did. I must say the money was good.

  297. qiana says:

    the crazy extreme thing i was asked to do on a job was to wear no panties everyday and my boss would drop something on da floor just to look up my skirt, he said that on his lunch break everyday hewould go beat off n thinkabout me……!

  298. Stephanie says:

    I was a bartender and was asked by my boss to keep the place open later for a couple of guests but not for anyone else. Later, I found out the guests were 2 men he wanted to sleep with. And the boss was married– and straight to our knowledge so far.

  299. Carla Martin says:

    Since i was an intern i would always be the one to fetch the cofee but that wasn’t my problem because i understood that i had to start small before i won big. My boss has a rival that shall remain unnamed. i was caught talking to my bosses rival but only because she wanted me to intern for her and i was turning it down the offer. The boss called me in her office immediatley. Before i could explain i was fired. The worst job experience ever!!!!!!!!!

  300. racquel says:

    I had started this temp to perm administrative job and if the boss liked you when u been there for 2monthd she would make you permentate. Well a few days before my boss pulled me aside and told me that she would make me permante if I took her husband(who was the floor manager @the time) to the fast food drive thru and give him head while he ordered and paid for his food…. Needless to say, I quit!!!!!

  301. Carla Edwards says:

    I was managing the office and studying at this small music conservatory. I opened alone in the mornings, and my boss would usually stroll in a couple hours later. Well….this one particular morning, I opened with my usual work ritual, checking the voice/e-mails, faxes returning/ taking calls etc….and as Im preparing the studio for my boss’ arrival I get a phone call…..from JAIL….and you wouldnt believe…it was MY BOSS! She was pulled over for speeding while taking her daughter to school…and the police discovered there was a warrant for her arrest! I had to cancel her early appointments, lock up the studio, and bail her out of jail…and here’s the catch…this wasnt the first time this has happened to my boss! Talk about a loyal employee!

  302. Cindy Gomes says:

    The most extreme thing that i had to put up with on the job was at a lawyer’s office i used to work for. There were obvious bad blood between people that used to work with and for him that planned to come to the office on the same day and “take back” all “their stuff”. A black guy came first and started to take files and stuff off the desk and said the computer was his, I had to call the cops because i was alone at the office and my boss was at court. a half-hour after the police took my statement and took care of the guy, 2 samoan chicks came in stating they were going to take back all “their stuff” too and so i had to call the police again, this time when the girls almost finished getting all the smaller stuff, while telling me “I know you not going stop us from taking our ____!. Both of them stepped outside to use their cell phone to call their “boss” and I calmly and quickly locked the door behind them. I watched and heard them pound on the door, screaming obscenities at me from the videocom that was installed for me from inside. The same cops came again , i l filled out yet another statement and answered questions from the police. It was kind of crazy but my boss came back near the end. The one i felt sorry for was my son who was there waiting for me after he finished school and saw what happened. He thought my office should be on a reality t.v. show. At the time i couldn’t agree with him more, but for my troubles my boss gave me $100.00 for holding it down that day, so it was all good!

  303. Vanessa Hawkins says:

    I was in the middle of contract with the Armed Forces when I was asked to do is go support the “Enduring Freedom” war. Also, they trained my to treat all the people in the country including the excorts that worked for me like they wasn’t human being. So to me, that was most extreme thing I was asked to do.

  304. Tiffani Swinton says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do, was to clean the bathroom at my job. Although this job doesn’t seem extreme, it is! I walked into the bathroom and thought of it as another day doing my job when I smelled a foul stench as soon as I opened the door. Now, keep in mind I’ve had to clean bloody tampons from the floor that customers just didn’t care and left there for me to clean, I’ve had to wipe blood from the toilet seats, but nothing could prepare me for the task at hand. I looked in the sink and saw someones lunch (that was devoured and tossed back up) staring at me. I could literally pick out what this person had for lunch and could tell you what time they devoured it. The only way I could stomach it was to run water through it, which by the way only made it worse!! The vomit was very thick and looked fresh and as an employee it was my duty to clean it!!

  305. Hika Reese says:

    Although I have never been asked to do anything “extreme”, I am the kind of worker that will go out of my way and above and beyond, to an extent, to do my job and to help others get theirs done when asked, or if I see they need help.

  306. Anita says:

    I have wiped noses, picked up trash, washed underarms, swept the floor, emptied trash cans, dusted, scrubbed tabletops, played games, tutored, hall monitor, security guard, completed paperwork, fussed, rode the bus, purchased clothes, visited homes, killed roaches, amateur psychologist, social worker, helped children climb in windows, secretarial duties, mediator, referee, judge, disciplinarian, attend meetings, serve on committees, and constantly criticized for doing my job of teaching.

  307. Valerie says:

    Through my job I make decisons if applicants are eligible to participate in government programs. Under no circumstances am I to disclose the decison to the applicant until the applicant receives it via the mail. Therefore when bombarded with inquiries on the case I must find a way to avoid disclosing the outcome of the case by all means necessary.

  308. judy brittle says:

    I used to clean medical offices which of course included the public bathrooms. One night someone went to the bathroom and they smeared it all over the entire room. I was the one that had to clean it but in reality that was the day I should have quit.

  309. Enjoli Leach says:

    I once had to setup a dating profile for one on my bosses and set him up on dates… That was just a hotmess. Also once I had to fly to Florida to stand watch why my boss kicked his wife out and packed up all her stuff..

  310. jodi says:

    I had to climb into (and out of) a chicken wire cage 3 stories tall in a JCPenney storage area, to get 4 pillows a customer insisted on that were on the bottom of the stack…

  311. Russell says:

    At a KFC resturant, I have to clean up the boss’ toliet with no plunger and with a very small wash cloth. He wants me to do it immedately after he does a number 2 on it. Then afterwards, I found out it was an April Fool’s joke

  312. KIM D says:

    My very first day at a new job the owner of the company told my boss to make me write a flowchart of everyone’s responsibilities and how each task related to everything! I had no clue as to who all of the people were, what the company was all about, or anything else and I admit that I refused to do it and told them it was utterly ridiculous. Things became worse and worse and I still regret not quitting the first day.

  313. marco lozano says:

    when i was 17 i was working at jack in the box my first job so after being there about 5 months my manager who was gay asked me to go out with him and i did …… it was weird at first but later he basically tolled me that if i had sex with him i would become a shift supervisor right away i had never been with a guy but wanted the position so i did……. and got the position like he said now im 26 and think i should of aimed toward a `(~~)$%*_~$%)_& istant manager position instead…but later found out from another manager that the position was already mine they just had not tolled me yet …………….o well gotta do what you gotta do right….

  314. mario tuy says:

    my first work i was clean horses. here in guatemala because
    i from here. the fist day l clean like twenty horses. the last
    horse when l clean l knock my head l hit hard blow in the grown
    almost dead that day.

  315. Jasmin Whiteman says:

    When i was 16 my mother got me a job working at a diner with her friend and her friend’s son. The son asked me to steal money and we will share it, i said no, i did not want to steal. So he stole the money and blamed it on me. I got fired.

  316. Jose Collado says:

    The most extreme thing that I have ever been asked to do at a job was first of all, the first day do inventory of all the Merchandise in the warehouse. Afterwards, I was told to make a call to 20 countries all over Europe and Suth America, translate conversations and write a memo about each-All in a day’s work!

  317. Carlos Santiago says:

    While working as a business manager for a construction company I had to bail my boss out of jail! It was the most extreme thing i had ever done for a job but i did it and my boss was very grateful! I went above and beyond the call of duty!

  318. Rashidah says:

    In high school I worked at a fast food restaurant on the weekends that got robbed. We where asked to get on the floor and then we where guided with a gun in our backs inside the freezer. We sat in the freezer crying scared of what was going to happen. My manager was asked to come out and clear out the safe and when he returned he let us out the freezer and closed the store down. The police where called and some how the local news stations. The store owner called the store and told us not to talk to the news (we later believed he was robbing his own store because he had been hit several times and never installed security cameras). When he got the store not only was mad at us for closing the store but with out even asking us where we ok he said …GET BACK TO WORK! I said, “WHAT! I just got put in a freezer by a gun being put in my back for your store and all you can say is get back to work”. Mind you I was only sixteen. Needless to say that was the craziest thing I was ever asked to do at a job. Just so you know I quit right then and there!

  319. Tiffany says:

    I was asked to take a partner’s luggage to his hotel and put it in his room so he could go to dinner with my boss. Actually, my boss asked that I do this and the partner was very embarrased by the request but my boss insisted. It was already very late in the evening since I had been working on his presentation for this dinner and had a family, including a small child waiting on me. This request was after 9/11 so can you imagine me trying to get in someone’s room and put their luggage in there room and the hotel doesn’t know me from Adam? I work in the Renaissance Center in Detroit and had to lug heavy bags from my tower all the way to the middle tower (very far). Once I got there and explained what I was trying to do to several hotel workers who didn’t want to ^*))%@))`^+!(!( ist me for fear of losing their jobs, some security people were called out to speak with me. I convinced them that I was legit by showing them my badge, giving them my cell phone and work numbers and getting the partner on the phone to give them the ok. Finally after an hour I was able to check him in and place his luggage in his room for him. After I got downstairs, I realized he would not be able to get in his room if I had his key and was going home. Instead of taking him the key to dinner, I decided to leave it with the conceirge desk and go home. It turned out fine eventually. The next week I received flowers from the partner thanking me for my efforts!

  320. Sabrina says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for four years now and have two little boys including our beautiful step daughter. We had our first son when i was seventeen and our second when i was eighteen. Im a stayed at home mom and my boyfriend works seven days a week. Our family means everything to us. We both work so hard keeping this family together, financially. I enjoy taking my sons to Taekwondo and tee ball. Being so young with a preicious family is so awarding but is hard work. Before we meet eachother we were both into drugs & to make it a short story we fell in love at first sight and changed eachothers life. Once i found out i was pregnant i took extra classes in high shool and graduate & my boyfriend worked more hours.But now im 21 & we hardly have time for eachother. By time he gets home from work we spend a couple of hours with eachoher, than were both tired. It whould be nice if we had more time with eachother again.

  321. theresa dukes says:

    The extreme thing at work that I was asked to do was, in 2002 was to sing live in front of everyone that was there in the building at the Nurse’s Award dinner. That was very extreme for me, my boss hear me singing one day in the patient’s and the next thing i knew I was singing my tail off. It took alot of offers from her to get me to do plus a shot of amarada but I did it. people think singing in from of a crowd is easy let me tell you it’s not.
    So my story may not win me a trip but at least I got to tell it.
    But for the record that has made me a better, more open person and I’m lovin it

  322. Jean Paul says:

    I just got off the cruise from the bahama’s (with ludacriss prefroming live) and i was settling in to land life. I had an insparation to apply for a job with party 105 .com. I bs you not i show up with my bahams beach shirt and sandles to the interveiw.
    Looking back what the, was i thinking, obviuosly i did not get the job. but i thought it was funny maybee i should have smoked a good cigret to realize what i was doing.

  323. kesha says:

    Hi, i use to work for a houspital and onne day my co worker gave me a specimen to give tonthe tech. Not knowing that the speimen was the wrong person, so I was called in the office because she as in the boss wanted me to paticipate in #%#$&#)+^@)_%(*#_ azzness and trick on the co worker who gave me the wrong specimen. In the I was the person to get fired because i didn’t trick.

  324. Sha says:

    Name: Sha
    Occupation: Graphic Designer
    Type of business: Promotional material printer / nightlife company / clothing line (you name it we did it)

    Small business, 4 person staff.

    1. After the office got robbed, tied up at gun point, I got the luxury of opening the office by myself (featherweight) every morning, in an empty office building. (in fear, but the boss asked, so I did it!)

    2. Sell tickets to a homecoming party … I sell 2k in tix @ $20 ea. … party shut down (no one get’s in). So who’s everyone looking 4? The Gal that sold them the tix. Thousands of people outside, helicopter surrounding the club. I left the chaotic scene, but to no avail ppl were still looking for me to get their money back. (boss asked so I did it)

    3. Go take the car to get washed.

    Nice Boss… but I’m self employed now, but if I had to go back to any other job, it would be there.

  325. Dainon Whitley says:

    The most extreme thing I had to do at my job was recently talk to my gay manager because my superviser tried to fire me because of a safety hazard.That outcome was he rubbed his pointer finger on my forehead and told me he liked me and was not going to fire me!NoHomo!

  326. Ms.Peggy Edwards says:

    The most extreme I had to do was help 3 other peopple count an department store cpounting items piece by piece and being as accurate as possible.The bad part about it the company cheated us on our pay check.Diddy Help!!

  327. Angela Trostle says:

    Make little kids cry. Parents would give loads of money to kids to play the games; they would never win.

  328. Harold Young says:

    I was told to get a package to the overnight courier by any means necessary, I drove 90 – 100 miles per hour to the airport, ran down the tarmack – an told the pilot to stop the plane – because this package had to be on that plane. They thought I was crazy so they stopped the plane and the package made it.

  329. Steven Rahman says:

    I was on the 98th floor of the World Trade Center in 1993 when it was bombed the first time. The lights went out and we heard a little rumbling but we kept on eating our lunch; no alarms or instructions followed. I remember thinking, “I hope I saved everything” which would soon become the last of my concerns. My friends and I spent the next two hours in the stairwell with our ties over our mouths before walking out into the lower Manhattan winter. I walked from there to the CVS on 6th and Bleeker to buy soap as I was covered in soot.

    The following Monday, we reported for work at my company’s mid-town location. I was `~@`%^_$(#^)+*^ igned to the document recovery team which was led by a former CIA case officer. Three days after the explosion, and I was riding into the wrecked building which was still covered with ATF and FBI agents. We spent 23 hours straight grabbing documents from our offices, loading the U Haul, and then unloading at 50th and Broadway.

    I spent the next week repeatedly visiting the trade center always checking in under my full name: Sheikh Steven Rahman. Oh, the man who was the inspiration behind the bombers? His name was Shiekh omar Abdel Rahman. You can imagine my dismay.

  330. Alicia B. says:

    I Had to clean it up SORRY!!

    i was working at Major Fashion Retailer in the womens department and this lady came in the womans dressing room and pee peed on the floor and whiped her private area with one of the shirts i was asked to go get it and thow it in the tarsh (with gloves ofcorse) and document it as a damged item. Working in the womens department …NOT THE BUSINESS… Worst smell in my life!

  331. Shaina Ziggler says:

    The most extreme duty I had to do was look hot, sexy and flirt with the customers. I used to work as a waitress at Hooters. And everyday I went to work with make-up, french tip nails, smelling good and fresh. I had to laugh with !$^+&!`~*&@~___@ wasn’t funny. I had to smile when cheeks hurt. I had to multi-task serving food and filling drinks.
    It was a cool job but at time a little frustrating.

    Thank you, Shaina

  332. shameca jordan says:

    my worst job experience is the job i currently hold now for a dentist..however he is the most bootlegg dentist of them all!! he is in a heavy financial debt and it holds up monies for office supplies as well as our payroll !! its frustrating because u know every payday he’s up to something..sometimes he will call out just to not have to pay us..and we dont get pay for the days we are off!!! if thats not the worst story yet!!..i dont know who can top my real life drama =/

  333. maureen Weiner says:

    I was working in the lingerie department in Jamaica, NY. A women came in with a nightgown that she needed to return with no tickets. She told me that her sister had passed away and that she was laid out in the nightgown. The women told me they didn’t want to bury her in a nightgown, but wanted to bury her in a dress. My mouth had dropped to the floor because I couldn’t believe she wanted to return a nightgown that was worn by a corpse. I called the manager and believe it or not he took the nightgown back because that was the stores policy. Moral of the story I never bought lingerie from that store again!

  334. farah montinard says:

    the hardest thing i been having to do in ma job is to babysit my two lil cousin,they paly prank on me,n trust if u never have lil child play prank on u ,u can considere that your job haven’t been hard,that is the worst thing ever,n guess wat i don’t get paid not a dimebut it’s cool with me cuz that show me that the trust me enough to let than with me,n that make them happy to see that even that their kids are lil monster,i haven’t refuse to babysit them for them not even one day,even if i have ma stuff to do,i will just let it go,n babysit them.

  335. Lisa Kielas says:

    I‘m an RN. A patient’s wife request that we give her nearly comatose husband a shower, instead of a bed bath. We lifted him into a plastic chair, and made raincoats for ourselves with garbage bags. We managed to keep him propped up, but came out looking like drowned rats.

  336. Theddeus Howard says:

    I use to work in nursing home for the elderly. And one day we heard a lot of comotion in one of the our patients rooms. As useal I have to go see whats going on and there are two 90 year old women fighting, slapping, and sceaming over some lost teeth. Never a dull day.

  337. Anyoso Olenja says:

    I got an official job at a financial firm. The owner asked me to work at a party. I already worked 10hrs. I had to clear wine glasses constantly. The party ended at 4am. I was asked to help clean. I still had to work that morning at 8.

  338. KIM D says:

    I was told by my boss, the CFO, to run the checks to vendors every week, but to stuff all of the checks in a drawer for several weeks, and lie to every vendor that I had already mailed the check the day it was cut/printed.

  339. Andre Jackson says:

    I was the manager of a afterhours club, the club was on the 2nd floor, and we had a elevator and 2 stairwell, at this time i had no keys to the stairs and the elevator was pull on the 2nd floor (by the owner) and he was in the work release program at the time. Doors open @ 2am, it was 1:20am I had find the # for the workrelease center pray that they let me talk to him, fly to get the keys and fly back, to get the club poppin @ 2am. Dedicated, Motivated, GO GETTA

  340. Jeannette Deleon says:

    I am a office manager/assistant for a very prominent heart surgeon. So one day, my Dr. who is also a pilot flys us over to another city so he can perform emergency heart surgery on a patient. We land and rush to the hospital, once we get there to my surprise he says, “I’m want you to go into the operating room with me so you can see what I do.” So I witnessed the most amazing thing ever, a live beating heart bypass and a artist at work!!

  341. Jaime Krym says:

    While I was deployed to Afghanistan, a convoy got lost and had a vehicle roll into a 30ft ditch. I had to lead a squad out in the dead of night to find them and recover the vehicle. We had to park the recovery crane in some guy’s opium field. I’m shocked we didn’t get lit up. MAJOR pucker factor!

  342. Tamara Williams says:

    ThanksGiving 07 I was working and also about 7 almost 8 months pregnant. I’m a waitress I spent my whole Thankgiving watching People eat Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Mac and Cheese. From 1pm to 9pm with NO break to eat. No exagerration it was HELL and I only made like 50 bucks.

  343. Alicia Anderson says:

    The most outrages scenario that I can recall is my commitment to open a restuarant w/ a business !#&)_*$~+*@)~^& ociate in 2003. At that time, I was pregnant w/ my fourth child, finishing my Bachelors, and working a full-time job. My morning started at 5am and did not end until 11pm.

  344. Monique Holt says:

    I worked at a retail grocery store I was asked to clean the womans bathroom. SOmeone had smeared feces everywhere you could possible imagine. Although I gaged the whole time, i completed my `+**#)&!!_$*$&_ ignment.

  345. Charles Peterson says:

    I was asked to use pepper spray on a gentilmen who was completely intoxicated and did as I was asked to do. For my trouble I had the cops almost arrest me for the incedent.

  346. claudette moore says:

    Working at a psychatric hospital. Hearing people yell and scream at you all day. Trust and believe changing poop and getting attacked physically is crazy.

  347. Heather Minyard says:

    I worked for a university in the admissions office…sometimes I had to give tours for prospective students…this one particular day I was scheduled to give a tour but there was a tornado warning and a really bad windy storm…the visitors still wanted the tour…my boss asked me to give them a WALKING tour in the middle of the flooded campus while dust and trees were blowing everywhere!

  348. Diana Cruz says:

    I was on my first job and I worked in a booth at a mall. My boss had many boots around the city malls. So one day a customer wanted this Disney Princess lamp for his daughter. My store was the only one who had it so i had to go from the north side to the south side so this customer would be happy with the Disney lamp. He was offering to pay twice the amount so he wanted it badly. On my way there the bus broke down so I walked like 15 to 20 blocks to get him his freak en lamp. So yeah sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

  349. Alexis L. Earp says:

    The most extreme scenario that I have ever been placed in was driving to Alabama from South Carolina for a recruitment job for my company. I was 6 months pregnant at the time, and it took me nine hours to get there instead of six.

  350. Lenette Page says:

    when i was at virtua hospital i had to wrap my up friends mother’s body.
    it was crazy but at the same time sad.

  351. Victor Michel says:

    I dont believe in having exterme things to get done if you give me something to do it will get done. My boss once had me meet with a client at 6 am and drive our client two hours away to see house he wanted to buy. Not a problem we opened up escrow a week later.

  352. Cynthia Chan says:

    I use to work in my family’s Mexican restaurant in Newark. It’s kind of like a Chinese take out place with only a few tables. Pimps, Druggies, hookers, homeless people and the occasional crazy people come in everyday. One this homeless man came in and feel asleep in the store. I asked him to leave and when he left i saw he TOOK A &+“%(~~(_#_(`@* on the chair. I had to take it outside and hose it off.

  353. Tessa Kelly says:

    I used to work at a local Tanning Salon. There was a woman who called one day and asked if her son could use the tanning units. The problem was that he was in a wheelchair, wore a diaper, and his mother was going to leave him there alone. I was totally overtaken!! This man wanted to tan and had a reputation of using the bathroom in the tanning bed! WHAT SOME PEOPLE WILL DO AMAZES ME!!!

  354. Tammy Caron says:

    I feel what you do, has inspired myself and others to work hard in whatever we do. You have helpped many people in their goals and dreams. And hard work pays off! Thank you for helpping people and me for falling our dreams. And I feel you should be hard on people, because they will not go far without hard work. My husband and I never had a honeymoon. It has been over ten years. I hope that you find a great *_+@&&+))~*@&() istant. Thank you! Tammy Caron

  355. Tiffinei Lee says:

    I used to intern for a radio station here in town where I live(Foxy 99.1). While I was interning, a major concert was scheduled and included T.I., Young Jeezy, and some local artists. I had the task of making the concert commercials to air on the radio( while not knowing anything about the equipment), soliciting for the radio station to get more people to show up, deal with the head boss who obviously didn’t think that I could do the job right, and designing and printing the local posters that were to be spread around the local college campuses. All withing 2 weeks. I thought that I was going to loose my mind but…I got the job done AND got to see the concert. FRONT ROW!

  356. michelle palmieri says:

    I used to work for a cleaning company and I was told the next day we were off. I got a call the same day as I was told I had off tomorrow asking if I could work after I made plans. As talking to my manager I fell down the customers stairs and havent worked since then.

  357. Claudia Caldwell says:

    The most extreme thing that I was ever asked to do in my lifetime was this:

    I was a Co-Director at a store in the Mall. It is a very popular store you probably know the one with the ad’s of Angels. I was asked to set up a major display for the windows. Well this was extreme for me because the head of the corporation was coming to the store and that was a lot of pressure on me and my girls to make this come off without a hitch. Well, we did it and it was spectacular! Adding flare to the whole window and not making it seem to risque is what I was looking for. So we added sparkle, wings, boxes and sass to the whole window. I loved doing things that seem like a challenge to soom but to me it was FABULOUS!

  358. Kierra Bell says:

    I worked at party store. Saturdays are the busiest days for the party scene. On day we recieved a order for 250 balloons. I basically took care of most of the order because once have rhythm, I get a good pace and I could work that out in no time. The guy came to pick up his balloons driving one of the smallest vans ever! He managed to fit a few bundles in his van. What he didnt get I was asked to drive the rest over to the venue! Mind you i too have a small dodge neon so fitting 10 bundles of 12 in there was no joke! I went out on a limb and jepordzing my life and a ticket because I couldnt see for customer satisfaction!

  359. Alexis Alexander says:

    I was working as a waitress at California Pizza Kitchen here in Omaha Nebraska…and I remember going to work in the morning to prep the tables and get the bread ready…..while I was getting the bread ready another co-worker and I were talking about how bad our bread was and how the customers were starting to notice…..then about 10 min. later I get the first table that walks in the I greet them and give them water and bread, not even 1 min. goes bye and one of the gentalmen at my table was yelling help…..he bit into a piece of the bread and it had glass in it, which cut the inside of his mouth open….thankgod he understood that it had nothing to do with me!! If he only knew I was just complaining about it before I set it on his table!

  360. Darcy says:

    I was new working as an administrator for a residential construction company. Our office was in a model home and the basement was in the process of being finished. We had a bad rainstorm and the basement flooded. The owner came to me and said he had a small project and wanted to know if I was up for it. Wanting to impress him and stand out as a strong contributor I jumped at any opportunity. He took me to the basement with a nasty old mop and tiny buckey and said the basement needed to be mopped up. He said it would should take me about 45 minutes. I started working and there determined to be 2″ of water on the floor and there was exposed electrical wires everywhere. I ended up using a window washing squeegy to push the water towards the sump pump. My dress pants were rolled up to my knees and I was barefoot! It took me about 8 hours to get all the water up. The mop and bucket had to have been a joke!!! I went home and cursed about him and the job. I ended up working there for 7 years and moving up the ladder very quickly. He must have seen that I was willing to do whatever it took to complete a job.

  361. Kay Lewis says:

    One summer i worked for Wendys in Ca .After Closing the resturant we were cleaning getting ready to close.We went to clean the restroom as some guys came out to rob the store. We were all put in a freezer until the next shift came in.(3 hours later)

  362. Jacqueline Zalud says:

    When I was 16yrs. old I worked at a restaurant as a hostess. Four Italian “Mobster type” men came in every sunday afternoon and demanded where they sat and what they wanted. One Sunday they asked me to leave my work without letting anyone know, go get them the Sunday paper and go off-track betting on some horses for them while they stayed at my restaurant and ate.

  363. Shelly Trahan says:

    I was working security New Years Eve and left the job site, went to the club and went back to work at 4a.m…It was the best New Years yet!!

  364. Minnie Delgado says:

    The most extreme thing I have done for my job is being tranfered from Brooklyn, New York to Lexington, North Carolina. After relocating myself and training individiuals to work for this company and leaving my family behind and showing my kids a diffrent life on August 20,2008 I was gratefully shown to unemployment line .

  365. Darcy says:

    I was given a nasty old mop, a tiny bucket, and 45 minutes to mop up a flooded basement. There was 2″ of water on the floor and exposed electrical wires everywhere. I ended up using a window washing squeegy to push the water towards the sump pump. My dress pants were rolled up to my knees and I was barefoot! It took me about 8 hours to get all the water up. The mop and bucket had to have been a joke!!! I went home and cursed about him and the job. I ended up working there for 7 years and moving up the ladder very quickly. He must have seen that I was willing to do whatever it took to complete a job.

  366. Pia Torres says:

    My name is Pia Torres .I am twenty four years old and I want to go to Paris! I believe that you must work strongly to earn the things you want,but if Diddy is giving away a trip to Paris and fabulous Sean John eyewear I will definitely accept!

  367. Keyia Best says:

    Well I work for a pharmaceutical company that supplies drugs like Albumin and drugs that help people with immune deficiency’s. These medications are actually made from human blood plasma so of course when the blood plasma got low my company asked for employee donations (of plasma) So of course I did it even though it wasn’t mandatory. But talk about putting your blood sweat and tears in your job! And no i didnt get any extra money.

  368. Marcus M says:

    I went on the road to sell cars with a friend to make some quick money. While selling I had a customer buy a truck but I didnt see the dent on top of the car and neither did the customer. The next day they came to pick the car up I told my friend who was the boss and he told me to put snow on top so they won’t notice and sell the car. Long story short I made the sell they left with the car.

  369. Angela JM says:

    While working as an activity $(+*&*~%)@(#+$% istant at a nursing home during college, I was asked to stay for a second shift (3-11:30pm) after working my shift (9am-5pm) as a caregiver, which included showering residents (male and female) and changing residents diapers.

  370. Alana Pastrana says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on the job would have to be the time I was told to watch over a group of 150 kids that were eating at the restaurant I was working at. It wasnt so bad until they all started running all over the place, pushing and shoving people, breaking memorabilia and O yeah even vomiting on the carpet. At least they didnt make me clean up after that but I was required to stop anyone from stepping on it. Good times.

  371. victor says:

    i work in a grocery store named food emporium in new canaan, CT and one day the truck full of new carriages pull up to the back…once we were there, i open the doors of the container and i saw something dark approaching me really fast…for my luck i open the door fast enough for the fox to get out, yea! a freaking fox…well that’s my story.


  372. Kristin White says:

    Working at a daycare with screaming kids that don’t behave isn’t my dream job, especially when I was 8 months pregnant. One day a set of twin girls was feeling rambunctious, and kicked me right in the stomach. I HAD to just deal with it and hold my tounge. Keeping your feelings to yourself and not blowing up when you are worried about you and your baby’s health is pretty extreme.

  373. Kia Hayes says:

    I have to be honest… I was asked to have sex with one of my supervisors at my old job. Although I found her to be VERY sexy, I just couldn’t go through with the act. I figured “what if she get’s attached?” Or worse yet, what if I like it and then I become attached? So, I didn’t do it and I ended up switching departments!

  374. melody mcpeak says:

    I was working at a resteraunt and some little kid threw up right outside the bathroom door, my manager thought for some reason i should be the one to clean it up knowing i was the only cashier on duty, and on top of that i was 2 months pregnant with servere morning sickness. Already feeling sick from the smells of the food in the resteraunt, i barely managed to clean up the puke, but it made me so sick i threw up.

  375. Keith Edwards says:

    I work at Linden Blvd Multiplex. ALOT of things happen here. Ive experienced people having sex, getting head and even stripping in a theater. People take dodo’s on the floor and pee in the theaters sometimes. The most extreme thing that ive been asked to do at my job is clean up the feces in the bathroom and after that i was told help the projectionist move the film to another side of the theater, THEN help supervise the main stand and then go to food court and serve nathans and sabbarros. I am asked to do more than what i am expected to do. Basically i work hard enough to do more than what is expected. Everything at my job that i am asked to do is extreme because im not required to do it but i still do it because i am asked to and i stay committed.

  376. Quincy Glover says:

    The most outrages job i ever had to do was on my 21st birthday i had too drop chicken 1:00pm to 11:30p.m…You know everybody most special birthday is their 21st birthday on top of that,at end of the night grease had pop all over my arm and my arm was badly burnt..So spent rest of my birthday night waiting at the hospital……

  377. Maria Vellasco says:

    ONE DAY AFTER MY MOTHER DIED OF CANCER 4 months ago,and at the time i had to plan field trips for little kids with their parents at my job,i also had to take pictures,and escort them around the park. It was the most hurtful and sad thing ever. I had to cry in corners and get the job done,with a smile on my face.Im 22 years old anh having to see kids holding their moms hands,and hearing their moms voice and laugh,and knowing that i will never do that again with mines was heartbraking.i still stayed at work and did not take any time off.I pulled through for my mom.And her dream has always been to go to paris. So if i could do that with my little brother it would be her dream come true!

  378. Augie E. Saenz says:

    I really really want this bad. All my life i dreamed of fame. I watch many of my love ones died. I even went through a lot in my life, which has been holding me back more for what i want. But now is chance for me to actually be out there and do what i always dreamed of. And going to Paris, The love city, Will be part of my life that i will not forget and experience. An amazing chapter of my life. I never won anything in my life. Maybe i wont Again. But i stay positive with a smile on my face, 100 percent guaranteed. Which makes me to be loyal to do anything i would be asked to do as a job. For i have nothing to lose. I may not win this contest. But if i do it would change my life. And you wont be wrong for your decision. i can guaranteed that. I faced hardships. So i can be asked to do things that might be hard to some people. I will get things done “like that”. That is also my nickname.This is all coming from the heart, unlike these other responses people are written. So who knows what will happen. Just keep in mind. The best will rise.

    Love and Sincerely, Augie E. Saenz

  379. Jamilah Espinosa says:

    The most extreme thng that I’ve had to do at a job was when working as a server I had a table finish eating and try to leave without paying. I told my manager and told me to run out and get the guy and tell him he had to pay (mind you I am a women that is 5’1 and he was at least 6’0 muscular man. So I knew to keep my job I had to do it. I caught up to him and told him he had to pay. He cursed me outand threw $100 bill atme soI got the jobdone.

  380. Cinthia Hannington says:

    Hi Diddy! I work for my fathers construction company, I am a 120 pound, 24 year old girl, who looks pretty funny in a tool belt on these randon job sites. Considering I have been on the job with him since I was only 5 years old, I have learned the trade and become pretty good at it! Many of the guys who have started with my father were trained by me, some of which could not handle being told what to do, and/or shown up by a little girl! My dad gets a kick out of watching people struggle on the job and loves to have me do things that one of the guys says, they CANT do.
    There are very many times that I would consider entering as the most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do on this job, but this one kind of beats them all.
    Two guys were told to take a very heavy and long 2 by 10 board out onto a steel beam that was about 50 feet in the air. (Keep in mind, we are not roped off or strapped onto anything.) They were to take the board and lay it on the beam, drill holes in it and bolt it down! When they came to my Dad saying it was impossible….my father of course says Cindi go show these kids how its done! Being one of the only women in my trade I hate to be told I cant do something, So I carried that 24 foot heavy !+__@(*+@^#&~~$ bored out onto that unsteady beam and handled it! It was very scary, even for me, someone who is not afraid of heights at all! I know it is probably not the craziest thing thats ever happen to anyone, but it sure was extreme to me!

  381. Sassy T. says:

    I work for a nursing agency in NYC, nothing really intresting happens at my job, but I thought this was a pretty unbelievable request, when one of my bosses asked me out of the blue to go and fetch her a snack from the vending machine on a different floor from our office, I would have done it for her, but her attitude made me change my mind quickly, I told her no, she eventually went and got it for herself, and to this day she knows who she does NOT have on a leash.

  382. Stacey Coleman says:

    I have a social service background & previously worked in W2 – it was down to crunch time and we had to meet some benchmarks – it was down to the final day and I enjoy working under pressure so this was no big deal to me – I go above and beyond, so no one had to ask me to do this – in order to get 1 of our clients placed into employment, I drove him to the store to get his work shoes, paid for them out of my own money & made sure he was at the work site on time by driving him there – I always made my benchmarks and like the end result of helping those in my community

  383. La Toya says:

    I worked as a business manager for a warehouse shopping club. As a trainee in the position, I had to train in all areas. During training, I worked in the meat department. It was during the Thanksgiving season and spiraled hams were in great demand. Unfortunately one of the colors went down and some of the hams were spoiled. To not sell any of the spoiled hams, the store manager told me that I had to taste 76 hams to inspect their quality. It was either do it or my job was in jeaopardy. I had just moved into a new home and had no other source of income. I needed my job and did what I was asked to do. Of the 76 hams, 62 of them were spoiled and I was out of work the next two days with a stomach virus. 4 months later I was fired from the position, citing that I didn’t show enough dedication to my job.

  384. Kristina Carlson says:

    I have worked for some of the most amazing people–and have done everything asked of me in each position. Although, I did once work for a lingerie shop where people would try cloths on and ask me my opinion. Lets just say some of it was very “extreme” viewing, and nightmares would follow.

  385. Daisy says:

    Abiento, Mr. Combs. As an intern for Central Casting Agency in Washington D.C. during my junior year of college, my boss, we’ll call her Zagmar, told me that she would be flying back to Oregon one evening to supervise construction on her 2nd home. Then she told me that I would be getting her the ticket – on a sold out flight. I spent the remainder of the day at the airport, sweetalking my way into the terminal and selling sob stories to unsuspecting travelers about why I needed to get back to Oregon tonight. Eventually, one bought my line and Dagmar got home to care for her parque floors.

  386. Philip Curtis says:

    Working for a cleaning company this summer powerwashing and window cleaning, I thought that it would be a safe job.But my boss had me on a three story-100yr. old victorian house, outside the window, on a 6 inch ledge, with no safety equipment.I almost fainted.

  387. Staci Sklavenitis says:

    It was my Senior year ready to graduate and head off to college to pursue my dreams of being a model and or work in the medical field when I found out I was five mo. pregnant. My choices where to give my child up for adoption or raise her by myself…With my Mother being there through thick or thin she encouraged me that life won’t be the same but you can do anything even with a child. Now that my child is fifteen this has been the hardest job in the world…Never had a job or any task more difficult than raising a child to young adult. Wanting her to travel see the world before she leaves the nest!
    Don’t stop at nothing and don’t let anyone tell you …You can’t …

  388. Alicia McKenney says:

    At the age of fifteen i was working as a tennis hostess and tennis court cleaner. After a big fourth of july blowout some kids decided to egg the tennis courts. It was fourth of july so we had a few more days off before the courts needed to be cleaned allowing the hot california sun to bake the eggs into the courts. When ariving at work a few days later, i was told i needed to clean the egg off the courts without scraping any court off…these were outdoor courts, very difficult because they have a course surface …i was givin a scraper and sponge and the next three days i was out there on hands and knees chipping the fried egg out of the hot courts.

  389. Sheila says:

    I worked at a gas station and the gas prices had just begun to rise, I was told that if we had a drive off and we did not get the description of the car and the plate number than the amount of the drive off would come out of our checks or we would be fired. So one day when a vehicle was in the process of driving off, I was told to chase after the vehicle and get their plate number. To me it was dangerous and stupid, since there is no way of knowing if they are armed or not, but I did it any way and I successfully got the plate number.

  390. Ursula Love says:

    I was asked to get Annie Lennox (to perform), for Valentino’s 45th Fashion Retirement celebration last year in Rome. I knew no one in Annie Lennox’s camp, I live in Minnesota, she lives in London UK. I had 1 week to get her, I did it!, and can prove it!

  391. Harvetta Clemons says:

    Well i was attending school to be nurse..well at the time i was on my 3rd year of college…Well i was working at an eldly home..One day i was asign to clean this man up,well he was highly upset he took his diaper off and grab his waste and threw it at me several times….He was actually hitting with it..That was the worse day of my life….

  392. valerie lombard says:

    I used to be the booking manager for a punk/metal bar . It was cool. I loved my staff, the bar & the music. One day the owner calls me insisting that I meet her at the bar ASAP. After I arrive, she sits me down in front of the security video (of the night before) to watch my staff carry out a totally drunken horrorshow: my bartender blowing some bass player, another off duty bartender lining up & giving away free shots of Jaegermeister to everyone there, and my sound man (along with random other wasted cretins) destroying every single barstool in the joint by repeatedly smashing them into a video poker machine until said machine died a horribly expensive death. Even though everyone involved behaved like degenerate jackasses, I didn’t dislike anyone involved. So, deciding who ultimately had to pay the price for the destruction was tough…cuz everyone screwed up.

  393. Jeva S. says:

    My very first job was working at a music store. seems like a simple job right? but for a then 17 year old ( now 22) customers would come in or call in with a tune or medley of a song that they couldnt recall the &$^`!~*^!&_*@_+ le to, my job was to name that tune a quick as i could,,,songs from way before my time.My boss would put me on the spot, within 5 seconds i finish the song with artist and song &$^`!~*^!&_*@_+ lle.

  394. Marisa Parker says:

    About 2 years ago I was a full time nanny for a single mother and her only daughter. Well, it was the GirlScout cookie season, and the mother came to me and said that she would take care of it this year and I could have the day off. That day came around and I get a call from the mom at about 2:30pm, she was panicking because the school dropped off about 35 boxes of cookies and she didn’t know what to do! They lived in New Hope,MN okay? I was in St. Paul, MN, which is about 20-25 minutes away and it was about to be rush hour traffic. So I got in my car and drove as fast as I could to her place and on my way there, I almost got into 2 car accidents!! I got pulled over, the officer aid he was going to give me a ticket, and I asked him if he could just mail it to me because I didn’t have time to wait because I will be having about 20-30 people showing up for their Girlscout cookies and he laughed and said ” I know how crazy Girlscouts are, you better get going, but don’t speed. They won’t harm you, you have their cookies”!!!! When I got there, one of the other moms came early and started to help out and I ended up finishing. I got a fat bonus and a fat fee for speeding!

  395. Troy Coleman says:

    I am a teacher and work with inner city kids who many of them come from emotionally unhealthy environments – everyday it seems as though I am faced with a challenge – one particular day I told a young lady that was being disruptive in my class to leave – she didn’t like my request and as she was leaving the classroom, she threw a pen at my face and almost put my eye out – It took everything that was within me to contain myself and calmly get her to the office

  396. Austin J. says:

    I worked at a call center as a Supervisor and one day one of the agents in my department came into work on a flat tire. It was a female and because she was friends with the Director he wanted to get her tire changed before she left from work. So the director asked me to change her tire. I laughed initially thinking it was a joke, but he informed me he was serious. So I, in my button-up, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes changed the lady’s tire. My boss did take me out to lunch, but I couldn’t believe that I was asked to change a tire for someone. I have no issue helping, it was just weird that I didn’t really have a choice.

  397. Jeva S. says:

    My very first job was working at a music store. seems like a simple job right? but for a then 17 year old ( now 22) customers would come in or call in with a tune or medley of a song that they couldnt recall the `%(#^)`^_@$#!*% le to, my job was to name that tune a quick as i could,,,songs from way before my time.My boss would put me on the spot, within 5 seconds i finish the song with artist and song `%(#^)`^_@$#!*% lle.

  398. Michelle J says:

    I work in the restaurant buisness. There was this busy saturday night and a customer came up and complained that their was poop all over the girls bathroom. So my manager turns to me and says,” Check it out and clean it up.” At first I thought she was kidding, well to my laughter she wasnt. When I went in to the bathroom i discovered a mother had changed her kids diaper. I dont think she put it in the garbage, because someone decided it would be funny to take the diaper and rub the poop all over the walls. So i sucked it up and cleaned up since I just started. Well I guess it was worth it, I know am I manageer.
    But I dont think anyone should ever have to clean poop of the walls.

    Love Michelle

    Ps. PLease I would love to have this vacation I’ve never even been out of my own state.

  399. Madeline Santiago says:

    I work in a doctors office, where the doctors can be so cruel to their workers because their the Boss. One day the Doctor yelled at one of his workers for taking down the wrong information down of a patient. The worker knew they took down the right info but stood shut because they didn’t want to lose their job.I always stay alert …Like 3 weeks later the same thing had happen to me but knowing what had happen to the other worker i recorded him as he was speaking to me without him knowing.He came up to me one day yelling why he doesn’t have what he asked for and i told him” Im srry but i dnt think its professional like to yell at me for your mistake.” he was like “what u mean …” I was sooo scared…i could lose my job! but i still played the taped …. n he Laughed …. I was like Ooo God Im fired .. And the Doc was like.. I like how you stand up for yourself … and actually said he was Sorry !!! Everyone was shocked and it felt soo good !

  400. Sharad Patel says:

    I had just returned home from my second year of medical school, and my parents needed some help at the hotel they owned. I was asked to manage the hotel as they went away for a wedding. The hotel was short staffed and it was a very busy weekend. One customer in particular posed a significant challenge to me. This customer was an older African-American male who was employed as a truck driver. The patient (customer), after probably being on the road for a lengthy period of time, decided he needed to take a bath. Hotel bathtubs, in particular that of this hotel, are on average fairly small in width. A man of such girth (approx. 250lbs) would not normally fit in this tub. The customer was not answering to check-out time requests, and this required a forced entry by the manager. Upon entering the room I heard the customers voice and he indicated to me he was stuck in the tub, and the bathroom door was locked. After unlocking the door I was in plain sight of this obese man fully nude in a tub of water, unable to raise himself up. After numerous attempts using my upper body strength and with the aid of a caucasion mildly mentally @++#~+*&^&$@_)&%@@ ed man, we were unsuccessful. The last idea I had before calling the fire dept for help I decided to utilize a shovel. I placed a towel over the shovel and wedged it between the base of the tub and the mid-section of the customer. After a couple slow thrusts, we finally used a final thrust along with pulling on the customers arms and heard a pop as water splashed out of the tub and the customer became free. The customer was happy, and our caucasion maintanance man gave a chuckle after seeing the customer in the nude. That was one experience I will never forget, and trust me, there are plenty of nasty things I see in my rotations.

  401. kellie wells says:

    I continued to operate my train during an extreme storm we had approx. 3 wks ago. There were tornado sirens going off, could barely see due to the rain and wind, and a tornado nearby. But to get passengers where they needed to go, to keep service moving, I continued to operate instead of looking for cover for my own safety.

  402. Danny Lambertus says:

    I showed up to work for the past 2 years as a cable technician grinding.. while battling a degenerative disk disease and unknowingly battling cancer. Now that ive beat cancer..(because im just that dude!)…Im back at work…and me and my loyal wife need a vacation.

  403. Bettie Olibric says:

    Working at a movie theater, there have been several most extreme things I’ve been asked to do on the job. I been ask to clean up vomit, pick up use pads, and clean up poop in the bathroom while getting paid minimum wage ($5.75). Yet I never once complain.

  404. monique roche says:

    the most outragous thing ive done is work as an &^$`#^~`#(#^^$~ istant and i went to africa to find an &^$`#^~`#(#^^$~ istant to work for me but i had to hurry because they paid for me to only stay 2 nights and 3 days and when i had found me an &^$`#^~`#(#^^$~ istant i had to take care of ma 4 kids and husband and at the same time go to work from 4 am to 9 pm and tell my &^$`#^~`#(#^^$~ istant what to do



  406. Elon Hall says:

    The craziest thing that I ever had to do for a job is be to work at 4:30am for minimum wage, which is $7.15, part time. I work in TV for the morning newscast. BUT I DID IT BECAUSE I WANT THIS AND I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

  407. Brandon Rainer says:

    i worked for a grocery store as a courtesy clerk and had to collect shopping carts in heavy rain including wind for two hours straight. My pants were soaked to my knees and after collecting carts i had to bag groceries and carry them out if needed.

  408. Shameka Windsor says:

    The most extreme task on the job for me was being to push with my fists, as hard as i could in a grown mans stomach, while a nurse gave him a enima.

  409. Yoana Obregon says:

    At the time when I was 19 years old, my boss gave me the opportunity to open my own insurance agency-under her control. Or should I say, bought a location and basically said: “this is your office, I’m paying you, make it work”. Ever since then, I’ve had my own Allstate Insurance Agency. =) it worked out just fine.

  410. One Luv says:

    Peace and blessing…no need for guessing….One Luv on a hi speed chase to embrace …..this opportunity…. …. always striving for unity…. my ability…. to bring luminosity…. shines until infinity……..

    My job is a single mother with a crazy spinal chord injury…. photography…. animation…. graphic design…
    I align with the stars…. the mind is free but the physical is behind bars….. I’m filled with scars…..
    I cant feel my legs ……….. my heart and soul begs…. for strength …. I will go any length… to rise…
    look me in my eyes…there awaits a surprise…. the wise…… suddenly…i radiate out in all directions…. i am collections of reflections….. divided into sections……
    Dr. Ditty i need those injections…. ……………………………………. ………………………………………….. ………………..

  411. Andre Christie says:

    The most extreme and unfortunate task i was asked to do on the job not only required patience, but true character. I was asked to clean the stores bathroom after a older gentleman defecated on the floor due to week bowels. Only one problem: THE STORE HAD NO GLOVES!!!!

  412. Merv Brandy, Jr. says:

    Hello…How are you Diddy…I am a Child Development Specialist at a treatment center for adolescent boys. Once when comming into my shift, my supervisor gave me eight different tasks to handle in a time span of an hour and forty-five mins. This was literally the craziest time of my life within the workplace. I had to…
    1. Give one of my Clients a Haircutt…( I give fresh cutts as well)
    2. Take three clients to the mall and other stores to windowshop and buy Yu-Gi-O cards. LOL
    3. Head back to the boys unit to help prepare as well as escort the clients to dinner.
    4. Have a brief one to one session with a client and his theraprist about his behavior and future placement.
    5. Coordinate diverse activities for the clients to take part in before their bedtimes.
    6. Pick up a client from his home and bring him to the residential before his curfew.
    7. Have a treatment team meeting with other staff about each client and their consitency with the program.
    8. Handle all `!!)_)&#_`^(`$* estment reports and daily behavioral logs for EACH client

    And can you believe this was within an hour and forty-five mins into my shift. LOL It was crazy but, my supervior knew I could do it because I get the job DONE! Lol

  413. KEONIA MANLEY says:


    The most extreme thing i did for my job was, when i was working at a veterinarians hospital i was hired to work has a receptionist handling money, paperwork and phones. One day i came into work and we had a lot of appointment for surgery and the doctor needed a extra hand to give a very large pit bull his shots without a muzzle or any type of restraint. I had to position my hands under the dogs jaw so that he would not turn to bite me and also hold his legs so that he would not jump off the table while the doctor administered the shots i was extremely scared and i knew the dog could feel my fear but i had to get the job done in order to help out my boss.

  414. L Williams says:

    I worked as an Administrative @#&_%~&(`^~!%(* istant and a Tax Examiner for the govt. My manger requested that I had to go with the revenue officers to helped them shut down a business of non payment. I had to tell the employees to go home. I had to count inventory of the business and guard the door. While at the door, one of the business owner tried to get in. I told him no. He tried pushing me away, but with no sucess. I stood my ground. Oh did I tell you, I’m a girl. Who said girls cant’t do what boys can do. and I was the only girl on site

  415. Margo Dixon says:

    For three summers I worked at a well known amusement park. This particular summer I was *!#%*`!$)!+#!!_ igned “Kiddie Land.” One day I was asked to remove the dirty diapers at the bottom of the ball pit. It was quite gross. Enough said…

  416. L. Jones says:

    I did not get paid for this job, This is a mother’s love who was forced to leave her job for working nearly 20 years because my son was born prematue. My son’s birth weight was one pound. He was in the hospital for three months. I sat at his bed side everyday for eight and ten hours. At the age of eight months, he had his first open-heart surgery, at the age of four, he had his second open-heart surgery. Along with numerous trips to the emergency; some through the 911. He is now 6 and still have to take heart meds. This job is one job you had to do, so bless all the mothers who had to endure a very premature child without any help and still keep your head up

  417. Stayce D. says:

    As Sales C. 4a hotel, I had a foreign bridal party2 take care of 4a wk. Lived 45 mins away 2&from work & had 2b there@5am sharp 2 put itineraries under doors 4 the wedding party 4that day, &make sure rooms were properly cleaned B4 they returned 4 “cocktail hour”. Since family was friends w/ GM, I was2make sure that BKfast plentiful, & special food was bought outside of our reg. menu-extra 20M per day 2store @my newly used car’s expense.

  418. Vladimyr Pierre-Louis says:

    I am a manager for a resturant chain another store in are area needed management coverage for one shift. I have been to this location perviously but never worked their,doing so could have helped on my first day. That day I was due to open,one mintue in the store the alarm goes off so I head to the back where the alarm unit was located. On my way I looked for the lights and couldn’t find them so I made my way in complte darkest using my hands as my eyes.I called the stores manager and he tells me the lights are powered by the circt breaker not swiches which I couldn’t fine in the dark.So not only can I not find anything,the alarm sounding off now the phone is ringing and its the alram ciompany.It took a couple of mintues but I finally took care of the alarm and the light situation.After the ordeal I used the resteoom and when I come out I see a woman at the door it’s none other then the food safety adutor.I couldn’t belive it all this in the first 20 mintues.

  419. effie says:

    my boss asked me to get pictures of cows at the abattoir he was writing an article on, the management refused.i spotted a cow behind the abattoir,chased it across cow dung in my white suit & heels!the cab driver charged $100 & my boss didnt use the picture!

  420. deborah says:

    I am the general manager for a restaurant and bar, all my staff was either late or called off the day we had a party booked for 50 guest, and food had to be prepared for the party, supplies had to be picked up by 4. the bar needed to be stocked and the party was to start by 7. I pulled it off. picked up the supplies, came back and prepped food, cooked , set up the bar, set up party, then bartended all night.

  421. Lisa M McBride says:

    I work for a College, our previous director asked me to watch her son for a few but she’d lie about where she was, a co-worker, her best friend told it all, she was intenet dating and came wasted not that night in the morning after supposedly girls night out.

  422. Jade Marcelin says:

    My company imposed mandatory overtime one week, forcing me to come in two hours earlier than usual at 7am. Considering how miserable I already was, being there for 8 hours, I thought 10 sounded like veritable torture. So I quit!

  423. Stephanie Merriweather says:

    I worked for the Gap for three years and they made me come in everytime we had a visit to clean the whole store top to bottom, back to front, by myself. Other people where there but they had other duties. We had to be in at 5a.m. and the air was never on in the mornings. So when I did high cleaning the spot lights beam more heat on you and then when the store opened and I was expected to perform when I was all sweaty and stinky after cleaning.

  424. Kari Akins says:

    When I was younger I was department manager of a company. I worked days and had 5 employees under me. Inventory was coming. I had to work graveyard shift for two weeks to prepare for inventory. Going from day to night for two weeks was hard to do.

    Also, to drive business for my department I had a book reading. I rented a winnie the pooh costume and had one of my employees wear it and read stories to the kids as they came by.

    My sales were the best in my department in the whole nation. I was chosen to go to Kansas City for the big convention there!

  425. David Girvan says:

    While working for a very reputable company, i had to appease a very irate customer. On direction from my boss i was requested to flirt with a senior female executive to get our company of the hook! Suffice to say it surprisingly worked. Talk about taking one for the team:)

  426. Donald Leon Johnson says:

    I worked at a hip hop club as a DJ and for my boss’s girlfriend’s birthday I was asked to DJ in drag and wear a lime green teddy, pearls, earrings, size 13 heels, and a wig. I am a black man, 6’1″ and 235 pounds, so you can imagine.

  427. Warren says:

    There was a leasee who we ran a background check on who happened to have many red flags (felonies) on his record. I was asked to deny him a room and escort him off the thats extreme!

  428. Elizabeth says:

    As a summer time job, I had to sell doors from door to door with catalogs, I followed through but it was the worst job. At the end of that summer I only sold 3 /530 doorbells rung. As a result I lost 20lbs that was the benefit.

  429. Jacqueline Will says:

    A woman came in the trauma doors screaming bloody murder, the Doctors handed me her arm told me to take x-rays on it immediately. I ran with the arm to our department to take some quick x-rays of it to see if it could be re-attached. All within 5 min.

  430. Tara says:

    The most extreme thing Ive been asked to perform on the job was after standing watch (similar to security guard night shift). The first break of morning get a quck bite to eat then perform a fitness evaluation. then an hour later #@*!_!~^@_+)%`# ist in unloading heavy products to our storage until my next shift of standing watch. shift was 6 hours working/ 6 hours off divided between 2 groups totaling watch being stand 24 hours plus additional task during my off time. Can you say EXHAUSTED!!!

  431. Fiona Edwards says:

    Before I became a lawyer and I was working as a legal &#$#!+&^)~!)%!) itant for a Law firm of Three brothas in Newark, New Jersey. First thing in the morning, I was asked to take a pleading I drafted to Brookln and file it, in my proper business attire (heels and all). I was given $5 for my expenses, which was considered lucrative because I was taking the Path train to NYand jumping on the subway from there.

    I got to the court and found out the check they gave me was not in the correct amount, so I was told they would western union me the money soon. Oh by the way it was New Years eve 1996. It was cold, so after awhile I went into an irish bar to wait. And I waited and waited, watching many start the New Year Celebration. I waited and waited until the courts closed. So while millions of people are pouring into NYC, I was traveling against the traffic on foot. After the New Year, I returned to Brooklyn filed the paperwork, mission accomplished!

  432. J J Spatafora says:

    Was asked to misrepresent what Federal law required of an agency in order to recieve funding.

  433. Bridgette Klein says:

    Well, I don’t know if this is extreme or something that needed to be done and I did it. I worked for a mortgagecompany that required a job to be done. We had over 200 files that needed to be processed and I had to process them with no )_%_(&`($(`~*+) istance from anyone. I work over 14 hours + and still brought work home during the week and on the weekends. I work unitl it get done!!

  434. Kisha Bowens says:

    I worked for a private school with children from 7am-7pm monday – friday and I was asked to spend the night at the job and watch homeless men on saturday mornings for free.Now thats extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!

  435. Dee says:

    When I was in medical school on an orthopedic oncology rotation, I had to take part in a 14 hour surgery. In case you didnt know surgeons dont eat, pee or rest when they are working. I was expected to do the same . The patient weighed about 300 pounds so I spent most of the time holding up her belly.

  436. Bianca says:

    I was outside hang with my friend, and has a horse that he brings to my house when he comes over, so i wanted my brother to take me to the store to get something to eat, because there was nothing at home to eat. He told me that I would have to stick my face by the horse butt. “Yes i mean lift up the horse hair and put my face on it..” So I just decide to walk to the store…lol

  437. Otha Mitchell says:

    The most crazy thing I had to do working for a job was at a mom and pop’s food store on fourth of July and a guy came inside with 3 cases of beer and acted like he was going to buy the beer… I was a bag boy bagging food and the guy decided to run out the store with all the beer. The store was in the hood in Ensley of Birmingham Alabama so niggas don’t play in the Ham so the manager told me to run after him and grab him. Man please we went down the street later and found out he had a car waiting on him, a gun or anything could have been drawed down. Now you tell me whats up with that…..

    Sincerly Yours,
    O Dub
    Bama Boy

  438. tiffany sherelle says:


  439. jasmine thorne says:

    oh my goosh.
    i think the worst thing for me was cleaning up throw up, cleaning up ~#)^)!()_~)&_#)_ i use to work at sunshine daycare center. that place gave me hell! i think the most extreme thing
    was having to stand in traffic to let the kids walk by and almost getting hit by a bus. i was so scared so many cars were beeping.
    then this blind person bumped into some of the kids and fell. i not only had to watch the kids but help him.

  440. Franny says:

    When I worked at a very well known movie theatre, I was asked to wash the dishes in the back of the concession. If that wasn’t bad enough, I had to wash them while there was a half dead rat on a glue trap screaming and squirming and impulsively sliding the trap all over the kitchen. After, being freaked out I was asked to get rid of the rodent. No Sir!!!!

  441. Siobhan says:

    During my first week as a work study #*~^&%%)#^$#_@~ istant at an Archaeological institute, I was tasked with calling all the paper manufacturers in the US and asking if they had any mummies. A grad student believed that companies were making paper out of ancient mummies. I did it.

  442. anthony hollowell says:

    every day at my job i use to take card board and make a lazy boy out of it in the bathroom we were working so many hours use to fold it put over toilet where it would be so comfortable lock the door and get me a good 20-30 min nap and since i ran my own section of the factory i wasnt missed so i made sure everyday i got me a nap without being missed lol

  443. Danielle says:

    The spare toothbrushes and travel toothpaste tubes in the desk drawer should have been a clue. My new client would require me to work 100 hours a week for 2 months to meet their filing deadline. We finished a day before Christmas and I went home to see my family. Christmas day was quiet, the day after Christmas all bets were off and the emails and to do lists came pouring in from my Managers…

  444. Dee says:

    the craziest thing i was asked to do at a job was clean up a bathroom after a angrey customer and some of her friends trashed the bathroom with poop, used tampon pads and , pee i could not believe they askd me 2 do it but um i needed my paycheck every two weeks so i did it with tisue in my nose to avoid the smell

  445. Aleya Jones says:

    One of the most outrageous things I had to do on the job is dress up in a hot dog costume on the 4th of July on the Corner of Chamber Street/Church in order to bring more customers into the store(The NYC Hot Dog Company).What made it worst is that I was the only one to volunteer for it plus being the only female on the job made it even more hilarious for the guys,but at the end of the day I did bring in great business even though I couldnt talk in the suit and everybody thought I was a boy :). Hows that for outrageous.

  446. Kelley Taylor says:

    Diddy I must admit that I have never had to do anything extreme on any of my jobs, maybe because i’m in the Criminal Justice field butit has always been my dream to one day go to Paris. I am of course from the hood and it would be a nice change of scenery. I work very hard and I recently graduated from college so please consider me. Thank you.

  447. QiQi says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever encountered on the job was after 9/11. I was in the military and had to start working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I was a single parent and had to be away from my son for six months. I was checking bags, people, and packages. It was an intense experience that will stay with me for the rest of my lifetime.

  448. Jody Whitmore says:

    I worked in minor league baseball and we had to get there at 7 in the morning and then work until way after the game is over (1ish). We would have to pick up trash in the stands from all of the fans and if it was a firework night, we would have to pick up all of the pieces of exploded fireworks off of the field. It was terrible.

  449. Adrienne says:

    I work in a restaurant and when we are really slow we tie a rib bone onto a long piece of string and put a paper clip on the other end and attach it to the back of the apron of one of the servers and let them walk around to all their tables with it hanging off the back of them. Sounds corny but it is absolutely hilarious.

  450. brian abeyta says:

    One day at work I was minding my own business and my boss came up to me and asked me to make some copies for him. It was crazy because I had to walk all the way over to the copy machine, make the copies and then go back to my desk. It was an extreme errnad, but i pulled it together and worked my way through it.


  451. anthony says:

    the craziest thing i was ever asked to do on a job was to jump out of an airplane a couple of thousnd feet in the air to do a shoot for a chinese commercial another thing i had to do was pose on an alligator and a lion on the same day i really risked my life diddy you should of choosen mr

  452. QIQI says:

    Fifty words or less… Worked in the military after 9/11, single parent away from my son for 6 months. Intense, Intense, Intense!!!

  453. Ray P says:

    Working in an ER brings quite a few challenges. A patient came through unresponsive that needed to be taken to ct for a potential life threatening injury. Trying to combine the efforts of everyone on our team I had to get respiratory, CT, nurses, and techs on the same page to be able to transport the patient safely. Doing this while trying to keep the distraught family at bay.

  454. Robyn Coleman says:

    Second week on the job. One evening after work I met my team at a bar and grill for drinks. My boss had (2) to many. I had to later drive my boss home after an “after work get together” because he was to drunk. Drag him to the door of his home and help his wife get him undressed for bed….LOL. Too much DRAMA!

  455. S.Julian Jenkins says:

    I worked in retail in Memphis. One day two teenage boys grab racks of clothing and run toward the exit. I run after them and find myself in the outside parking lot. Next thing, I’m in the parking lot with a gun to my face. All this over some clothes.

  456. Amber Johns says:

    Last minute on a Satuday, I had to pick up a family member (sister) of my current employer I had never meet before. I was asked to take her to my boss’s house where we were to each drive one of his cars to Napa where he was staying. Our time frame was two hours (Napa being an hour away). This would have been fine except that one of the cars was an older model (a collector) and was leaking radiators fluid. So we had to rush and find a shop that could fix the car as quickly as possible. Needless to say after much stress, we were able to fix the car and get both vehicles to Napa in time. Only to have to return directly to San Francisco to host a party.

  457. Olga says:

    I used to work selling phones and getting comissions out of my sales .
    Well, one day i had a costumer that wanted to upgrade his phone and his wifes phone but he didnt want to change his phone and wifes phone because they had important numbers and e-mail addresses and the phones were too old to get the numbers transfered so i told him i was going to do it manually.
    To make the story short, i was transfering the numbers and e-mail addresses by hand for like about 5 hours and each name had like 3 different numbers plus e-mails and there was more that 100 names. (my fingers were numb after that.)lol

  458. Lydia Howell says:

    It was the second day on my job as my first waitressing job. I was very nervous and knew I had to do everything right. I went in the kitchen to get my order from the window when the cook said he had a very important job for me…he told me that he had run out of steam and he needed me to go next door to anoher resturant and get him some steam. So he gave me a pot and lid and told me to hurry. I was confused but didn’t want to make the cook mad so I ran across the street and asked for some steam from their kitchen and it hit me…they were playing a joke on me. I was the entertainment for the next month on the job, but it broke the ice and made my job easier!!!!

  459. Helen Tewolde says:

    I worked as a camp conslor for 6-7 year olds and one day one of the little boys was very scared to be in a new settiing, he wet all over his clothing. I was the one who had to wash up a total stranger’s child and find him a change of clothes.

  460. Alonzo Jay Clark says:

    When I was in H.S., I worked at All Wound Up – a very HYPER toy store! One day the Store Manager wanted ME to wear a GORILLA COSTUME through the MALL to get attention. I QUIT RIGHT THEN ’cause I wasn’t on it! I was YOUNG, DUMB and full of TOO MUCH PRIDE!

  461. Tiffany Black says:

    I worked for a website during the 2005 NLDS. The paper was printed and it was my job to post the final game story. Five hours, fifty minutes and 18 innings later the Astros won. BUT my job was not done until the reporter sent the final story.

  462. RAW says:

    New to the company as a sista I pretty much dont talk until I warm up to my co-workers. 2nd week there while at our 1st kickoff meeting which went on for about 2 hrs I slipped twice into a deep sleep and drooled while sleeping. Finally when it became time to do the round table right before it was my turn to say “I have no issues” my boss made a joke I laughed so hard I farted and it was noisy…So embarrasing…For the record when the room settled down and my boss ask me did i have any issues to address I said, “For the record DIVA’s dont FART…that was a POOT!…

  463. AJ Moiya Harper says:

    This guy came in asking for Italian bread at midnight. I told him we didn’t have it and I couldn’t make any. He told the manager it’s for his pregnant wife and he drove twenty miles, so I had to heat the HUGE oven for an hour and cook TWO rolls of bread for thirty mintues.

  464. R. Ganique says:

    My boss got caught cheating. Well his wife found out it was some fluzzy @ the office. She made her appearance and of course on my third week in the office. I buzzed him to forewarn him he just might make the news today and he tells me he told her he was with me the past few nights I betta explain.

  465. Jenelle N says:

    I remember working at this restaurant as a bus girl. There were alot of older men working in the kitchen. Well, there was this one that was real nice to me and the other young staff. He made us food and specialty items. So, one day when he asked me to walk to the other building to put some cloth napkins in the dryer, it was no problem for me. It was late, but I walked to the other building and began to put the napkins in the dryer. The lights suddenly turned off, and there were no windows for light to shine through. Someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth, while trying to fill me up. I began screaming, kicking, and fighting. I was whooping their butt trying to injured them. I suddenly heard someone say, “Wait, it’s me!” They let me go and the light turned back on. It was that old man. I just ran out the door never looking back and the rest is history. By the way, I know he had a headache that night..:)

  466. kerry-ann bonnett says:

    A lady was sitting in the boarding area ,an agent put her in a wheelchair and notice passenger use the restroom on her self instead of jus putting her on the flight i took her to the bathroom she was embarrased i help her change clothes not my job description.

  467. Sheila says:

    Close to deadline, I could not reach a major advertiser. I discovered that she recently had hip replacement surgery and therefore, had to go to her home for the renewal. Upon arriving, I found myself taking care of her as well as her dogs…but I got the signature!

  468. hannah aiyewunmi says:

    i was working at mc donnald when a young girl came in with her mum. i was busy attending to customers when i heard co workers gathering around the little girl with her mum who looked very scared. just to be nosy, i went over there to see what had happened. i guess the little girl loved the double cheese burger that she forgot herself and stuck her arm at the back of a seat. they tried getting it out and it wouldnt come out. by this time, she is all crying, i climbed on the top of a chair and told her to take a deep breath. in my mind, i was freaking out cuz i thought, what if i tried bringing out her arm and it gets stuck or mine gets stuck. finally with God on our side, she inhaled and i took it out and applied ice to it. that was one of the scariest thing i ever did

  469. Roxanne says:

    my response is very short what i’m about to wright alot of people may went through the samething but it devestate me.
    i was working as a babysitter for a couple in bronx New York and the couple asked me to have a threesome with them and also go swing clubs ,i almost ended up on the street with my two years old daughter i was lucky i had one friend who lives in queens who save us until we went to florida.

  470. Sharon McKie says:

    I worked at this restaraunt. A buffet, One day short staffed of course the head managers paid us a visit. I was suppose to work the salad bar area. It got really busy.They wanted to see just what I would do. They asked me to work in the bakery, then they asked me to work on the mega bar, then they asked me to work in the display area. This was all in a matter of 15 minutes. I was really wearing myself thin trying to please everybody. I was suppose to get off work at 4 o’clock but I didn’t clock out until after 6 that day

  471. Tyrie Triplin says:

    I was working at an art museum and was initially in charge of advertisement only for a major social gathering for a home schooling project but 3 days before the big event kicked off which involved 500 students at every educational level. I ended up doing tours which required extensive research, I also had a hand in catering duties and also I acted as a greeter at the beginning of the event. I multi tasked throughout the whole thing and I began my day at 4 a.m and didnt end my day until 11 pm that night due to clean up and the breakdown process. I was there from beginning till end and during the following season which was summer, I was awarded as the hardest and most resourceful employee of the year because I had on previous occasions went above and beyond the call of duty and was recognized for that. Doing ten thousand tasks and only really being responsible for one, and didnt receive or ask for more pay. Its just my work ethic, im a work horse and its survival of the fittest, thats what I do, ($++#`~&+#@@_#*)@ _~#)#+$#%$+!) ness doesnt get the job done. Im a committed and faithful hardworker and I dont let sleep get in my way. Im a beast in every sense of the word! DIDDY pick me I am very deserving of this Paris trip!

  472. Anthony says:

    Well I have been doing security for almost ten years. These jobs usually consist of simple patrol and writing reports. But one time I was asked to clean up dog pooh on the elevator at this one site. This was way above the call of duty if you know what i mean. Ha HA

  473. sabrina says:

    I work in a clinical setting, and it was one time while finishing up with my patient, they stood up and vomited all over me. This was not a little bit but this was the chunky thick kind. After I calmed them down and cleaned my self the best I could, I was then asked to clean up the funky, chunky room. Nasty

  474. Joselyn Lopez says:

    My old GM was being transfered from one store to another. He was trying to put together the best management team he could to make his life easier when he got over to the other store. One of the managers he really wanted was leaving the company and working in another store. I once dated that manager so my GM asked if I could convince this manager to stay with the company and transfer with him to the other store. So I ended up dating him again and once he was @ the other store I dumped him.

  475. Tamar Bains says:

    I had to hold a flash light over a patient during surgery in Iraq. The power had gone out so all the light went out. Since it was a trauma case, we couldn’t stop. So they yelled we need light, I ran and got my Surefire and held it over the patient for about ten minutes till the generators came online.

  476. patrick davis says:

    i have had to stay up 20 hours sitting on a sand bag pulling gaurd over a street in baghdad, iraq for a week coming off for 4 hours of rest and then going right back up for another 20 hours, going without a shower for the week.

  477. estella martinez says:

    my most extreme job i had was working at a underground club at the age of 15 yrs.old,in a new city with a stranger i met and felt i can trust.Ive been through some trials and tribulations in my life and has made me a stronger person.I feel i can handle almost anything and can take tough criticism .Im now going to beauty school and have an eye for fashion.I also dream to see another world.


  478. Janet B says:

    Our network server went down. The president asked what I, as an HR Manager, was doing to help. Having the IS team fix it was insufficient, I should PERSONALLY help despite no network knowledge. I drove to the server location (4 hours away) to oversee the IS team’s system repair.

  479. Kendra Gatling says:

    I was asked to (@##~)+)~_(%^`~ ume my bosses duties for 3 weeks. I had an accident and tore the ACL in my knee. I needed immediate surgery and rescheduled it. I did both his job and mine while wearing a brace. Working 15 to 17 hrs a day for 3 weeks.

  480. Sugar Love says:

    When you’re working freelance, everyone is your boss- This means you have not just one, two or even three voices coming at you depending on how fortunate I am to find the job in the first place. Doing photo work I’ve been asked to create magic out of the ordinary time after time. I guess the most extreme would have been having someone ask me to document them smoking crack before they decided to quit once and for all. The images were supposed to be placed in a gallery show but were then destroyed because of how indecent the incident became.

  481. Nancy says:

    I used to work at this fancy shmancy car dealership and so you would get some famous people walk in. This one client came in and EVERY time he came in I had to go grab him grapes…not just any grapes … i had to pick each grape off the stems so he could snack on them. Then i had to get him some water with just a little ice. Not too much and not too little just enough. It must be nice to be served on even in a car dealership!

  482. KIM D says:

    After 3 interviews with 3 different managers, I explained I wouldn’t be interested in working more than 40 hours per week or else I wouldn’t leave my current job. After 3 months, the CFO told me for I’d have to work 7 days a week until at least midnight.

  483. Marta Ben-David says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do on the job is stay at work the same day that my father died, it tested my endurance and proved to me that I was so much stronger than I thought I was. I had to go about my day in a professional and completely normal fashion even though deep in my heart it was completely broken, I was devastated. I had to work with customers as though nothing had happened to me that day, it was critical because nobody else had showed up for work, so it was my time to show the employer I could withstand anything. I worked a long 9 hour day and once I finally left, I let all my tears out, I was 21 years old at the time.

  484. Toni B says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do on the job was to stay at work the day of closing on my house. I gave 1month advance notice of the date of my closing and at the time had well over 15 days of vacation logged. I noticed when I checked for approval that is was still pending and sent over emails and made phone calls to ask why it was not approved yet. On the day of my closing my boss made me stay and gave me a huge number of new memberships to get before leaving. I left barely before 5 pm which was the time of my closing. Not only would I not have a place to stay, I almost lost out on thousands of dollars and my boss never said a word about it.


    Well, I work with people with mental disabilities. My job is to try to collect money when they are admitted into the hospital and have no insurance. One time after screening a female with schizo-affective disorder, I saw that she had over 100k on hand. Well, someone already told her about a program that will pay the bill for people with no insurance. So when I asked her to pay she refused. My money hungry boss insisted that I befriend her, go to her room everyday, and even so much as to hang out with her even when she is discharged to convince her she has to pay her 3000.00 per day room rate. This lady was a nut in a half. There was no way I was doing that.

  486. Terri Jacque says:

    The most extreme event that I was asked to do at work was to work 23 hours straight during an ice storm. I am a Registered Nurse and I worked in a Level One Trauma center in Trauma Intensive Care. We were short staffed, the patients kept rolling in, and it was wild. No one died, the floors had blood on them, and as a Nurse regulations do not allow for more continuous hours to be worked due to safety issues. All I can say is you had to be there!

  487. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I was an intern working for a theater in New York City. I had to pickup a box of flyers. They told me the box should be no more than 30lbs. The box weighed about 75lbs! It didn’t fit on the cart I was given, kept falling off in the street and I got stuck in one of the revolving doors of the entrance to the subway. I finally reached the theatre in one piece and so did the box.

  488. Pamela S. Hicks says:

    I’m one of the sexiest best braid’az alive and if I don’t braid Ima die! I gohard for that braid money and I ‘ve had the expiences of braidig hair in unexpected places; Bus Stops-Trains-Hallways-Parking Lots-Under Light Poles clients dig my swag tryna mix business with pleasure

  489. Dina Crawford says:

    The most extreme thing that I have been asked to do on the job was paint rocks two different colors so that it would match the front of the building that I worked in, I stayed until midnight and when I said that it was crazy, I was told that the two days, that I had off anyway could be my R & R for my time.

  490. Margie Aquino says:

    My extreme job was working three private companies who I served, honor and respected. I took care of private as well as personal business from office to Boss’s home. I ran business and private errands, took road trips, waited in Boss car and planned events, meeting and parties. Loved it.

  491. Cherlanda Sidney-Ross says:

    Wow…the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do at work has been to go into a DIRTY house. My house isn’t spotless but this house was bad. I am a social worker and we pretty much do things by the book…I’d love to pick up and fly away to Paris in a pair of Sean Jean sunglasses.

  492. Nadia Mack says:

    i had to pull 4 lines,200ft long,2 1/2in thick weighing about 25lbs per 5ft when wet, at night, over slippery big rocks with trees and bushes everywhere. with alagator and snake sightings. took the end i was drenched in sweat,out of breath, in pain with bugs on me

  493. Candace says:

    For my internship, I had to sit in a meeting for FEMA in South Florida with over 200 people that were at east 20 years older than me! I had black and blond hair, so I got a lot of curious stares!

  494. Myesha Oliver says:

    In high school I worked at Burger King and I was asked to sweep outside just as a bus load of my classmates was riding past. Needless to say I walked straight to the bus

  495. Jason Dams says:

    Had to treat 3 casualties while receivin indirect fire in Iraq. Then we got ambushed and I had to protect them at any cost and returned fire. All in all good times :)

  496. Patrick W. says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do on a job, was clean up vomit with cat litter at Target.

  497. yvette barton says:



  498. Tyrie Jackson says:

    Back when i use to clean pools for a living, i was asked to test my neighbors pool at 11 at night just to make sure there was not an overdose of chlorine i the water. I accidentally fell into the pool and when i was in the water i felt something swim pass me. I frantically got out of the water and pulled out my flashlight and in doing so i saw an alligator in the water!!!

  499. Paul Noia says:

    Working as a sales $##_~~^**~(!+*@ istant, I had many demands from my bosses, but one imparticular stood out the most. My boss was a great sales person, but I knew she took it too far when she was trying to sell me off to a client. The client was a high-end fashion advertiser, and the request was that I flirt with them at a work function to get the magazine noticed. I was a little surprised at the request, but it turned out after a couple #*$^)`%!)@$@`$%* tails, I did a little more than flirt. I gave the client some special “attention” and got a page for my boss. I never had to tell me boss that flirting turned into a bit more, she was just happy to get the sale.

  500. Shateia Sharpe says:

    While in the navy my ship was getting fuel while it was pitched black in the Atlantic in during a storm with 10 foot waves coming over my head. I had to hold a rope with 5 other people that was connected to the other ship.

  501. Jessica Harris-Fuson says:

    When I had first started a carrer in nursing I had to work in a nurisng home. It is a rewarding job. But it comes with a lot of “dirty” responsbilities. LIke bathing, changing diapers, feeding. Which is okay right cause someone has to do it. But one day I had to stop a man from humping a stick in the courtyard not only that but he was also squatted down using the bathroom when I came out to get him. It was on mothers day while a bunch of the residents family was visitng. And everyone seen him. I think I was more embarassed them he was.

  502. kelliee says:

    I was ask to run across the street to convince total strangers to come pay 75 dollars to get on my ride that is two giant steel towers with a chair connected to two steel cables that launches them over a three hundred feet in the air at over 100 miles per hour.totally not something most people would consider doing but like DiDDy I got the job done!! i wanna go to Paris with my mom it would be so awesome!

  503. leydi mejia says:

    The most extreme i think i have done at my job was, to work from 5:30am to 5:30pm on black friday. I closed the store the night before, so i didn’t have any sleeping time. I was tired when i finish, that i didn’t want it to talk to anyone at the time. Thats about the only extreme thing i have done.

  504. shearra okolie says:

    I was home visit nurse I was only would come to give my client their meds.but it seems my client hurt their selves so they ask me would I be okay wit takin them to the restroom and now doin bath visits.and this was a grow man …lol I was very unconforable

  505. SHARON GATES says:

    the most wildest thing that i ever been asked to da at work???????………………well, my boss asked me to go to a store and find a specific type of food it was called purple head cabbage!!! wow!!!!!!!!! it was so many places that told me they didnt have it i had to waste my gas and when i say i lost alot of gas man!!!!!! LOL…….finally i found it at a fruit stand like 55 miles away from my job….!!! WOW!!!! but i have been working for 19 years and i am now 39…HOPE I WIN THE TRIP CAUSE I BEEN NEEDING A VACTION FROM THIS FAMILY…LOL I LIVE IN DAYTON, OH HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!!!

    Sharon Gates

  506. Kia McLennan says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on a job was to clean up the dirty # 2. I worked at a big grocery store in the suburbs in high school and somehow, someone missed in the ladies room. My managers choose me since I was working that day as an extra and was about to leave for the day. They blocked off the ladies restroom as if someone had died in there! It was on the walls even, totally ridiculous. To this day, I’m a little scarred because I try my best not to step foot in the ladies room anymore.

  507. Veronica Cardenas says:

    Started working for Traveling Nurse company on Wednesday as office *__)$^^*!!)!@&! istant, Friday my boss changed my position to Compliance Coordinator. With two days of training had to place 25 nurses, at 25 different hospitals, in 25 different states by the end of business day.

  508. Stacie R. says:

    I am a recruiter and the most extreme thing I’ve done at a job is work multiple days until midnight to source for a technical position only to have a hiring manager tell me he was filling the position internally.

  509. Nikke says:

    In December 2007, I discovered I was pregnant. I was the _^“`))((_%~~)$ istant to a really demanding executive. She called me into her office and gave me an ultimatum … either my job or the baby. Needless to say, I’m holding my 7 week old daughter in my arms right now.



  511. Keyada Richardson says:

    Weeeell, I was a cashier at a restaurant and oneday I was asked to clean the bathroom after individuals left vomit, menstrual blood, and left a number two bile movement in the stalls. And not just inside the toilets…..

  512. kristy griffin says:

    I was asked to babysit for my manager, @&!_~&)`+)(*_+* t. manager and one of my coworkers (whom were all single) so they can go to the staff party to meet the chairman of the company.So i did and the kids were 3, 5, 8 and 9 and they were all bad and spoil .. i was a sales girl not a sitter but the love for my job and kids i DID IT,,,,,

  513. Maryam Rahman says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do at the job was while I was interning for a personal injury lawyer after my first year of law school. On my first day of work I was told that the next day I would have to be in at work by 6 am and would not be allowed to leave untill late night because the firm was hosting a campaign fundrasier for one of the presidential canidates. So I was required to be available all day for work and I was in charge of greeting all the high profile clients and to ASK them to donate money. It was all very overwhelming since I was quite inexperienced in that sort of thing. It definetly goes down in history as one of the most extreme things I was required to do for work, since it required me to be part of hosting a campaign fundraiser. I am in my final year of law school, and that is extreme in itself, I would love to go to Paris!

  514. Brigette S. says:

    Grimy is changing dirty diapers. As a preschool teacher I’ve had to wipe my fair share of stinky, dirty bottoms. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll change my own children’s but not strangers. Necessary but nasty, no doubt!

  515. Tracey S says:

    I used to be a nursing $#!@_#*&$#(+$&! istant and at one point I worked in a nursing home. That job was not only emotionally challenging but physically challenging took. One of the hardest tasks they asked me to do was help move a patient from a wheel chair to the bed, as this patient was like 6 ft tall and had a disease where he had no muscle control it was very difficult, but with the help of coworkers and a pulley the job got done.

  516. Raul L says:

    Diddy the most extreme thing my boss ask me to do was to re sale melted ice cream. That the

    following night had melted. Because one of the employees hit the freezers switch.

  517. T. O. McCrea says:

    My most extreme job was +*)#_^~_$_(`(`# isting a top Public Relations and Advertising Executive known through out the United States of America. This was extreme for me because I am Christian and her partner (then not sure about Now) was a minister that visited the office frequently.

    Nevertheless, I am a person that will not judge a person by the cover. Who you are as person is what matters (to me). Everything was working out for the next six to eight months until the economic crisis (for the Advertising market) after 911. Soloflex an Military recruitment ad(s)vertising was all that you saw on every network/channel.

    Henceforth I was replaced by an intern. GO FIGURE (huh)!

    It was an Extreme but great experience that I will never forget : – ) !.

  518. Tashara Campbell says:

    the most extreme that i was asked to do while i was working for a cell phone company was to work while my county was under hurricane watch

  519. Brenda Santos says:

    The most extreme task I had to do at a job would probably have to be…. I was asked to work three continues(72hrs) days after working nine 10 hour days, with minimal time to eat to cover shifts with guarantee of a promotion I only had been killing myself for. I had to cover all parts of the store cashier, stock, cosmetics, paperwork, maintenace, you name it I did it! I have a two year old son who cant help himself but to get into everything, and Im a student at Erie Community College. I had to bring a bag with all my toiletries and some food, my boyfriend almost burned the house down trying to cook the baby food, my professors were ready to kill me for missing three days of classes when we where going over everything we had done so far for midterms. All that and my boss had the nerve to tell me I was unreliable because I had called off once that month to leave work to rush my son to the hospital. I passed my midterms though! That I call extreme!!!!!

  520. Danyele Harris says:

    Danyele Harris
    New Jersey
    25 Years Old

    One particular thing that I have been asked to do on the job is fire one of my friends. I know that may not seem like much but within the first week I was hired as an `_%#$~(`%%%@(_( istant Manager, I had to fire her at the end of the week. Things have never been the same since. I guess you have to do what you have to do!

  521. KD Munoz says:

    I worked for a Southern guy- whose fiance left him during my time. For him, it meant drinking binges. For me- it was fielding calls from the head boss, drives to his home, constantly carrying water to get him moving and forever running out for food. I dealt with mirrors on his car that hit mailboxes, I actually had to see this beer-bellied guy in his boxers having what they said was a panic attack, the emergency crew came- and, as luck would have it… The ‘team leader’ was a close friend of my parents and seemed extremely quiet while talking to me and then went back and told my Dad I was probably doing something my husband wouldn’t appreciate! lol.

  522. toinette barnett says:

    Hi diddy iam yur biggest fan and biggy small, I worked with kids all my life and vaunerble adults so I had to changed there diapers, Now remember changin adults diapers not agood smell but I had to do whatever it took to get a paycheck, Ihave 4 kids and one on the way u are so so blessed I might be very poor but I am greatful maybe one day god will bless me an oppertuinty to go to paris or just to meet you god bless u diddy and yur kids, keep that green thumb remember you are very blessed.

    Thank you nd god bless Toinette Barnett

    Ive never went any where but mn.I need avacation so bad I got 4 kids and one on way and there fathers are in prison.

  523. Kim Whitman says:

    My first job was at Ponderosa Steakhouse. The manager was extremely meticulous. I was asked to go underneath the tables to scrape the gum or gooey material of the bottom of the tables!!! It was the best first job anyone could ask for and cleanest restaurant I’ve ever seen.:-)

  524. Carlise Postell says:

    The most extreme thing that I have ever done at a job was when I used to clean clean convention centers and my boss told me to pick up a mountain unbagged trash with spit, snotty tissues, old food, old diapers, spilled drinks, paper products and other very nasty trash with my bare hands! I did it but, I was ready to tell my boss a thing or two! It was worst than gross!

  525. Marlinda Carmack says:

    I worked for a consulting firm over the summer while I was pregnant. The owner decided that he didn’t want to come to work anymore. I continued to go to work not knowing that he abandoned his business. I worked there for two months by myself and never got paid. Remember that I had a baby on the way and needed the money.

  526. Amber Ferguson says:

    I used to work for a pest control company that was run from one man’s house. I was his secretary/assistant. He asked me to do everything under the sun for him. He bought me a nextel so he could get ahold of me whenever he needed. The most extreme thing he asked me to do one time was organize his taxes for his business. I had no idea how to do this since I was a senior in highschool so I hired an accountant and bought software to install to learn how to do business taxes!

  527. Monique Rice says:

    I used to work for a Neurological Spinal center for a very credible doctor and he let his great reputation get to his head. He used to make patients wait for 2-4 hours to see him; this caused my hours to go very late sometimes 10 or ll at night. The most extreme day at the office was when the doctor was taking his time and seeing his patients as he pleased so it went until 11 pm that night. The doctor and the staff (including me) were all exhausted, of course the doctor was the first to leave and as I was cleaning up and getting ready to leave I found that a patient was still left! He had fallen asleep waiting for the doctor and we all had forgotten about him I had to call the doctor to come back to the office and play it off like the doctor was just in his office and about to come and see him. I apologized profusely to the patient and left that job shortly as I could no longer deal with the abuse heaped upon not only the patients but the staff.

  528. LaTrice Rox says:

    The most extreme job I’ve ever been asked to do is on my first day of work, I got a call at five in the morning to drive 300 miles to retrieve a 26ft. manual truck that I had absolutely no clue on how to drive.

  529. Olga Williams says:

    I am a forklift operator for a dry petfood company. We produce dog and cat food as well as snacks. We store canned petfood that sometimes gets crushed and creates maggots. Therefore, we have to put on plastic gloves and use bleach to clean up the mess whic is then discarded in outside trash containers. Personally, I call this Maggot detail. Needless to say, this is the worst part of my job!

  530. Charmaine Russell says:

    I was employed at the local cleaners in my town as a cashier. As I am taking in the clothes for the day my boss asks me to start separating the dry clean from the laundry clothes. There were some heavily soiled jeans to be cleaned. The jeans were soiled with blood and urine in the crotch. I was advised by my boss that I must “HAND WASH” the jeans(in the crotch area) in order to get the stains lifted if iI wanted to keep my job . Needless to say to say that was my last day and I neer returned after that . I QUIT!!

  531. Joni Frances says:

    I do tarot readings in front of a cafe and one night someone asked me to tell him if he was going to die in the following two weeks. I never saw him after the reading, so hope he is still okay.

  532. michael white says:

    Clean an entire dormitory floor 2 hours before an important final exam I had to take. myself and another RA woke up and saw ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, syrup, cereal, detergent, all over the floors and we had to clean up. i finished right before the exam and made an A

  533. Renee Cummings says:

    While on winter break my sophmore year of college, I decided to earn my book money for spring semester so I took a three week job as An Egg Packer/Inspector for a local farmer who owned an egg factory in a suburb outside of Buffalo, NY. If you can recall the episode of I Love Lucey in the Chocolate Factory you can get an idea of where this is going… except I was $&%$`!*`#_^$)*+_% ng eggs off a fast moving conveyor belt. I soon learned that eggs, when buckling in a carton, will break… fast!! At the end of my shift I was asked to clean the conveyor belt that came straight from the chicken house to the production area… not only did the eggs roll on this but it aso contained clumps of chicken @&*!#$% !. And lastly, all the eggs that had fallen and dried on the concrete floor (mostly near my `*@__~(*@*#+*%( igned line) were scraped off with a paint scrapper and bleach water….and yeah, that was my job too! Needless to say I didn’t wear my Sean Jean outfits to that job…. the horrific smell of sulfur resignated on my clothes after each shift. I am proud to say, I did NOT quit that job… Getting a college degree `*@__~(*@*#+*%( ured me I’d never have to do that job EVER again.

  534. Tiphanie Pettigrew says:

    I work for an apartment community, and I was asked to check on a possible dead resident or possible suicide..Twice in the last two years. Not in my list of job duties. But in property management you are a responsible key holder. And report news to family.

  535. Tiphanie P. says:

    while working, with mentally changed kids, i was asked to clean up poopy from a kid who like to play in his depends, he smeared poop all over his body and bed, as well as his mouth, hair, nails and teeth….totally gross.. time for a new job.

  536. Elisha says:

    I worked as a server at a restaurant. My job is to serve, not to clean. One customer alerted the manager that there was someone in one of the stalls of the bathroom that needed help. They go in and ask the woman if they were ok and she said she was fine. Apparently she was an elderly woman who had a problem holding her bowels. After she left the stall, we go in to check out if anything was wrong and sure enough there was poop EVERYWHERE! I’m talking on the toilet, walls, and her diaper was crammed behind the toilet covered with poop. You could barely get in the stall without touching any of it. Can you imagine the smell on top of it? Being the only girl there, I was actually asked to clean it!

  537. Itaska Mask says:

    I have no bad thing to say about my job because i don’t mind taking care of the people i work for. But in time i need to find myself and what im passionate at doing to move on and become that professional and role model for my children.Going to Paris will be a great change for me because i would love to be able to see something different rather than seeing the same city day in and day out. Since I have never traveled outside of the United Stated!! This will be a wonderful site to see exspecially for people who don’t get that chane to do things like that..

  538. HB Godson aka Pusha~Man says:

    I’m a recording artist who was tide down to a Independent record company. The owners had other businesses. The company was doing really bad. So they ask if I would strip to bring more money in. I said Let’s do it!!!

  539. Phillip Gray says:

    I was working on a natural gas pipeline during the summers between college semesters. One day the bossman asked to dive into a 10 ft ditch filled with merky water swim down and unhook a belt that was wraped around the concrete pipe. Before he could finish asking, i was jumping in.

  540. Kristin Rodrigues says:

    I’m currently in the US Army and stationed in alaska. For some crazy reason somebody decides to make us sleep in the snow. Not only was it -10 when we went out there but is dropped to -25 no one woke us up and we froze our *!`_)+#`&&~$+#( s off. By the way i was 5 months pregnent. So they had my pregnant but in a small sleeping bag in the middle of winter freezing. they lost there minds.
    kristin Rodrigues

  541. Joseph Pierce says:

    I was at war in Iraq in 2005. It was my second time there at the time. I got hit by an (I. E.D) Which is a road side bomb. I didn’t get hurt, thank God. I have now been three times and have to leave again (in a few months) for a year. I have been to Iraq four times in the last five years. It’s hard to be away from my wife and two kids. I would love to take my wife to Paris I am proud to be an American and to do the job that will continue to keep the freedom of our country for generations to come. .

  542. Rani Assaf says:

    I will be graduating in 4 months, so all my years of studying had many extreme incidents that had to be done at the same day. I am very responsible and accurate.

    My character will represent me.

  543. Elizabeth says:

    I used to work as a sales person at a retail store. I was helping an elderly lady who excused herself and said she’d be back. She was apparently going to the bathroom but couldn’t make it all the way. She then, instead of leaving the store, returned back to the register and I asked her if she wanted to open an account as I had to ask everyone. She said yes and I helped her for about 5 minutes with an unbeareable stench. Nobody wanted to get anywhere close to the register and I nearly threw up, but I didn’t want to be mean and tried hard to not make any expression except smile!

  544. Mike Bonner says:

    I used to work from a utility company here in NY as a Meter Reader our processors had access info
    for the building one said the super kept snakes in the building and one said BOA which i actually took to mean access to the basement was In the Back of alleyway (BOA)went there there was a door with a lock and chain and was open i +~#_$+&+~*~$`+^ umed the super since it was a scheduled meter reading left it open i went in and found the meters but one thing i found was kittens running around
    and a real bad stench but i didnt think anything of it because most basements around that area of Bushwick were multi family basements and there was garbage always laying around but i started to read the meters and the whole time i felt uneasy like someone was straring at me or something so when i finished and starting back towards the door i turned back and shined my flashlight in the area i was at to make sure i didnt miss a meter and above where i was standing was a huge snake
    wrapped around the pipes when i got outside i saw the super and naturally i was upset but he said he already ate so i +~#_$+&+~*~$`+^ ume thats what the kittens were for plus why that building didnt get readings alot

  545. sommer wedlow says:

    I work for an air line as a gate agent. We had to go out side to board the passengers. they would go down two flights of stairs to the aircraft. One day a flight came in and once all the passengers came in the flightattendant called me over and said there is a mess on the plane. well we have people that cleans the airplane so I calld them out. They wouldn’t come out because they said it was not their job. I went to find out what the mess was and someone threw up. I had to clean up the mess just so we could get the next flight cold get out otherwise the flght would’ve been late because no one would clean up the mess.

  546. zainab says:

    i just want the trip to paris, i dont really have an outrgeous story, im a mom of 2 and a fulltime college student.

  547. TONESHA PEOPLES says:


  548. E. Froment says:

    During college I was the intern/personal !!&*)$&~+^~^!*% istant to the Managing Principal of a major Financial Advising firm. During winter break, I was on a scheduled vacation to Syracuse, New York (my position was located in the suburbs of Boston) to visit a friend, when my boss called and said he needed me to come back as soon as possible. Being Upstate New York, the airport that I had come into was snowed in, and the roads were covered, so I convinced my friend to take me to the train station, where I boarded an Amtrak that took me 11 hours to get back to Boston. When I walked into the office, my boss told me it was a mistake and he was sorry, but he didn’t really need me to come back. I went to my desk and got to work.

  549. Tamika Washington says:

    My boss forgot his wife’s birthday so at the last minute he asked for my help in planning a specilal night for them. I planned a wekeend getaway for the two of them at a bed in breakfast in Cpe May, NJ where they had a beautiful time. I coninue to receive a nice little Christmad bonus every year because of it.

  550. Margaret McDermot says:

    I got called in to start a new job at an engineering consulting firm as an administrative ~%~!~_#~(^!~)^~ istant. It was about a week after Hurricane Wilma hit (I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL). The office was running on a generator, the computers were down but I was still expected to run the office (with one light and a phone!). I was trained by my boss for about 30 minutes and she had to go out in the field with the rest of the 20 or so employees so I didn’t know what anyone even looked like, let alone their names. I was on my own in that office for about a week but I made sure everyone got their messages when they called in, the 2 weeks work of mail (mail was backed up due to the hurricane) was routed to the right person and the office was in top shape when everyone came back. I worked there for about 2 more years and it has always been the story my supervisor told others at office gatherings!

  551. shonda watkins says:

    I use to work with handicapp children in a group home and i also live in tampa florida one summer back in 2005 during hurricane season i was asked to work a double shift which is very normal because of the fact i was working 12 hour shifts already and 12 more is nothing but once i arrived i was asked by the manager to work with the children with no electricity and was asked to stay two more days with them with no electricty without going home and in florida it is very uncomfortable to be in a home for three days without airconditioning but it was my pleasure to do it when you work in a group home especially with handicapp children you are there family they have no one else but you its a job that you cannot do for the money it has to be because you love them and helping them is what you love to do. Its the same with the people that are trying to work for diddy this job cannot be done because of the money or the fame or material reasons it has to be about loving what you do.Thankyou.

  552. Fabiana says:

    I am a secretary at a Construction Company.We were renovating a house In Beverly Hills, for a very important and wealthy client. when we get a call at the office from the owner of the house, that our construction crew, had finished for the weekend and they had all gone home. unfortunately, they left one whole side of his house opened up. It did not have walls at the time and they were supposed to board it all up, for security issues. we tried calling everyone possible, without success. So there was only one thing to do. My female co-worker and I got in our cars, drove to the hardware store, bought hammers, the biggest nails we could find and a lot of plywood. We tied it to the top of the car and we were off to the jobsite. there we went to work in skirts and heels! we started boarding up the whole side of this house. Piece after piece, nailing and hammering our butts off! We found out later that we used way too many nails, but the important thing is that it was done, and the homeowner was happy and i must say very impressed. He actually came up to us and laughed and said, “you’re hired”! It felt good.

  553. shedelia blair says:

    I had so many jobs and all of them hasn’t been easy. but for me it’s hard asking people want do they want and they are not paying any attention to you.

  554. Le'Joy White says:

    The most extreme thing that I have been asked to do on the job is work a chocolate fountain in the middle of a plaza in London. I worked for a company in London and the company participated in a outdoor festival. I served over a 1000 people hand dipped chocolate covered bananas. Between the warm weather, the bugs, the kids, and the shear number of people it was a very messy and crazy day.

  555. Ernest Henley says:

    Working as an independent car detailer. Detailing 50 cars in 95 degree weather before close of business for the next day’s big promotional grand opening.

  556. LaToya B. Johnson says:

    I took inventory of items in a convenient store BY HAND! The owner of the company bought a convenient store and had no inventory equipment! So each piece of candy, chips, sodas, beer, gum, cigarettes, etc. had to be counted by me with help from their teenage niece!!!!

  557. latoya says:

    i worked as a personal $%(^!$_*~((&&&~ istant for a executive in Boston, Ma and I had to wash his clothes and the under wears were stained and gross. I can say it was the most horrible experience but i did it because it was good pay.

  558. LaShaun says:

    Well the most extreme thing Ive ever had to do was when I worked at the commisary on base. I was a custodian and i remember very well because it was the summer of 95′ and it was a very hot summer. I had to be there early every morning before they even opened the store to make sure there wasnt any bird poop on the side walk in front of the store and if there was my job was to get that dam hose and wash it down and i hated but i knew it was what i had to do because it was a part of my job. My other responsibilities was making sure there were enough shopping carts available at all times for the customeres in 100 degeree weather and also be on call also for tvs to be brought out to customers car. there was always this speaker that would periodically say CUSTODIAN TO STEREO TO MOVE TV FOR CUSTOMER now mind you I am female so whatever I was doing I had to stop put my back brace on and be there at there beck an call on some days my other co worker would usually help me but on his days off it was all me.

  559. Rikki says:

    My company was not being paid. When I came in I was presented with a two years worth of non payment. Had to go thru every invoice, number by number and find the differences. Quick books was not set up properly, so no where to turn. After recalculating everything finally payments were being made. Note: had to go thru two years of invoice over a dozen times, coping and what not. Talk about fustration. Everything was a mess and out of order.

  560. Shay says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do for an employer involved me actually setting up a customers GPS system, and allowing him to test it in MY CAR!!!

  561. Ginger Jones-Jackson says:

    My wedding date was August 16th 2008. I requested that week off but time off is based on seniority, so I was out of luck. If I did’nt go into work I would’ve been fired. Therefore, I did’nt get married and I had to work on my wedding day.

  562. juanita davis says:

    i work for this company and my boss was like diddy i never was done with one thing befor she gave me another but it didn’t matter i done ever thing she gave me and then some, when i say like diddy she had to have the last word and she was never wrong about anything, there was time i started to tell her where she could go and what she could do when she got there, but my mom is a church going women and she would tell me to take it to god, but there was time i didn’t see god, but i did what my mom said and god made a change in her but most of all me to, because i now know i can see you and dont see you, and i know that people like that i dont care what they say they not happy with there self, say what you want do what you want, but at the end they will never be happy with anyone until they happy with there self, no money can make you happy but it might help you feel better in your self .

  563. Peter Douglas says:

    I was asked to fire my bestfriend since childhood. Granted he had some problems following directions and I was his boss. Well my boss instructed me to let him go. As a result of his termination we have not been friends since that day.

  564. KIM D says:

    As an Accounting Manager near Atlanta, I was required to empty all of the trashcans in every single office and haul everything out to the dumpster, plus thoroughly clean the kitchen I never used. They also said I’d have to spend 1 weekend a month to clean the building.

  565. Latasha Q. Clarke says:

    The most extreme thing that I have ever done for a job was when I laid in front of a car to keep them from leaving the establishment. At the time I was a automotive sales rep and had been doing it for about 6 yrs. We were having a contest that week for the individual who could sale the most cars. When it came down to me and the other individual I was willing to do what I needed to get that last sale. I was able to get the customer back in the finance office and closed the deal which resulted me to winning the contest. I always go the extra mile to get job done.

  566. Christy Murray says:

    During my Sophomore year in college (2006), I was an intern for one of my male college professors. I was $()@$_&((!)!_*^ igned as his intern for two reasons; the first of which I needed $()@$_&((!)!_*^ istance with my tutition and the second reason, because I was terribly failing his class and I needed more tutoring. Toward the end of the semester, I needed to have atleast a “C” to avoid repeating his course, so Diddy I had to seal the deal for an “A” to avoid having a “C” on my transcript for his class. I have no regrets because I graduated from college with Honors..

  567. Ja'Tonya Thomposn says:

    My name is Ja’Tonya Thompson and I am a forster parent dealing with therapeutic children. I have had children try to kick my car windows out, throw a bottle threw my den window, bit my husband, had sex with my dog each and every one of these children I was able to turn them around and help them. But the most outrageous thing I have ever been told to do is to let a seventeen year old come up in my house and tell me want to do. Ok, let me lay it out for you. I get a therapeutic child who has been in foster care almost all of her life. This child was so outrageous that she had been twenty home in three years. I get her December of 2006 I kept this child for a year and half. After this time she went off and ran away. After being gone for about a week she call her case worker and told her case worker she wanted to come back home. After bringing her back to my house the her case worker told me that she will be staying and I will not be doing any UNNECESSARY TALKING TO HER. If she goes off just act as if as she’s not saying anything. Now, we all know that, that was not going to work. I said all of that to say, I need that weekend hand down because my job is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  568. Scott Mitchell says:

    I would have to say the time i was
    put in a position where i had to meet a deadline. the boss wanted me to put the final touches on a job , and i was in charge to make sure things got done. i know what it means to have to meet a deadline, and i also have learned in life that u must play the cards that are dealt to you as if u are playing to win, NO EXCUSES!!!!!

  569. Earl Bostick says:

    Iam a Maintenance Manager at a Retirement community located in Washington Dc. Once day i recieved a call to responed to a man elderly man who had fell down in the lower level garage and was bleeding. I arrived at the location and found the man laying in a pool of blood and a woman slumped over bleeding from her chest inside the car next to him. I called for help over the radio as calm as i could be to a team member. When he arrived we both scared and trumortized looked at the scene and noticed both bodies were lifeless. i then requested staff to call 911 and the Nurse administrator and when she came she noticed a gun underneath the mans right leg. Apparentlly the man shot his wife in the chest and himself in the head. This incident is the most Extreme i had to experience on my job and today i still get a little weary when i walk through that area.

  570. Caroline Heckman says:

    As an event manager every day is full of extremes and wackiness. One in particular was for a convention of Surgeons. The final event was a circus theme party. It was huge with three different rings of entertainment going on at the same time. I had to wear a theme hat and costume and circle around serving drinks.

  571. Thea Bradley says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do on a job was stand on a leader and stock why I was 7 months Pregnant at Browns family Shop Rite, 7 months are they crazy. I guess they figured that since it was only boxed food like noodles and stuff I can do it but I wasnt taking that risk I mean come on if I fall than I can lose my baby.

  572. carla d waller says:

    I worked at this daycare and i had just clocked out to go home for the day. I was in my car when i realized that i had forgot my favorite cup so i went back in to get it. There was one other worker left in the building with 2children left. As I was walking to go out one of the children began to have a seizure. The worker began to freak out a parent just walked in. I told the worker to make the calls. I went over to the child who was no more than 2 years old lay ed the child on their side so they wouldn’t swallow their tongue. I just talked to the child to keep them calm and waited to the seizure had pass. the child was taken to the hospital and was fine. I was scared as hell on the inside, but i think the situation happened for a reason because when i had a baby a year later i knew what to do when my child had a seizure.

  573. Lauren Patzke says:

    Now a graduate student in the Physician *~`++@&`_(_&~!~ istant profession, I had to take whatever work I could to get in the medical field. Being an undergraduate student gave me no leverage and the least amount of experience, therefore, I was given the jobs that nobody else wanted to do. More than once, I had to help people go to the bathroom (and that does include undressing, wiping or helping the females during their menses). I may not have been asked to fly across the country, or run across NYC looking for someone but I have done some of the most disgusting things that people often overlook in the medical profession. Someone HAS to do it, unfortunately it just had to be me…at least now it will not be me because there will be someone else working hard to get into medicine that will have to complete these tasks. These are the things people need to do for medical professions before getting into graduate school, making ANY money (after accumulating LARGE amounts of debt to pay for school) and before they have a chance of earning any respect.

  574. Nicole Scott says:

    I’m a lady who wears many hats and has many jobs. I’m a mother, recruiter, real estate broke and bartender who kickboxes. I have been asked to do many odd and off beat things, but I’d have to say that when you deal wiith people (or in people – as in staffing) you deal with some funny and crazy things. One of the funniest things I have been asked was to give advice to an unemployed candidate who hadn’t worked in two years. When I asked him what he had been up to he stated” not a thing, I don’t like to work and have just traveled, played and lived off of friends and family for the last two years. Can you please tell me what to say to potential employers to help me find work, better yet, can you hire me?”

  575. Phyllis Maragh says:

    Extreme? Teaching is a challenge. One of the most extreme tasks that I did was a Black History Program. I composed skits, choreographed dances, designed costumes,found music and a cast. With no budget, extra time or support, it worked and I’ll do it or anything extreme for students again.

  576. urlet hill says:

    I’m a mortgage broker, needed to make a sale to a client that was handicapped and couldnt speak english, and couldnt drive. no one else would take the sale, finally after two weeks, was able to set appointment,used clients nine year old daughter to interpret, 930-1100 to close.

  577. Raj says:

    I was working for this guy once as an `$!_$%$`&^$(~+) itant.
    He asked me to get him a slice of cheese cake from queen. I WAS IN ^)!*+`!^!@_(!~_) ING LA.

  578. Sharon P. says:

    I was working at a local hospital as an admitting clerk. This particular day has been permanently etched in my brain because not one of the other clerks had the cahoonas to step into a lobby full of patients to call this patients name outloud to come to the back to be admitted for surgery. When I read the name I tought what cruel parents and the torchure he must have endured. His name was Harry _+^^@`)`^)“&^+) and this is no joke.

  579. Sharae says:

    I am almost 37 and I have had 5 jobs in my life so far. I think the most extreme thing was working for the boss I’ve had and the ones I now have. My past boss could make a nun cuss, and he was starting to chase a sista around the desk, to top it off he had the nerve to use the “n” word in my I quit and went to work for another “hard pill to swallow”, now his son is taking over the business and is a harder person to deal with, to make matters worse after 7 years of working as their bookkeeper his son wants me to train his wife to do my job..So I can’t help but wonder where that leaves me..{assout}.. So my tolerance and patience have been streached to the extreme…My big boss tells me one thing, but then his son tells me another, and I am stuck in the middle feeling unappreciated and underpaid…My friends tell me to quit already and move on..However at the end of the year there is a lot of work to be done, inventory, tax forms, and so on and so on…So I wouldn’t feel right leaving them high and dry right now…But 2009 – that’s a whole other ball game!!

    Can’t wait to get my Publishing Company going so I can be my own boss and get on my own nerves – lol..

    PS…I am not sure who reads this but there is a correction that needs to be made above in the guidelines.. posted is ..”One random winner will be chosen on September 3rd to receive a trip to two to Paris, and eyewear from the Sean John collection GOOD LUCK!…”

    someone got to many TO’s goin on…should be

    “One random winner will be chosen on September 3rd to receive a trip FOR two to Paris, and eyewear from the Sean John collection GOOD LUCK!”

    Caribbean Wishes,

  580. Heather Adams says:

    Approximately eleven years ago, I was working as a convience store clerk. I was approached by a local police officer (that regularly frequented the store) to forge his soon to be ex-wife’s signature on a legal document that required her signature. He knew that she wouldn’t do it herself.

  581. Livenson Boucher says:

    I work in the puchasing and receiving deptment at a resort in the Florida keys, and the most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do was to locate 5 seperate packages that has been delivered 5 months prior to the date this mission has been issued, it sounds easy but it’s not as easy as it sounds, they could have been any where! Even as far as another state. All I had to work off was an e-mial stating for me to locate a group of stuff that was probably long gone. So what I did was back track, We have a package log book so I went there first then I located the person who signed for them and if they didnt have a signature behind them I had to make phone calls and think back as far as five months and do the best I can, two of them was a piece of cake but I had four hours to find them I did every thing in my power to find these packges, I think I lost about five pounds that day with all the running around I did, ecspecially the part when I had to look through over 300 boxes but I kept my cool and I can #_(_+~!+)*`*)%* ure you by the end of that day I found each and every one of those packages, my boss didnt have no idea I even sweated I just made it look good. That one of the most extreme things I had to do at work.

  582. NatashaC says:

    I work for AT&T and I take care of customer’s over the phone, and I had a call from a customer who had a $6,500 bill who I had to convince to pay this bill without having to transfer him to the collection agency. Mind you my supervisor listening in on the call “How convinsing can a person be to tell a guy who probably makes no more than minimum wage to pay such an extreme amount of money, I had to research this guy’s call history and find out why his bill was so much I had to make phone calls all over the place and at the same time keep this customer calm and keep him with the company. Well knowing my job was on the line my mission was accomplished.

  583. James Pettway-Burroughs says:

    I am young but very experienced. I would have to say the most extreme thing I had to do was try and get the information out of my boss head. He was the type of guy that would talk to customers but then forget to tell others what he promised and it was then my job to try and keep up with his calls that he was having. So if I would transfer a call to him from a customer after that call I would try and locate him on the shop floor and find out what promises he made and make sure that we got that out of the shop and shipped to the customer. That was the hardest thing to do because I was the all around guy doing A/P, A/R, payroll, shipping, recieving, maintain the office, answer the phones, maintain reports, and keep up the one of my bosses (the President of the company)

  584. PrincessV. says:

    Never would have made it without you. I would have lost it all, but now I see how you were there for me. I love that song by Mr. Marvin Sapp, it’s a part of my testiomony that I would like to share with you. First let me start off by saying that I’m a single mother raising my six year old son,and I will do anything for him as long as god is ahead of me. I’m a Certified Nursing #`@~$%@!~@_(@“ istant that used to work at a nursing home One day a Viruis spread around causing the residents to get sick, some of my co-workers caught it too. My boss provided us with some cream called Permethrin. We had to massage the cream into skin from head to the soles of the feet. Problem was I did’t have any because I was off that day. My Boss didn’t call me to let me know what was going on. when I got to work my co-workers told me to go home because I wasn’t treated, I didn’t listen I drove twenty miles to work and I was not turning around. I went into a bathroom and said a little prayer asking God to keep me under his blood,and guess what he did! There were other co-workers that didn’t have any cream, but decided to stay as well. Sad to say they caught the virus and was out of work for a week. I know I went over fifthy words,and may have lost my chance winning this contest,but it’s o.k. I just want everyone who took time out to read this know that God is still working miracles everyday,and if you put your trust in him he will do the same for you. Yall be Bless and remember what seems extreme to the World is not extreme to God.

  585. Keuana Green says:

    The most extreme thing that I have been asked to do is at my current job, which was to manage a whole spanish team. You may ask do I speak spanish, the answer would be NO, not even a little. But I took on the challenge. It was a big change, most members didn’t want me there, and wondered why was I even picked to come aboard. I later knew that I was there for only one reason , and that was to get a job done.

  586. Sonya Johnson aka MSLEATHER says:

    2 my favorite R&B guy mr Diddy my name sonya my nick name is leather this is a good ooportuniy2 express my self play the game like everbody, i am a care provider or a private nurse `(*@+~$#`$`_#)# ist. i so have my own interior design business card i pass out on the hot nights at the club or some or somebody i think would like my services, but let me tell my story of the most extreme the thing was ask of me on the job. MY BOSS ASK ME 2 WAS HAND WASH A CLEINT CLOTHES THAT HAD BLOOD FROM HER NOSE. FROM A FALL WITHOUT PROTECTION. ETC GLOVES THATS TRUELY EXTREME . PS WOULD LOVE 2 WORK FOR DADDY I MEAN DIDDY AS HIS PERSONAL PERFUMES CONSLTANT. REALTALK I HAVE GOOD TASTE. TRUST ME

  587. marguerita carkson says:

    Hi. The most outrageous thing that I was asked to do at my job was when I was thirthteen years old and it being my first summer job. I worked in BayRige, Brooklyn,New York where I cleaned the females’ shower room and bathroom at a local recreation center. I’d worked with two other females, but I sometimes was the first to arrive. One particular day and the first to arrive to work, one of the workers on themen side of the recreation center asked me to clean out the pool. I had walked over to the outdoor pool and discovered a dead man floating in the pool. He must have just been droped because the bodywas afloat. I walked back into the building and told the man that there is a dead man floating in the pool. The man walked back out there with me and found it to be truehethen called the police. I then walked back to my station and started the day’s work. Needless to say, I did not have to clean the pool that day or asked to clean it any day thereafter.

  588. BROOKE S says:


  589. Deshawn Turner says:

    i work as a cashier in retail. the most extreme thing that i have been asked to do was clean our publice restrooms.

  590. Somanika says:

    My boss decided he wanted to “throw a rodeo for Bike Week”. So, I get a call one day and he says drive to this restaurant in the middle of Timbuktu.

    He told me to expect some deliveries. I waited all day in this Biker Bar with 3 blind pigs out back, handing out checks to various vendors. The last one was a live bull!

  591. Hillary Robertson says:

    I worked for a doctor as a receptionist. He had me and another co-worker in high heels and a dress ride standing on the back of his tracker while he drove. There was dust everywhere. We helped him left heavy equipment into his trailer. This was done on our lunch hour and then we returned to work.

  592. samantha says:

    the craziest thin ive ever been asked to do at work was to sleep with my boss i would not so he fired me

  593. Perri Redd says:

    I currently work as a housekeeper in an okay hotel. Making the beds which include changing the linen, cleaning the bathroom and replacing towels , washcloths, etc. vacuuming the floors, wiping the mirrors and windows and even polishing the furniture is fine. But my job expects us (employees) to wipe the ceilings and walls in EACH AND EVERY ROOM EVERYDAY for $7.00 an hour is completely outrageous to me. Hope nobody has a more extreme story than that!

  594. Paula Oliveros says:

    I was checking up on a pacient when a woman in the room in front, a class mate’s pacient, felt really dizzy and began calling for a doctor. I’m a med student but still I went and all she needed was for someone to carry her from the chair to the bed. I’m a small person, and the lady was quite bigger than I am, but still it’s part of being a good doctor, helping pacients when they need you, so I build up my strenght and I actually was able to pick her up and put her in her bed!

  595. Mawj Aka Dalayiah says:

    I worked for my uncles fashion clothing store, traveled from the state to middle east Dubai for fashion show, I speaking the arabic language, I had to handle all the business calls, set ups for the Dubai runway making calls non stop for days planning,Im always ahead of the game

  596. melissa wakefield says:

    I work for the city which division is the parks and recreation and my job is to keep the city parks and play grounds clean .On occasions I am sent to pick up all kind of things that are left in the parks like used condoms,broken glass ,dog fices,human fices,females mensrtal pads,and sacrificed dead dogs with a dead chicken wrapped in sheets which people have done many time in fort green park hear in Brooklyn.Thats my job and I have to do it because it pays my bills thats my world.

  597. channelbryant says:

    The most extrem thing i had to do for a job was, I got off of work at 3am my boss called me and ask me to come back to work the same day at 6 in the the moring.It took me and hour in a half to get home from the last job. I got up and did it

  598. Samantha Christopher says:

    My boss (I worked as a baby sitter) called me while on the train to tell me I was needed because of an emergency. I had to take atleast 3 diferent trains from Time Square and take a taxi to get back to Manhattan. But I saved the day, and all was well.

  599. ebony bonds says:

    Hi Diddy
    My job is to check luggage,there was a incident where the luggage I was checking happened to have about a week old laundry bag full of soiled undergarments ,I was required to dive in to it to retrieve a bottle of tooth paste to ensure the passenger safety.

  600. Dawn E. Tyler says:

    The most extreme thing that I had to do on a job was I worked for the fire and water damage restoration company and every once in a while we would get these unusual jobs. Once I had to go clean up a hallway after there was a murder/suicide there. The boyfriend killed his girlfriend and then shot himself in the hallway that led to his girlfriends apartment where she lived with her mother. After the bodies were removed, the company that I worked for went in and had to clean up the blood from the murder/suicide. We first had to spray the blood with this chemical and then go in in tyvek suits to clean it up. Also for the same company, I once cleaned this guys apartment that was full of roaches. There seem to be hundreds of them. We cleaned the apartment from head to toe in tyvek suits and killed alot of roaches. There were many more interesting jobs where we handled unusual things.

  601. Yndia Davis says:

    mine would be when i was waitress at a local yacht club and it was easter weekend and we were asked to put on bunny ears and because of our outfits all the men kept asking were our tail where or could they touch tem so on

  602. Kelly Brown says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on the job was to fix 15 beds, do half of the baths and do sugar check all in an hr. I got most of it done but not the all! I work in a hospital and to do all of that in just an hr is very hard to do. Some people like there stuff done a curtain way. Also, another thing that happened was a Nurse asked me to leave my job to go and get her something from the store. I couldn’t leave the hall because i was the only one there and I almost got wrote up for that.

  603. Katie says:

    The owner of my landscaping company wanted me to buy a certain tree. After spending 6 hours speaking to every tree nursery; no one ever heard of this tree. The owner screamed, told me I was lying, and threw books at me. Finally, he admitted he had the wrong name.

  604. ria yeager says:

    yes i worked hard on this one job when i was work with kids and i had to so mach but i got the job i love work with kids but i do not want to have kids. but i love my job and i will do any thing 4 my job.

  605. Ros Brown says:

    I was required to visit food stamp clients at home to verify living conditions and eligibility. I went to this one man’s house alone and he had a garage house/apt that was filled with junk, dirt, newspapers, cats etc. There was no place to sit because all the furniture was covered with junk, I was scared to sit in his home anyway, because of the conditions. So, I had to conduct the interview on the porch. I made it out alive, he truly did need the help.

  606. Merv Kerr says:

    I work for a bank in California and was asked to train a branch in the midwest, in December. It was snowing and I’ve never been in snow. I had to drive from my hotel to the bank and It was a challenge for me, but it did it.

  607. Kathy Brackett says:

    I worked for a collection agency and being a young single parent I did what ever it took to support my child so I took on cleaning the offices at night. My boss, a nasty old man, would purposely leave porns out on his desk for me to see along with nasty spots to clean up!!!

  608. Liz Cuellar says:

    I once worked as a private chef for celebrities in Beverly Hills, as I was being interviewed by one family(naneless) I was asked if I would scrub their kitchen floor with a toothbrush, I said yes I would do it for $250.00 an hour! They did not hire me! How crazy is tht!

  609. Liz Cuellar says:

    I once worked as a private chef for celebrities in Beverly Hills, as I was being interviewed by one family(naneless) I was asked if I would scrub their kitchen floor with a toothbrush, I said yes I would do it for $250.00 an hour! They did not hire me! How crazy is that!

  610. Lindsey Usry says:

    To work for free.

  611. Dykan Salvi says:

    I work for a gourmet deli/cafe. A last minute HUGE party was schedules literally 20 minutes before. They needed 100 different **^&!%#@$~(^*&! orted wraps, which is nearly impossible to make. Me and 3 other people had to not only run the store but make 100 wraps in 15 minutes! Luckily, we actually did make all of them and got a nice bonus!

  612. Joey Besharah says:

    I’m the owner of 6 franchise restaurants, so to be honest, I never get told what to do, however I would like to see what it’s like to work for someone and get told what to do. I’m not trying to sound arrogant but it’s true.


  613. devonte says:

    ok my extrem thing on the job ive been asked to d is to go to paris and find a model to but it wasnt that hard but that ain the only thing i was asked to do the other one is that i was asked to take pictures of a moel but please select me to win dis trip to paris cause i love the show i want to work for diddy

  614. Alexandra Spencer says:

    The most extreme thing I have been asked to do on a job was in college when I worked as a Resident %!(!`*~*#%*@%&^ istant. Basically it was my responsilbilty to train 9 individuals on how to do this tedious 24/7 job and simutaneously plan 2 parties and a road trip. Needless to say I managed to pull it off. Funny thing is that happen 2 weeks ago

  615. Ned Seldomridge says:

    I worked for a local pizza delivery. One day the local strip club ordered food and I was asked to deliver to the VIP room. I was given a lap dance as a tip!!!

  616. Kevin says:

    I was asked to go to a training in Austin Texas during the ice storms and got stranded at the airport for two days.

  617. Pam says:

    I work with kids with autism. I love it now, but when I first started and was told I needed to single handedly restrain biting, scratching, kicking, punching, spitting, sweating 18 year old males – I was so scared!

  618. Catherine says:

    They asked me to open at 7:00 a.m. and close the store at midnight for 2 weeks because they had no one to work while another %`$^@*+*_`#~~#$ ociate was on vacation.

  619. CORNELL ROGERS JR. says:


  620. Victoria Leon says:

    I was 16 years when I worked at DQ. I was asked to grab a tooth brush and scrab to whole bathroom after a customer had the nerve to put his or her %~@~_(^(^&`)#(*~ all over the wall and floor. I thought it was a joke but my boss told me if i didn’t do it there would be someone else looking for a job willing to do it so i had no choice but to do it.

  621. Lelia-Michelle Walker says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do was to cross from South Africa into Zimbabwe to play music for aids orphanages during a farmers strike. I played the viola while there were fights between the militia and country men. To add to that I was also asked to play viola during my 7th month of pregnancy while traveling on a hot bus for 17 hrs in thailand to get to our destination to play for the thai princess no bathroom breaks included. Im a slave to my craft and will do anything for my industry. I still play under extreme conditions and circumstances.

  622. Stewart Williams says:

    I became what was known as a fashion expert at a retail store, and one day we were required to change the forms in the store window. We were short one mannequin and were required to show 7 outfits, well i stepped up and for 9 hours stood in the window posed one position. I was stiff and sore, and never complained, after all, it is a story that i can tell now.

  623. JACKLINE MBURU says:

    My supervisor asked me a question while having she was having conversation with one of my core-worker.She expected me to lie on her behalf and I just couldnt do it. I now think she thinks less of me since I didn’t take her stand.

  624. Christie Kroskie says:

    I had a job as a volunteer leading tours in a zoo. Well they were short handed cleaning the camel barn and I got “elected” to help out. Not only did i have to shovel camel dung, but the stalls had to be sprayed out. I was walking out afteri was done, while someone else was still cleaning and they swung the mop soaked with dung out of the stall and I got hit in the face. GAG!!!!!!!!

  625. Dustin Twitchell says:

    The most extreme thing, wow thats an easy one for me. I recently worked as a roughneck,which compaired to working for diddy, is not what you would call EXTREME but its a pretty damn hard job. The most extreme thing I was asked to do, was to swing a 22lb sludge hammer for 14 hours straight taking an oil rig down. Let me tell you it seemed senseless at the time but you must do what you are asked to do if you want to keep and succeed in your career. Ok well there you have it not if diddy read this he would be like what?! But Im an ordinary man and I would do anything I was asked to do…even fly to paris to find a single person in thousands! That would be an amazing opportunity! Thank You very much.
    Dustin Twitchell

  626. Jenna Douglas says:

    I work at a sports bar and some customers tend to have more to drink than they can handle. The most extreme thing I was asked to do while working was to clean out a urinal that a fairly large man had just thrown up in. It was SO disgusting!

  627. Chris Saldanah says:

    I used to work at a Marketing Agency in CT. And one night we had to print and put together these Banners to be put up in supermarkets. Not only did we miss the last fed ex and sty very late to get the job done … but I also had to get on a plane, And go to Atlanta to drop them off to the Client only to turn around get back on the next plane to come back and go straight back to work. And to make it even worse … I got let go the following week. And the kid I had been training to work with me took my job.

    That was pretty outlandish but I still did it.

  628. Anthony says:

    I was a intern at my college’s IT department. Rewire my school’s network and add wireless internet. By the time school starts. I need to get all the dorm rooms ready and the whole campus need to have 100% wireless converge.

  629. Leticia Conner says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever had to do on a job would be to go to the basement of a hospital where i worked for one of my youth summer jobs. My goal was to get all required medical records on the list I was given and put them into a cart. This basement was full records and only lights above. No other sounds and no other people in there with me. I did complete the job that was given, wasnt for me to give up…but needless to say that was one summer job I didnt take the next summer! Thank god I had Toni Braxton and my walkman to blast my ear drums out while I was pulling records.

  630. Kyla Gutierrez says:

    I lived in Biloxi, Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. I worked as a director for the local chamber of commerce immediately after the storm. Aside from trying to clean-up our own office & records and help all of our member businesses to do the same–along with our personal homes & property–my bosses asked me to put on the annual fundraising event. Basically to throw a party for 2500 people with no money, supplies or location. The building were the event was usually held was moved about 1000 ft. into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Katrina. Businesses were unable to provide typical donations. It was a crazy request! However, we pulled it together somehow. The event was a success and I was glad to give my community a well-deserved night of fun. No one will ever know how much work went into pulling it off though!!!!

  631. Adrienne says:

    I’m putting myself through school by bartending 4 nights/days a week. It’s a locals type place, kind of simila to Cheers I guess. Anyway, one day one of the regular daytime customers who I had become friendly with asked me for a favor…he’s an older guy, really sweet, but he asked me if I wouldn’t mind rubbing some Bengay on his back since he lives alone and has no one to do it for him. And here I was thinking the job description of a bartender was to pour drinks :-) I did it for him,hesitantly, but I did it!

  632. Anna Miller says:

    Take over a minor league basketball team, and less than a month into the season, the owner of the team told us he “couldn’t help us anymore” financially. G.M. and I were left with a choice, cease operations or find somebody to buy the business. We found new owners.

  633. LaChantris Talley says:

    I worked at a Business Office and the Lady only paid me 60.00/week and One Particular Day she tells me to start spending my money on things to put in my cubicle for decoration purposes because it looked plain. that same day i quit.

  634. Jesika Odom says:

    Well this topic is not at all hard. You see Im a Certified Nursing _~^#~“`&@`)~#+ istant so everyday is EXTREME. But it was this one day when I thought my day was gonna be ok at work, but maybe I spoke to soon. My job had just had a meeting about changing residents and keeping the residents and family members happy. A couple people was just let go, so it was about 10:15pm and I had just finished rounds. When one of my residents had a bowel movement and through all of the bm on the walls, floor,and it was all on the bed. So not only did I have to do my own job as to cleaning the resident and getting new sheets. I had to basically be the housekeeper to and clean the walls and floors. I had never thought that something like that would ever happen to me, but I was so wrong. But I did my job and beyond, because I always look at my residents as if they were my parent or family member. But I love my job so it was worth it.

  635. Aja Broussard says:

    I worked at a theatre that puts on over the top puppet and mask performances. My job was to design and create sets and to help with some of the performances, the most extreme thing I had to do is build and than learn how to walk on stilts for one of the shows coming up. The best way to learn was to walk were ever I could with them on. So I thought the only way I would have to confidence to walk on stilts in the show was to practice in front of strangers so when I got of work I wore the stilts down the busiest street in my city, which is Lake st. in South Minneapolis, MN. I was so nervous to fall in front of strangers that I didn’t and actually became pretty good at stilt walking:)

  636. Gina K says:

    When i was ask by the manager to clean the bathroom,nowing he just came out. I agree I went to the janitor closet to get the things i needed. When I walk into the bathroom it was @#$%! all over the floor. I managed to do it. I aslo let the manager no that I will not be cleaning bathrooms no more!!!!!

  637. Zoe Lezcano says:

    I was working in a restaurant as a waiter. The restaurant was known for their outstanding catering services. The head chef was running late. He didn’t have time to find a parking in Soho. Since I was the only staff member with a valid drivers license, I had to leave all my tables and hop in his car and find parking.The scariest part of it all was that I not only was driving a big SUV but he left me with an empty tank of gas. As I drove frantic around the city with a blinking gaslight I found parking. I put his alarm on and laughed with ease as I walked down Broadway with my waiters apron.

  638. Kelly says:

    When I was eleven years old my fourteen year old sister and I got a job in a beach community sweeping the sidewalks after all of the people had gone home from their day at the beach. While it may seem like it was not too bad of a job, sweeping the sidewalks with giant brooms (they were to us!) as people constantly walked by and kicked more sand onto the boardwalk was no fun. We also had to take the overstuffed trash bags out of the trash bins and deposit them in the dumpster which was 1/2 a mile away. And these duties had to be done every day, without exception. We got paid $5.00 an hour which at the time seemed like we were rich!

  639. Stephen M. Poe says:

    I used to work for Forever Resorts as a dock hand. I would take care of the house boats and everything that went wrong with them. One day we get a call on are radios and we had to fix a boat that was a problem. When we got there the toilet was stuffed up and we had no plunger, so i went under the floor of the boat and had to take the pipes apart and unplug the pipes with a screw driver. I got ^#!~_((&&`!)&@$^ everywhere on me and the bottom of the boat. When i was done i cleaned the mess up and made sure it didn’t smell so the family could continue the vacation. I smelt like crap the rest of the day.

  640. Marcus Lorenzo Smith says:

    I am a United States Marine on my 7th year currently serving in the Reserves. I have transported enemy evidence and money, manned a .50 caliber machine gun several hundred feet over Iraqi soil, worked 19 hour days for 7 months with little sleep. I had went from attending college daily in a relaxed atmosphere, to a fast paced and high demanding duty in a combat zone. The Sergeant Major from 2/3 expressed to me and a friend that he’s recently been through a fire fight and stated, “gentlemen, you two our doing us a great service to our Corps… I know you have been through a lot, but no work is harder than having to arm yourself and watch these people take a s***, wipe their butt with their hand…. and then touch their face… I mean come on… I don’t see why they refuse to use the toilet paper”. Just imagine yourself in my position for at least a week… Could you handle it? 50 words can not fully detail the situation. Disgusting >_<

  641. Bernie says:

    I worked as a leasing agent and people renting apartments would just disappear without paying rent. I had to get keys to their apartment and check it out to see if their stuff was still there, see if they were home, and make sure they weren’t dead in the apartment!!!

  642. Jess P. says:

    During an internship one of the vice president’s of the company, who I had previously never had *`*`%#(~%@**~^` ignments from, asked me to transfer all her contacts from her old cell phone to her new cell phone. Her v-card contacts would not transfer electonicly so I had to type them in individually. There were over 500 contacts, and not only was I asked to transfer all her professional contacts, but her personal contacts as well, such as her mother’s doctor and her personal therapists.

  643. Sasha B says:

    I was not asked as much as I was told to ignore the fact that the gay general manager at the restaurant I worked at hit on my boyfriend. Because I didn’t ever mention or acknowledge my boss’s obvious flirtation with my boyfriend/co-worker I was rewarded with a 50 cent pay increase. It finally took it’s toll and after watching my boss tuck in my boyfriend’s shirt for him, gently brush against him, and call him over for special favors I got too fed up and creeped out to continue working there. After a YEAR of it I quit!

  644. PJ martirano says:

    i helped out my son a few years ago doing plumbing and he had me grab crap out of a drain it was the worst thing ever

  645. Brooke Auston says:

    When I was interning for YRB Magazine, I was asked to find every single relative magazine and list every single one of their ads in each magazine. And I had a list of about 35 mags and given a time limit of an hour and a half. Not only did the store I was told didn’t have the magazines, I wasn’t allowed to look threw them in the store. So I had to run all around NYC and promise to buy at least one of the magazines I was taking notes from. Of course I didn’t do it. And I only had an hour and a half to complete this task, which of course was something you should never ask someone. So after I had most of the mags, there were actually some that none of the book stores I checked had, so I had to go online and see if they had their newest issues available on their site to look at. So after all this I had to complete a spreadsheet listing all of the mags and all of the ads within them. It was an endless task and I didn’t finish in an hour and a half. It actually took me half the day. But by the end of that day it was all done and my boss was happy with my work.

  646. Scott Maurer says:

    Once While a member of the US military, I was told to dig a 6×6 three foot deep hole. That wasn’t so bad, but then I had to dig another hole of the same dementions to put the dirt in! I hated having to do this, because it seemed like overkill,but I guess if you are willing to die for your Country, you will do just about anything!

  647. teresa wells says:

    the most extreme thing i’ve done was a hair make over.
    i took this wavy, dry, brittle, long hair and i relaxed, colored it and gave it a modern hair cut then i blow dry her hair and the result was amazing.
    it was soooooo amazing when i was finish with that project my boss told me that he need it to be an advertisement.
    and there it was in the news paper the next day.

  648. Aundray Hill says:

    I was doing my clients hair, who happen to be getting married. She had a scheduled fitting at the bridal company, immediately following her appointment with me. Her bridesmaid was to attend with her, to be instructed on how to help her get in the dress. Well at the last minute, she called and canceled…My client, was hysterical, as this was her last fitting. So I called all my clients for the rest of the day, and rescheduled everyone…I went with my client, learn how to get her in the difficult dress, with a corseted bodice. It resulted in me helping her get dressed on her big day as well…..It actually was a very rewarding experience…..I got the job done.

  649. Patricia Perdomo says:

    I worked for sports franchise as an intern and for one of their events I was told by my supervisor that I had to fill in for someone on the floor. Well, I had to dress up and ride a mini bike because I was competing against a child. YEAH I WAS ON THE BIG SCREEN FOR EVERYONE TO SEE

  650. Nicole Zaldeti says:

    I am the National Sales Manager for a mens accessory line, in October of 07, my boss found out that the competition was trying to recruit me. After much talk with his partner he spread the word in our industry that I was fired and paid me to go work for them for 2 months. I went and worked for the secondary company and gathered the necessary information for my boss. I received a nice end of the year bonus.

  651. Jack B. says:

    I had to work on a farm this past year in college and the most extreme thing I had to do on the job was to shovel up all of the animals poo and put it all into a pile with other compost and then use that as a fertilizer. It wouldn’t have been awful to have done this every now and then, but this soon became my one and only DAY to DAY job!

  652. Sherrae M. Hayes says:

    Working on a promotions street team for Radio One I worked 24hrs. straight completing set-up, break-down, and other related tasks for Summer Jam (largest concert of the year). If you don’t grind you don’t shine! I eventually became the promotions street team leader as just a senior in high school.

  653. Diane Stalfiere says:

    I’m a regional manager fashion industry,boss called Friday late to fly to Pa to investigate manager that stole customers credit card and charged 2000. I had to immed get ticket,hotel,go to police station, court ,terminate her,hire manager,get temp help all in 24 hours.

  654. Brianna says:

    As a cook I’ve done many extreme things. The worst condition I’ve ever experienced was this year. I had to work in a hot kitchen all summer with no air conditioning. I live in the Midwest so the temperature was 90+ degrees and the humidity was 100%.

  655. Veronica Chavez says:

    I clean houses for a living and some of my clients are elderly people. I have a certain lady that I work for that has a (poo problem) and at times I just can’t take having to clean it up from her shower… I took matters into my own hands and cleaned it up one day with her toothbrush and then washed the brush and put it back….at least I got the job done.

  656. Temise S. says:

    At my previous marketing job , I was the top producer bringing in all the clients / sales. I came in one afternoon to a plane ticket with my name on it to the Dominican Republic for 2 hours later for me to visit the corporate office and train the new employees.

  657. Linda McGregor says:

    I don’t care about the trip to Paris because I know I never win, but your show is still great. 100% better than I love New York, Flavor of Love, Brett Michaels. Your a neat person. Your a inspirer to people ready to give up. Your great. The trip is a joke, but you are a hard worker, and makes me want to work harder to pay things off so I can take trips.

  658. Santiago Roman says:

    A customer came in with 2 little girls. One of them proceeded to urinate all over the floor! She was between 8-10 years old so there was an EXTREME amount of pee on the floor, and I was EXTREMELY requested to mop up her nasty mess, it sucked.

  659. Nakia Taylor says:

    I feel the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked/ordered to do was make a 200 lbs, angry man go back into his cell in prison. At the time I was a correctional officer, I was probably 22 years old, 125 lbs, 5’1 and soft spoken. Talk about being scared.

  660. Tatiana Sanon says:

    I work as a store manager at a small family owned pet store in queens ny. The thing about my job is the job *#*$__)(#_)~@+^ le has shifted from managing to basically being the owners personal %)(~+))!@$+%%%@ istant. Being that i came from a large chain (pet store) i was under the impression that a little business with less dogs,less people and less traffic would be less work but afer a week i realize its totally different.My worst experince was when i had to multi task from being a sales %)(~+))!@$+%%%@ ociate to helping out bathing 10 large breed dogs in grooming…believe me it was a experince
    after that day i never ever wanted to bath or fluffy a dog again

  661. Alicia B. says:

    I worked at a restaurant/bar and one night this guy got puking drunk and made it to the restroom but not all the way to the toilet…I was asked to clean up his puke. Definitely not the best job I ever had but I have since worked my way up to better employment!

  662. Trici Ramirez says:

    My very first job fresh out of college was working as an $+@+&&@&#@*#%+^ istant Food & Beverage Director at a World Class Golfing Facility. Once I arrived from NC to FL, I was told that there were would be no Director. I arrived at peak golfing and wedding season (Feb) and was responsible for two facilities. One of the facilities is for tourists and the other was a private community. I arrived early 5am and be on my feet until 3am on a regular basis. I ended up working 70 hours a week by means of organizing breakfast, tournaments, cart girls, and catering for weddings (sometimes 3 events simultaneously in both facilities). I would have to drive back and forth between facilities while there could be 2 tournaments and a wedding all going on at once while upholding the world class standards. Did I mention that we were understaffed? I feel this experience was extreme because I made everything work with very little $+@+&&@&#@*#%+^ istance from upper management and not enough staff. To their credit, upper management hired a second Food & Beverage Director in late April but he lasted 2 weeks. I did have to terminate employees and one especially when we discovered our corporate sales representative was found steeling money from a wedding party. I survived this 4 month rollercoaster but did have to pay for it with my health when I learned I had an ulcer at 23. I took all of this in stride and am glad that I learned valuable lessons for my career in the very beginning rather than later in life.

  663. Diandra Morrissette says:

    I work at a furniture decorating store and this truck driver came in from out of town shopping for his wife. After 2 hours of me getting all types of heavy furniture down, opening new furniture for him, and walking around with him, he then wanted me to tote all of it the length of a football field to his truck while he walked in front of me talking on the phone to his wife…and he was a big man who could have easily helped me with no problems.

  664. Priscilla Julious says:

    August 24, 2008 1:50 AM

  665. Neetie says:

    I am a Social Worker. I wrk in Family Stabilization/Preservation. This means I work to keep families TOGETHER! One of my clients was court ordered to complete some services and failed to do so. The Judge ordered her children into Foster Care. There were no CHild Protective Services workers available to remove the chidlren; therefore I was asked to go and take the children out of the home! I had never done this before and was terrified ou of my mind. I was a heartbreaking experience!

  666. lucy says:

    I was working as a personal ~#%`!#^*^%!#&(! istant for 5 years.. my boss asked me to please check his testicles cause was something that was bothering him.. i thought he was playing but he was serious and worried… i did it, i recommended him to go to the doctor cause didnt look good,,..and then after he went to the doctor i had to put the medication for a week cause he said he couldn’t see it there..

  667. L. Willis says:

    During my college days, I took on odd jobs to pay the bills. One of them was working for a vendor/catering company as a server/cashier. We had an outside job at a power plant serving the employees. It was hot as all get out and one of the employees got sick right after eating his food. There was vomit all over the table, ground, and the chair beside him. Guess who the boss had the priviledge of asking to clean it up? You guessed it, me. I knew it wasn’t in my original job description, but if I wanted to keep my job I had to be willing to do it! Just thinking about it makes my nostrills fill with the smell of hot dog and onion vomit and visions of chunky bits of pink, white, and brown fill my mind. Ewwww!! It was the most disgusting thing I’d ever been asked to do on a job. And although I hated every moment of it, I cleaned that area until it sparkled! Also, I did it quick so other customers wouldn’t see what had happened. I believe you should protect the company you are working for. If my boss didn’t get paid, I didn’t get paid. You gotta do what you gotta do because tuition is no joke!!

  668. Darvin Griffin says:

    Previously, I was asked to clean up female shower. Normally, I would do this
    without hesitation; however there was a catch! Apparently, some guys eased into
    one of the stalls and decided to leave feces EVERYWHERE. That was by far, the
    most Demoralizing job I’ve ever been asked to do!

  669. Nicole McDowell says:

    When i worked as a record promoter my 1st _*~!`$$_*#)(*$+ ignment was to get 500 BDS spins on a record from an unknown artist! Even though the artist’s genre was neo-soul, a good amount of those spins needed to be from stations that strictly played hip-hop and R&B.

  670. Patty Taylor says:

    Single mom of 1, working two jobs, to support my family, well my second Job I got, I’ve been working there like a month, this homeless person comes in and really mess up the ladies restroom, I have a very, I mean very weak stomach, out of all the employee’s, who they ask to clean up this nasty mess, vomit, bowel movement etc…….., Me! of all people, I explain how I can not do it, but in so many words, it was either clean it or punch out and get a write up, so I had to do what I do, but next time I don’t know how far I’ll go for $8.00 an hour.

  671. Elizabeth says:

    I work as an +_^()%()_^^%__! istant manager in a country club. One day there’s was a kids party and the entertainer couldn’t make it to the party, so my boss tells me that I should take care of it, well I had to go to the store, get me a clowns costume, and rock it at the party, the kids ended up having so much fun, I got mayor tips from the parents and got a bonus in my paycheck, it wasn’t as bad as I thought but I hope my boss doesn’t make me do something crazy like that again.

  672. Krystal Hubbard says:

    I use to work at a night club in downtown miami, and i was asked would I go to jail for the owner so he would not have to. A little too extreme for me.

  673. Nicole McDowell says:

    When i worked as a record promoter my 1st %@!()$@#+((@)!@ ignment was to get 500 BDS spins on a record from an unknown artist! Even though the artist’s genre was neo-soul, a good amount of those spins needed to be from stations that strictly played hip-hop and R&B.

  674. Demetrius Jenkins says:

    Once I was working at a Chicago Park District as a junior counselor and my brother was the attendendant so I would help him at times. So one day after my brother left to another park, his co-workers thought I was the attendant on duty and they made me go into the pool shower stall and clean up booboo and for those who do not know what booboo is it is feces. That was THE worst and nastiest thing I have eva ever ever ever done. By the way, Laverne should of went home this week, and I love the show it makes me want to work for diddy. Holla

  675. T.Simpson says:

    A friend ask me to help him start his towing company from the ground. I agreed, I didnt realize what I was in for when he gave me a time and an address. At 6 sharp I arrived at a empty location, with only power and phone service. We had a full functioning office by the time the sunset. I have never had that much work to do alone in a single day.

  676. C. Hall says:

    I sold cologne/perfume in different states. I had to pitch this bar/home on a dirt road in small town Wisconsin. Outside stood two men with shotguns. One was 70+ with a ZZ-Top look, the other was “Big-Bubba”. I’m thinking, Black+female…”Deliverance?” Outcome…Sold 7 bottles!!!!

  677. Nicole McDowell says:

    When i worked as a record promoter my 1st !^+@@^$`@)#_^(+ ignment was to get 500 BDS spins on a record from an unknown artist! Even though the artist’s genre was neo-soul, a good amount of those spins needed to be from stations that strictly played hip-hop and R&B.

  678. Frankie Rivera says:

    I was with the 101st M.I. LRSD Ranger Unit. I applied for a job to make some extra cash. At the interview I was asked what were my hobbies, I said racquetball and kickboxing. The next day Mr. Emerson Johnson called and invited me to play raquetball and to spar. HIRED but I had to continue being his sparring partner. ouch

  679. Patricia Tisdale-Walker says:

    I worked for a Health Care Facility that was operated and owned by a very personable, and trusted young woman.She drove a beautiful red sports car, and spoke of her other possessions that she had acquired in conjunction with her growing business.On two occassions I was asked to “hold” my cheque for a few days, instead of cashing it the day I received it. I agreed. Later my banking institution informed me that the cheque I had cashed had insufficient funds, so therefore the money had to be taken from my account to cover the transaction, and my only recourse was to try to have the company that issued the cheque to reimburse me… Needless to say,the reimbursements took some time to actualize. Her irresponsible actions injured my previously pleasant relationship with the bank that held my accounts.

  680. michael says:

    I was ask to work the Front Desk alone on the busiest night of the week Saturday, train a new FD *$_!!#$~!+%)~!~ ociate, clean 3 dirty rooms to prevent us from sending guests to another hotel and having to pay for it, and housmen duties. This which was one busy night! .

  681. April Martinez says:

    I am a single parent of a year in a half old daughter and Im also a Military Police Officer for 3 years now. I just turned 21 and I feel that I have been through a lot and have been forced to grow up quickly. I was raising my daughter by myself overseas working 14 hour shifts almost her whole life. I love the military and i love my daughter but I would love to have a break aswell. Im tasked to deploy the beginning of next year which Im excited for cause now its my time to serve my country. The beginning of this year I lost two friends that were murdered and 3 cousins, all under the age of 14, killed by drunk drivers. Im keeping it together cause I have too for the sake of my child and my job but I would love to just get away and know that life will get better.

  682. Rashida Frank says:

    During my studies as a college student, my friends called me a Jamaican because I worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time. While working at T.B. (Taco Bell) as a customer service rep. I was asked to work the food *#!@^~($~+*_*++ embly line because of a shortage of employees. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing. Chicken burritos became chilli cheese burritos. OMG! Happy to say we all survived with no complaints and misson was completed successfully. It was a long night I will never forget:)

  683. Michael Harris says:

    I was ask to work the Front Desk alone on the busiest night of the week Saturday, train a new FD Agent, clean 3 dirty rooms to prevent us from sending guests to another hotel and having to pay for it, and housmen duties. This which was one busy night! .

  684. david j diaz says:

    ok my name is david diaz,aka bubu(booboo) well i work on fordham road in the bronx as a body piercer.a customer came to me and ask can she get her private part pierce(virgina)so i got ready and told her take off her bottoms.then i started to this girls private part just smack me in the face.i never smell something so bad, wow,that i threw up all over her and told her that i was sorry for throwing up on i didnt want to make her feel bad so i just told her that i was sick.i didnt tell her it was her virgina that made me throw up.but i still did it and she pay me.wat can i say its all about the money…..

  685. Lakeesha Green says:

    I was working at a very upscale ladies retail store and I was asked to check out the pungent smell in the fitting rooms. I did a quick walk through and didn’t find anything but the smell was still there. I attempted to cover the smell with some Lysol. Out on the sales floor, the smell had begun to travel throughout. I decided to go back an check with more diligence as people had began to complain. As I passed the third room the smell grew stronger. I opened the door and looked down at the trash can. Someone had gone to the bathroom in the trash can and there was a depends in it as well. I had worked for years with kids and changing diapers but big people boo boo stinks!!!!!! I was incredibly grossed out and was very careful in removing the trash from the fitting room. It was always an adventure in retail..I think that could be a reality show in its own..just pick a store and get some cameras rolling. Thanks for reading.

  686. kamille lord says:

    My job is to take xrays of people . The doctor told me that a patient would be dropping of a package for him. 10 minutes later this guy walked in and said he wanted to leave something for the doctor. Come to find out it was bag of &&*%# stool.

  687. Lakeisha Harris says:

    I have always been a very swift thinker since my younger days ! Im a people person and most say that im great at listening. In 2001 myself and a team of community and grassroot organizations seeked for a conclusion that would solve some of the problems that Afro Americans have in America! We attended The State of The Black Community in Atlanta ,GA. After listening to The New Black Panthers,Danny Glover,and Chuck D I realized that ther was a gap! Myself alone with sixty youths put together The State Of The Black Community Youth so that we could sit down with the elders and get that wisdom alone with our heart and came up with a conclusion! I love me so dont faught me for loving my people. GOD SPEED LMH

  688. Mitchell Merrick says:

    When I first started working in the advertising industry they kept asking me to make coffee. Keep in mind it was the early 80s. I decided I would teach my equals or people that had work there longer to never ask me to make coffee again. If fill the coffee maker with as much coffee as I could fit poured in the water and turned it on. Hence the coffee was complete thick and strong with all the ground. Several of my co-workers as who made the coffee. I said I did. They said did you use a filter. I said you need a filter to make coffee. They never asked me again to make the coffee. Just because your the new guy doesn’t mean you should make the coffee. Especially if your equals and I did not and still do not drink the coffee.

  689. Priscilla Graves says:

    I had to listen to recordings of conversations and type the entire sessions. It’s hard trying to listen to a taped conversation with four different people involved, phones ringing, staff in and out of the office. A twenty minute ended up taking about an hour. This really tired my brain…

  690. Katherine Sotomayor says:

    I know this is suppose to be an extreme situation that happened but, here’s my story. I am 26 years old my husband and I got married a year ago. We have never had any money to travel let alone go on a honeymoon. We have lived in Orlando all our lives. My husband is the only one that works and holds down the fort. Unfortunatly, we are in forclosure just like everyone in the United States. I am a stay at home mom with a beautiful 19 month old little boy who has RSV. We have been in and out of hospital’s due to his condition with doctor bills pilling up. Your probably wondering why I don’t work. We can’t afford babysitting. I have always wanted to give my husband a present and this was a opportunity of a lifetime. We haven’t been able to enjoy or time together as husband and wife with all the bills, hospital, and now the forclosure. My husband works so hard and he admires Diddy so much. He always tells me how he wish he just had one chance to make it. He always is giving to others, even if it’s just a couple of dollars in his pocket he doesn’t think twice about giving it to the homeless. I know that you probably hear a lot of stories and they may even write this too, but my husband doesn’t even know I am writing this message. Everytime we go to bed we hope and pray that God will bring some kind of good news to us. We are about to be homeless ourselves and even though I may not be picked thank you for taking the time to read my letter. God Bless!

  691. lanesha sibley says:

    HI ! im lanesha sibley,and the worse thing i’ve had to do on the job:is look into some elderly womans &%((!+_*`%~`~&%*`_ now im a certified nurses @)~^()%(+#%$_%$ istant (cna). so i take care of all personal hygene,and anything that deals with the that wasn’t the worses part,the woman had some kind of disease infected in her private area.and i mean all types of bumps,redness,scrapes,burns.that was the worse thingt i’ve ever had to do.i thought i was going to be sick,but i did get the task done and after seeing my check it wasn’t so bad after all.

  692. Rachel Jean says:

    Well i once worked for one of the most popular hotel chains in world as a telemarketer in a call center. I was tanking in the quota department so my boss suggested that i come up with a new persona while on the phones. So what i did was call myself Abigail and fake a british accent while selling timeshare over the phone to clients.

  693. courtney beaulieu says:

    i attend xavier university, i did work study and worked as a receptionist. one day, i had to alphabetize files and also make sure that were perfect for my boss to read it and i had to to walk all the way down to the campus police station and pick up two keys that were not there when i got there, i had to go back to the office where i worked and get the head secretary to call and confirm that i was coming to et the keys , then i made it back to campus police and had to wait for the keys and i had to bring the keys back to the office and i had to leave again to go to the university center to get the mail , when i made it back to the office i had to try to finish my first task before i had to clock out, so i wouldn’t have that much to do the next day and then go straight to class after work. All of this happened on a hot and humid New Orleans afternoon, i was burnt out.

  694. darleen conveniencia says:

    I worked with a chirpractor about three years. Unfortunelly, he was a 82 year old man and he fell a week before the World Trade went down he lived at Battery Park City across the street from it. He broke his hip and was hospitalize for awhile. There was no doctor for a few weeks and the patience were coming in and asking me to treat them and I did. They came be compliments that I crack their backs and they felt good about it. They were telling me you do a better job then the DOC. I felt good about but I couldn’t continue do this due to not having a license for it. The doctor did past away a few months later. So I was let go by his brother and he closed the office too.

  695. Plinio F. Crow says:

    While my ship, USS California, was out at sea during a rainy and stormy day. The navigational lighting unit located on the highest point on the ship was damaged by lightning. I was ordered to replace the navigational lighting unit while the ship was rocking and rolling. See image.

  696. Shannon Miller says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever done was to put on a Retirement Party for 2 honorees with less than a weak to plan. It was not your average office party! The only thing in place was the menu. I also had a budget of 0$. I had to design/print/deliver/mail invitations…purchase and create centerpieces, purchase staff gift for honorees, get them engraved, purchase items and put together personalized gift baskets for the honorees, find out honorees employment history for bthe introduction..put together the actual program, be mistress of ceremony, decorate the day of, greet guests the day of. All while still completing my usual work activities (assisting teachers & students. I pulled it all of flawlessly!

  697. darnesia says:

    i have cdl’s and drive for public transportation. i have been on the bus and had to clean up behind a sick passenger when that is not my job. i only supose to drive and inspect the bus not clean up because the cleaning crew refuse.

  698. wesley petit-frere says:

    HI. My name is Wesley Petit-Frere i’m 33 yrs old a single father of one, and i was inspired by the television show “I want to work for Diddy”. I think i was a perfect role model for this show and my entry tonight is to win a trip to paris to meet my idol diddy. First im a club and concert promoter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the craziest thing i’ve done on a job…”i work at AT&T for eight years and there was a job opening for an administrative (~!@(+_^&~~$%`& istant to our Account Excuetive Mr. Mark Coomes, there were three prospect for the job so i found there names and address and started to one person put sugar in there gas tank so they wont make the interview, second person i’ve put out a racial comment on there email so they get fired and third i caught the girl having sex with a higher manager, but in all i got the job and ended getting fired for my evil ways down the road….for comments and questions please call 754.245.1732

  699. Ashley Warrior says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do on my job as a preschool teacher was to peform old Mcdonald while dressed in animals costumes in front of the whole school K-5 being that I’m the hottest preschool teacher I know now all the older kids make animal noises when I walk by.

  700. stephanie franco says:

    im a personal +$$_^+^@#`~^*(~ istant, i had to go to mexico since i know spanish with a guy with prostetic arm sfill them up with pills and walk across the border with him, and many more crazy things that i can go on for days. there been situations that have been so bad i had rocks thrown at me put it like that

  701. Jonathan says:

    The craziest and grossest thing i have ever done was when i worked as a sales _~`_!+~+($&+“& ociate for JCPenny was help an elderly man along with his friend find a new wardrobe that he could try on. Sounds simple right, well it was far from it. not only was the guy extremly racist and treated me very disrespectful commenting on mexicans (my nationality) and smelling of old tobacco tar all over his breathe. Now for the real kicker. He was changing into some pants or “trowsers” as he called it. and didnt like them, so he gave them back to me and went on his way. As i was putting the pants away i noticed a very harsh yet distinct odor. Yes this poor bitter old man +_#@@~)@#^#+^*%+ himself amd then gave me back the pants in which the +_#@@~)@#^#+^*%+ was in and left the building. hahaha

  702. jESSICA rOGERS says:


  703. Aaron Harris says:

    Yo yo yo wats up .. my name is Aaron AKA twin FROM OAKLAND CALIFORNIA SHOUT OUT TO KIESHA COLES and i work as Loss Prevention at OLd Navy and go to san francisco state ya dig , with a job like that you must think outside the box to catch people so what i had to do to catch this group was to dress up as a bum and walk around. i finally saw the female subject conceal but i loss sight of them so i had to go to the back stock room and take a box put a hole in it and dangle from the back off the ground because my store don’t have any cameras. long story short a two kids burned me out because i was moving to much loss my grip and fell on to the soda machine. lol i got back up and the kids seen my eye threw the box lol started screaming and said that man up there is hiding lol. the female subjects still got away with my merchandise

  704. raquel rooker says:

    The most extreme thing I have been asked to do was pick up a 5150 patient. I’m an e.m.t. (emergency medical tech) me and my partner were told we were picking up a patient at home who was ready to go to the psych hospital. We got there we met up with the psychologist who put the patient on the 72 hr hold. He then told us that she was not aware she was going. So when we went up to her room she had an idea that she was going but made up her mind that she wasn’t going. She was a big women wearing a doger white and blue mohawk. She came at me, my partner, and the doctor with a chair and a wire hanger. Of course the doctor split and left me and my partner had to fight with her and strap her down. It was a workout and I got stabbed with a wire hanger and my partner got hit with a chair. He had a nice bruise to remember the moment.

  705. Katherine Peroff says:

    Flew 5000+ miles to check on my boss’s daughter being at college because he thought she didn’t sound right over the phone….she had had a fight with her boy friend, they had already made up and had left together for the weekend. I caught the next flight home!

  706. eric alexander jr says:

    Hi my name is eric alexander and Im 22 and in reno. I work 4 the city of reno whit kids . I whant to win a trip to paris cus I whant to take my dad cus he just got out of prisin and he’s in c.a. I don’t have money to c him .plus I haven’t seen him sints I was 5 so if we can go to paris that that will b the best thing 4 us.

  707. UJ says:

    I am a master stylist in Bham Al. Now I know we are suppose to be considered country because we live in the south. But I had a client who asked me to give him a jerry curl. Dont get me wrong,I have seen the jcurl come and go but not in 2008! And for the most part its not all that bad because they do still make the products. Therefore people are still rocking them! The problem came when he asked me to give him a v-shape tail in the back! Thats when I drew the line. I agree with Diddy when he said Sean Jean is not just his name.Its who he is! (His image). Ditto! So I just referred him. :So in less than 50 words, A client asked me to give him a jerry curl with a v-shaped tail going down his back in 08. But my name,reputation,and image was on the line. I couldn’t do it! With sympathy,UJ.:

  708. Muhammad Zarul says:

    I was a part timer at the Coffee Bean. Once I was told to un-clog a clogged drain just outside the joint. Extremely disgusting, for me at least. If you’re interested to know more, take me to Paris! I’ll tell you the rest of it on the way there.. Pick me! Pick me!

  709. Muhammad Zarul says:

    I was a part timer at the Coffee Bean. Once I was told to un-clog a clogged drain just outside the joint. Extremely disgusting, for me at least. If you’re interested to know more, take me to Paris! I’ll tell you the rest of it on the way there.. Pick me! Pick me!

  710. Antonia says:

    I was at work and an older couple came in to purchase some products. As they were leaving, they realized that they had locked their keys in the car and their dog was locked inside. They started to panic and were yelling at eachother to break the window. After about five minutes of bickering in the parking lot they came in and insisted that I brake the window. The whole scene made everyone outside stop and watch all the comotion. They wouldn’t stop screaming in a panic!

  711. Lenora Hafford says:

    Hello, the most extreme thing i was asked to do on my job, was to use a tooth brush to clean the hotel bath room floor.I was working for Studio Plus Suites and my manager asked me to do this he only asked me.Of course me being the hard worker iam i did it everyday.

  712. Courtney Balderas says:

    I had a lady with a real household phone, you know the ones with the long curly cords attached from the base to the hand held part, who got mad at me because my name was Courtney and wanted me to get the Administrator so that she could complain. She threaten that she was calling them on her phone if I didn’t go get them. So, I had to go upstairs and explain to a manager that this lady downstairs with the “phone” in her backpack wanted to talk to her about me! Embarrasing!

  713. Natalia McKinstry says:

    My client was seeking a restraining order when her husband walked in. She asked me to sheild her and walk her out. I quickly told the sheriff, and while he distracted the guy, we sneaked out behind their backs. Husband was served with the order right there in court.

  714. R.I.P BeBo says:

    well i never had a job lol can i plz win!!!! lol

  715. Von Williams says:

    The 2nd day of a new job, I was requested to meet a residential Property Appraiser to appraise 3 investment homes. With no background information I needed to ensure a $2.5 million appraisal return, if unsuccessful there was no need to return to the office…I RETURN THE NEXT DAY!

  716. Shatina Rogers says:

    I am a correctional officier in Illinois, the most exteme thing I have been asked was by an inmate, to go in the showers and on the staircase and have sex with him. Of course I did not do it but that has to be the most extreme thing.

  717. Scott Erdmann says:

    A client was suppose to have his contract back by the end of the week and we couldn’t get a hold of him so I had to fly from South Florida to Indiana on the red eye into Indy, and he wasn’t in Indy I had to drive 3 hours to South Bend and then wasn’t there either, they told me he was back in Indy so then drove another 3 hours back to Indy finally found him them flew back to South Florida. This all happened in one day!!

  718. KJ says:

    In high school I worked at a fast food restaurant. One day a manager told me I had to clean the women’s bathroom, a woman had diarrhea and it got everywhere: It was on the walls, the floor, and the seat. Nauseated the whole time, I cleaned it all.

  719. Leslie says:

    When I first started working, I ofcourse wanted to make it BIG and have my dream job. However i was not expecting what happened. My boss who was very particular wanted mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch and asked me to go get it for him, but he couldn’t remember where he got it last, so i ended up runing all ove town getting mashed potatoes from many differnt restuarents, it wasn’t until the 17th try that he was satisfied.

  720. Barry says:

    I was asked to go to alska, to pick my bosses son up from camp

  721. jessica lea says:

    well i was working at a resturant before it closed down after running my ^!`~%+*%$)$+$^% off all night to please people . it was time to clean the bathrooms not only do men piss on the walls but this gentleman decided to @*~%!&#_^$@^`)&_ in his underwear and smear it all over the bathroom . i thought oh great know theres gonna be poop and puke covering this place, but like a good worker i put my rubber gloves on and went to cleaning .

  722. Zack says:

    I was hired to run a summer camp that took 24 teenage boys from Maine to Oregon to snowboard and skateboard for one month, about halfway through I found out the camp had no insurance. After cooking, cleaning, coaching, and babysitting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4 weeks, I made only $1400. Oh yeah and not 1 day off.

  723. Anthony Peake says:

    Well I was an +#&)^$@`*)`^^(! istant manager at a burger king restaraunt in georgia. Our restaraunt have a huge rivalry with the other burger king down the street from us. They’ve always tried 2 compete with our business since day one. Their managers would tell their customers lies about our restaraunt. They would tell them that our service was poor and we never washed our hands, that we don’t wash our dishes and that we use dirty dishes. They also said we hold our burgers all day and would never cook anything fresh which in return made us lose a lot of our valued customers. So one day my owner came 2 me and was like. Anthony, I want u to go over there and kick their +#&)^$@`*)`^^(! for starting all this )@!#(!$_^$`*+&#! He knew that I liked to fight and would fight anybody just give me the word. So I was like are u serious?!!! He said hell yeah I will pay u 300 dollars to go over there when they close tonight and beat the manager on shift +#&)^$@`*)`^^(! He told me it was just between me and him and not to tell anyone cuz he could get in a lot of trouble. So that night when they closed about 12 I sat in the parking lot and waited on the manager Steve to come out. When I saw him locking the doors I got out my car and said hey Steve let me holla at u for a minute. He came over to my car door and I just started whoopin his +#&)^$@`*)`^^(! The police happened to ride by and came over there to break up the fight. We both went to jail for disorderly conduct and I got six months probation. And guess who bonded me out of jail? My owner. What a surprise. He said he didn’t think I would actually do it but he was happy I did. He gave me the 300 dollars he promised me and gave me a $1.50 raise the next day I returned 2 work. Does it get any better. We’ve never told anybody why I beat up the manager to this day so please pick me because my owner’s gonna kill me if he finds out I told it.

  724. Jennifer says:

    My company had a ten year audit. Some files we have to keep FOREVER! They’re kept in an attic, besides the rats, has no visitors… until I had to go recover them. Grab a mask, gloves and head up. I rummage through rat terds and webs. Hours later, free again.

  725. Sabrina Ames says:

    I was asked to accept an offer of $31k after being quoted $58k and the job announnouncent stated $58k. The explanation was that the fiscal budget had been adjusted for the time of hire but it would be good experience for me. My answer was Heck No!

  726. LaTisha Jenkins says:

    Im Homeless and Living in a Shelter and I wanna Work For Diddy

  727. Felton Foushee says:

    I was working at a cafeteria as a dishwasher. One of my co-workers began to feel weak and looked like he was about to keel over. My managers ignored him and wanted me to do the same, I couldn’t so I walked out and took the guy to the hospital.

  728. Michelle Smith says:

    The most extreme job for me was flying as a flight attendant after 9-11-2001. I was a Flight Attendant for American Airlines, and I sat in front of the televeision watching the Twin Towers in NewYork blow up. Two days later on 9-13-2001, I was called to work the flight to Boston from Chicago. I was terrified but that was what I signed up for. Shortly, thereafter, American Airlines announced furlows to the staff and crews. If that didn’t ah.. you here’s another task: After the furlow with American Airlines, I trained and became a flight attendant for American Eagle. I worked the flight in heels, panty hose, the required uniform; it was a small Saab plane (like 20 seats total), it was raining, thunderstorming, and I was working the flight by myself. I was afraid but I %%(&!!(&+&_$(*$ ured safety to frightened passengers and prayed to myself. This flight was a short hop to West Coast from the West Coast (I forgot the exact cities). I would like to add, that after this Airline I flew around the world, with United Airlines beginning 2005.

  729. KIM D says:

    My boss, the CFO, and the owner( phony holy-roller) of a very unprofessional distributor in NC, told me that even though I was in charge of all the reports, the main printer for everyone, that no males were allowed near me or my desk.

  730. Shakyrah Barnett says:

    Well I use to work for Victoria Secret retail store and in every retail store you have to meet a certain quota with sales and money at the end of everyday. So it was about 45-30 minutes until closing and we haven’t met the quota of sale and money yet, we needed a couple more sales. Well a man walks in an he comes up to me and asks me can I help him pick out some Lingerie for his wife. So we go and look at some of the lingerie and he picks out three specific outfits of lingerie he likes. Then there was pause, and he looked me up and down three time. Now I’m thinking why the H is he looking me up and down like this for, so he tells me you and my wife are the exact same size and complexion, then asks me if i could try them on to see how it would look like on his wife. Now I pause/think and tell him NO that is not appropriate to do and not in my job description. So he goes on to tell me that tomorrow’s there anniversary and how he wants to surprise her with the lingerie and he wants it to be a perfect fit, and goes on again begging me to try them on for him. Well I kept saying NO until I remembered the sales and money quota we had to meet and looked at my phone noticed that it was 15 minutes until closing . So without anyone knowing I tried them on for him. YES PEOPLE I TRIED ON LINGERIE FOR A MAN I NEVER MET BEFORE IN MY LIFE FOR MY JOB. Afterward he wind up buying all three of the lingerie. Mind you I did put a piece of clothe in the panties so my stuff wouldn’t touch the panties. That’s most extreme thing I been asked to do on my job for my job.

  731. Kimberly Clisbee says:

    I was a program director and martial arts instructor for 10 years, everything about my job was extreme form my training (which I currently hold a third degree Black Belt in Kempo) to teaching 12 hrs a day to make 320 students and parents happy. My boss came up to me one day and said there was a group going to the Philipines and that since I am the one interested in the art of Kali I should go so we can teach this art knowing it came straight from the source. And since I would do anyting for my art and being a disiplined employee any thing for my job off to train with one of the greatest Masters in the world Grand Master Jeson Tortel. I am a white female 5 3″ 125 lbs with blond hair and I went across the world with people I met twice before. I spent 3 1/2 weeks living with and amongst the villagers who all though had nothing were full of love and kindness. All though beautiful and unspoiled I was never so scared in my life, I had body guards at all times even though I could take care of myself it was still dangerous for me. That experiance changed me forever (in a posative way) the people of that country are amazing. When I came back I gave all that I learned back to my students, and to see them excel made me proud….It was so well worth it.

  732. LaTanya Jones says:

    I was a forklift operator at a warehouse job that make exit devices. So a supervisor on first shift told a couple of white boys to re-organized the warehouse.In Actuality they made the warehouse worse than it was. And then the supervisor ask me,the black woman to come to work at 5 am in the morning to clean up their mess.I was too scared to say no, so I said yes.I didn’t go back to work the next day because I felt that I can do better for myself then to clean up somebody else’s unnecessary mess.I met Ray J here in Indianapolis,In and I told him I quit because they tried to work me like a runaway slave.And he told me just keep getting my hustling on.So the most extreme thing I did at a good paying hourly job with benefits was to quit and do for self.And doing for self is the hardest job anybody can do.

  733. Takaja Lee says:

    I currently work for an organization called S.T.U.D.S. this organization is for dominate lesbians. I am their personal secretary whatever they say do I do. I go get lunch, go shopping for their girlfriends etc. I enjoy working with these women because they mean business. The only problem I had this one time was to go and find a stripper one weekend. Now she had to be fine and stacked. So I finally ran into a girl who looked up to part. She cancelled at the last minute after I purchased all of these stripper clothing. So I was forced to be the stripper for the night…….Had fun made tips and would do it again. I love my job and my Bosses!!!!!!

  734. Matthew says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve had to do is scrub a boat from front to back. And this was an office job! LOL

  735. mary says:

    Take my boss’ Lexus to the car wash because his cat had pooped on the hood/windshield.

  736. efe says:

    Diddy,has alway’s been my role model right from the unset & i’ve alway’s been his greatest fan…admire his style so much i like everything about him……….am a Nigerian by birth (african)…….am interested in the trip to paris………reply me & i’ll give u my full profile

  737. Kelly Bradford says:

    I ventured into the mens room, at the bar I cleaned, to find a pair of boxer shorts lying behind the toilet… ordinarily this wouldnt bother me, but these weren’t just any boxers, apparently whoever had them on the night before had a MAJOR case of diarrea… GROSS!! haha

  738. shakemia hazell says:

    I was asked to go to other companies and hand out business cards to the employess and try to get them to work for my company.

  739. Stevia LaTrece Hunes says:

    I was once asked to date a patron of an organization I was working for. The irony of the matter was he was 78 and in a nursing home! Oooh, those dentures were soooo sexy! Needless to say, we received a generous donation the following year. Talk about EXTREME!

  740. Jessica K. says:

    During Hurricane Frances I was asked to leave work and take an +(*$~_!%$$*%##& ociates truck to go wait in the line for supplies from FEMA. After waiting in line for an hour, in the middle of a hot Florida summer, I was able to give my +(*$~_!%$$*%##& ociates tarps, ice and water.

  741. Tiffany Purnell says:

    The most extreme thing that I have been asked to do on the job was to restrain an emotionally disturbed male teen that was taller than I was. I broke my hand because of it and ended up having to get a cast, it was all bad I couldn’t work for a year and now I am permanently disabled in my left hand which is the hand that I write with. But the teens made me get well cards, that made me feel a whole lot better to know that they cared. Talk about extreme!

  742. Sonya Wiley says:

    I was in the middle of a week long seminar where I was the trainer, my partner(owner of the processor) pulled me out of the seminar sent me to Arizona to train a new group of people
    I worked and had a mini vacation all at the same time, that was a good day for me.

  743. brian says:

    I was working for an internet, phone and cable co. doing sales ( top salesman in san francisco) and to make a good sale one time i had to pretend to the installers from my co., who of course did not know me personally, that i was the resident that i sold to because he had to be at work during the time of install. So he entrusted me with an unlocked back door and i took my work shirt off and put on atee when the installers came i acted like i was the person i sold to- it went smooth and i got paid!

  744. Crystal Yaeger says:

    When I got married the 1st time, my mother-in-law lived with us. She was a little old hispanic woman who made lots of healthy food from scratch. One of her favorite things was carrot juice. She made this by grating carrots and watering them down and then adding honey. I HATED IT! Years later I went to work in sales for my sister’s siding company. During one of my biggest sales calls, the homeowner offered us all a glass of carrot juice. My sister knowing that I needed this sale and also knowing that I hated carrot juiced said “Oh Crystal loves carrot juice, she’ll take some.” I choked it down and got the sale and my sister is still waiting to see what I am going to do to get back at her.

  745. Megan Larson says:

    I work retail and at our store we sell womens clothes. There is a client that is always running around the store needing our help dressing and often changes outside of the dressing room.

  746. Kristin Sayre says:

    I work for a casino as a change clerk. In truth i have never been asked to do anything outrageous but I have been asked some of the worlds dumbest qustions. For example I had a patron ask me where the penny machines were. I told the patron that they could be found upstairs. The parton responded where is upstairs? All I could do was point up. I was in disbelief that someone would even asked that. I also incounter people that cant tell the difference between a dollar sign and a cent sign. Please Diddy, I need a Break from stupid people.

  747. Dontrell Cunningham says:

    Well I was working at the movies & I was an user. My main homie had just became manager so when the big boss would tell him to tell us what to do my friend would give me his power & make me tell the others to clean up. I kinda let the power get to my head so I was bossing around my co-workers & one day one of the co-workers got fed up. Some kid had took a crap all over the floor in the rest room & it was my job to clean it but by my home boy being manager I took one of my co-workers off their post & told him to go clean it up! I caused a big scene doing it infront of everybody in line. I was talking to him like pinky from friday when he tried to talk & say he wasn’t going to do it I told him to SHUT UP! & go clean that *hit. Everybody thought it was funny & they started laughing. So he came back from cleaning it up & when he came back he rubbed my leg with the broom & the broom had the green doo doo all on it. I looked down to see this on my pants so I took the broom & slaped him straight across the face with it. The managers came over & broke things up. We both losted our jobs after that. To this day everytime I see him I say I can’t feel my face… LOL. Well hopefully I win cause I’m in a long distance relationship & it’s kinda rocky I wanna do something special for her so plz pick me. Oh yeah Diddy I rap 2. I’m the next best thing of hip hop

  748. Curtis Rusley says:

    I was working for a temp company & one day the boss called me in & said that he needs me to come in now it’s very important & if I wanna make a quick 1,000 then meet him at his house asap. So I went to his house & he explained what happened to him. He told me that he was having an afair & his wife found out & was going to divorce him. He said the only way she would stay with him is if he found a black guy that raps to have sex with her while he video tapes it. So that’s why he called me I was shocked cause I always wanted to bang her anyway but I didn’t want to tell him that & loss my job! Well to sum things up when she got off work I was right there with my raido & my cd ready to to get to work…

  749. earl jackson says:

    i was in a tractor trailer and i had to make a delivery to a small town outside of new jersey .My delivery point was at the top of a snow covered hill. THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PATH WAS A STEEP drop off down the side of a mountain half way up i proceded to loose traction and slide backwards
    down and towards the edge of the truck path . for 2 hours i had to fight going over the edge
    and try to make my delivery point i finally had to get out of the vehicle and put chains on my tires if you had to put chains on a tractor tire you know each chain weighs about 50 pounds. i had to install six chains and had to remove them once i got off the mountain. i feel that when you have to do a job that someone pays you for the problems you have are not important what is important is completion of your task i cant is never acceptable

  750. Daisy Garcia says:

    I used to work for a bail bond company as a court runner so my job was to go to 4 different courts in the county. One day I had to deliver important documents from the county I worked at to a county that was 2 hours away. It doesnt sound extreme but when you are furthest south from your original location it seems too much to drive that far. I work 8 hours a day. That day I had to be on the road for more than 4 hours just to make sure those documents got delivered. So imagine driving 45 minutes to pick up the documents from my work because I was at the furthest court and then driving another 2 hours to drop them off which only takes a minute. Then drive back to work for another 2 hours. I guess working for Diddy this would be a piece of cake. Love the show by the way! Please pick me I really need a vacation…havent been in one for years! Plus never been outside of the country. Would be an awesome experience for me. God Bless!

  751. liana says:

    when i was doing office work at a lodge in the sierras the housekeeper was gone and someone walked in and wanted to rent a room so i told them to come back in an hour while i stripped and made the room up for them to buy for the night, to make the most possible money for that night. so i had to pick used soap up out of the shower with hair all over it, clean up throw up in the bath tub that had a towel covering it up, and also had to pick up some nasty hand towel that someone used as toilet paper, there was toilet paper there, the people were just nasty. i also had to catch the rabbit they left in the room, and clean up all of its droppings as well. i had to clean a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom cabin in one hour, while manning phones and still checking in people for their reservations. my boss told me to make the most sales, and to always make rooms available, she didn’t directly ask me to do all that nasty stuff, but i had to do what i had to do to make that sale and make that room smell and look presentable, and there was no body else to do it but me.

  752. Kenneth Cotton says:

    I was General Manager of a railroad which was asked to participate in a television show.They were in a hurry and the shoot was anticipated to take a week. I met with the director and found out the equipment we needed for the shoot. We had everything he needed on the property except for three particular types of freight cars. I knew our shippers used these cars so I checked the train lists to find out if any were on the property.None were. I then checked to see if they were any enroute.None were. And shooting started in THREE DAYS! I made some calls and found the cars I needed…300 miles away. I knew iIcould not get them shipped by rail in time,so I had the cars trucked those 300 miles and they were available on schedule for shooting. The shoot netted the railroad more than $50,000 and was the biggest movie shoot for the railroad in it’s history….and it still is! Failure is only for fools and weaklings and I am neither!

  753. Felicia Shapiro says:

    I once was told that I would have to fire every single person in a branch of the business I was in. I did it. What a horrible job! I quit that job, being a hatchet woman, as soon as I could. I have been so much happier ever since.

  754. Roberta says:

    I was the HR Manager for a company that had multiple locations. There were 5 owners, all equal partners.. I was asked/ told by one of the partners (behind everyone’s back) to hire a manager to manage the other hiring managers at each location. The catch was, I couldn’t tell the hiring managers what was going on. All of the managers were equal partners in the business and the least visible partner thought I would do dirty business to be in his god graces. These were my people were my colleagues, I couldn’t do it. Needless to say, I don’t work there anymore…

  755. Marie Rodriguez says:

    Being an account executive for a floral importer Valentines Day and Mothers Day are my busiest times of year. For the past 15 years the 3 weeks leading up to these holidays consist of 18 hour workdays and living off of Cuban Coffee and Red Bull. When things really get down to the wire we don’t go home, take naps at our desks, or in the car, and shower in the boss’s office. It’s crazy but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  756. Chris Da Silva says:

    we had a customer who wanted to buy products from us but did not want to wait to get them because they were on their way to Africa for vacation and was already at the airport. so i was to take the order over the phone then having to rush to the airport before they departed at 4:30 to drop off their purchase to them. With no idea how to get to the airport and unable to get clear directions from others. I admittedly rush to a electronic store bought a gps system, got in my car and drove off speeding trying to dodge rush hour traffic. when finally arriving to the airport i had no clue what this lady look like so i had to be creative and make a sign with her name on it walking around in the airport until i found her!

  757. Emanuel Cortes says:

    Well the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to on the job was to create a newsletter about a book called “The Pearl.” Well first, i really didn’t know how to create a newsletter so i had to learn mostly by myself. When i got the hang of how to create a newsletter i had to get a lot of information of the whole book and summarize it in one page so it can be like the top story on the front page of my newsletter. I realized i had only had 1 week to understand the whole book and know it by memory and type it into one page. It was really tough because i had other things to do as well. Until i finally finished everything i had to go out to Kinkos at night the day before it was due and tell them if they can create my 4 pages into one newsletter. When that was finished i was looking at it to see if there were any mistakes until a mistake i saw in one page caught my eye. I was worried because this newsletter had to be very perfect even though nothing is really perfect. I had to go back to Kinkos but when i had got there it was closed! i was very disappointed. It was due tomorrow. I would have to do only one thing, get up early and be there before they open and get it printed into a newsletter with the mistake gone and fixed before school started. My stress level was way to the top because I didn’t get much sleep and i was obviously tired. I couldn’t let my parents down and get a bad grade and disappoint my parents again. Well i finally got to school..late but i made it and i presented my newsletter and read through it and showed them examples and it was all worth it in the end because i got a good grade and this was the end of my most extreme day. I just wish i win the trip to paris.

  758. Megan says:

    I was asked to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. It was supposed to be, you know, the stereotypical “you will make thousands!” and I was young enough to believe the hype. Suddenly, I was thrust into a van with a group of 6 other people…they would jump out ninja style with their vacuum cleaners and go sell sell SELL!

  759. Dwight says:

    The most extreme thing I was ever asked to do on a job was having to clean up this giant turd from out of a urinal, and I wasn’t even the janitor, it was horrible after that I never went near the bathroom again.

  760. Tahasti Hopper says:

    i was asked to train my future manager after being told that i didnt have the qualifications for that position which i thought was insane.

  761. Donnae Durham says:

    The craziest thing that my employer asked me to to was to go into the middle of one of the bussiest streets in maryland and dance in front of traffic to sale fish dinners to help raise money for rent.

  762. Donnae Durham says:

    The craziest thing that my employer asked me to to was to go into the middle of one of the bussiest streets in maryland and dance in front of traffic to sale fish dinners to help raise money for rent.

  763. Langston Reid says:

    Love the show. More arguing than the first Making the Band.

  764. Roy Alugbue says:

    My co-workers @ a Day Camp made me dress up as a superhero… but I’m dark skinned and had white tights and shirt, so I looked like tall nerd.

  765. Jenifer Horn says:

    the most extreme thing i ever to do at the job was NOT job related. I had to listen to a near 60 year old man talk about his experience with a male stripper who is very popular. Apparently the stripper is capable of many tricks, however it was disturbing to hear this story from an OLD MAN!

  766. Patrick St Fleur says:

    At A grocery Store I use to work at, We allow anyone from off the street to use our restrooms. One day a homeless guy went into the mens room and did not come out until 30 minutes later. He completely destroyed the bathroom, so much that I had to leave the doors open, and the smell traveled through out the whole store. Making it a day of complaints.

  767. Dawn says:

    I am a hard working single mom of two girls. I believe I deserve to win this contest. I couldn’t possibly explain how much I do for my two girls in 50 words or less. So, with that being said, I believe I deserve to win this contest.

  768. Yolanda Hall says:

    the most extreme thing that i have been asked to do at a job was to pull silverware from the garbage can. this was done on a daily basis. the silverware was to be washed and reused by the customers!

  769. Jacob Sabel says:

    While working for Budweiser, I was asked to put on the “Bud Man” costume and walk two miles down Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta for the Gay Pride Parade… All I could see was straight ahead, no peripherals & nothing ‘from behind.’

  770. Rob Jackson says:

    The most extreme thing I did on a job was go to Iraq and Kuwait for Uncle Sam!!! Just to get a lil college money and a better life. Now that’s extreme and real!!!

  771. ChYnA says:

    Diddy I would really like to win this trip because I want to explore the world Im 15 and ever sinc I was little I’ve been trying to become a model and travel around and Paris was one of the places I called my dream/fantasy and I hope you make it come true
    and I love what you did with MakingThe Band their all poppiin

  772. Angie says:

    Taking one for the team, your team of friends, became my job one day and I didn’t realize I was being nominated. Back in 1997, a bunch of drove from Boston to Atlanta to FreakNik. It wasn’t enough that I did 14 if the 18 hours but when the GUYS in the group disappeared with our car keys in Magic City, I was nominated as the matron of the girls to get inside and get the keys. I got the keys!

  773. Katherine Thompson says:

    I was asked to deliver eye-wear to a customers vacation home and adjust them without any tools.

  774. Katherine Thompson says:

    I was asked to deliver eye-wear to a customers vacation home and adjust them without any tools.

  775. makia Moore says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve been asked to do at a job is to locate a doctor’s address because all the we had was his work address and that was in Dc, oh I work at a lawyers office. I need his Maryland address so he could be subpeoned, luckily I found it and he was served.

  776. La'Tonia says:

    The most outrageous thing I had to do was dig in the trash can at work for a UPC code because of my boss would have had a fit of not getting his 250 back on the printers he bought. I worked at an animal hospital and the trash was full of needle heads and surgery parts from dogs and cats. I would have done anything for my job.

  777. Kiara Poindexter says:

    At the time I was working at an appliance store and was 9 months pregnant when a customer came in and ask that I move a washing machine around so that he could get a better look at it, this was the most extreme thing I’ve been ask to do on a job.

  778. Jordan.BLAZE says:

    I was a nanny for a family recently. the mom had severe post partum depression, so she says. She would break things, throw food around, yell, curse, cry and so on. I had to comfort the kids and mantain my composure. one time it was so bad that I feared for my life. I think that I should win this vacation bcuz that mental stress was more than anything physical. I am deeply saddened for her 2 young kids.

  779. Melissa says:

    directive was very vague: find a specific advertisement (for a shoe retailer) published in the magazine for which I worked…I had to skim through every issue of the magazine dating back almost fifteen years. Good times!

  780. Rae says:

    I used to work for a non-profit group who were incredibly hardcore about being PC. I would have to correct people for saying “girl” instead of “woman!” It was incredibly hard because in essence there wasn’t anything wrong with their actions and if I had been called out I would’ve had to justify that and wouldn’t be able to do it. But I would grit my teeth, correct people, and lose the last bit of person that wasn’t a word Nazi left.

    I still shudder when I think about it. Ick.

  781. Argiro Campos says:

    I am a Dental Hygienist, and I had to sneak a patient out of the office because her lover’s wife was in the waiting room!!!

  782. John Arroyo says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever been asked to was a promotion called 22 bars in 22 days. It actually wound up being something like 38 bars in 22 days and I was expected to accept and encouraged to drink with the listeners that showed up to the events. Needless to say by day 18 the mere thought of alcohol made me puke a little in my mouth. “J” Mornings 107 FYX in Texarkana

  783. jacqueline davis says:

    I am a security guard at a hospital so the most extreme thing i gad to do was carry a half naked woman to escort her from the hospital and boy was she smelling of strong urine but this was my first day of work and i was kind of surprised that i would have to do this.

  784. Cheryl Thomas says:

    I had to go to the ATM to get money from my boss’ personal checking account. Isn’t it ironic that he was the Executive VP for Online Banking?

  785. Zelpha Vann says:

    I’m serve in the Army, active duty and the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do was leave my kids for a 12 month tour to Iraq. At the time my kids had just turned one and two years old. While I spoke to them almost everyday, mission permitting, just being away from them and my son not recognizing me, visually, when I got home hurt more than words could explain.

  786. Terrinesia O'Steen says:

    The most extreme thing I was ever asked to do was clean up another employees mess they made in the ladies bathroom. My co-worker got sick and did “#2″ everywhere: on the toilet, the walls, the floor. I come into work and I’m told, not asked, but told to clean it. I put a fuss for about an hour and I finally went got some gloves and a little face mask to cover my face. I cleaned it up but I was very upset for a very, very long time.

  787. Devon says:

    I worked as a bartender while I was in college. One bar actually made me get on the floor, crawl under the sinks, stick my hand in the drain grates and clean them out every night. No rubber gloves, no janitor suit, just my “sexy club wear” as required. At the end of the night that is the nastiest thing ever. Spilled booze, rotten fruit, fruit flies and who knows what else. I once found an item, used, whose purpose is protection, need I say more? GROSS!

  788. Adriane Yeager says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever have to do for a job, is also the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do for a job. I worked retail, and came in on a Sunday morning to find human $“!~(_!`%#%@%)& smeared over the front windows of my store. Apparently it looked like a toilet to a drunk homeless person. (Gross, I know.) I was opening alone, so I called my boss and asked who to call, I was told the cleaning service was closed on Sundays- so I had to clean it up myself!!! I thought I might die.

  789. Ryan says:

    Diddy I think my aunt and uncle should win this trip ! they are amazing people they took me in when i had no where else to go. They both deserve a little vacation while they have the weekends off. please consider them for the trip it would really mean alot to me if they got an oppertunity to experience this. thanks alot I hope you will select them I would do anything for them to win this trip

  790. Shonette Daniels says:

    I think the craziest thing that I have been asked to do at a job was to scarifice myself for the company. I was asked by my boss to take a blame for something he did and he will pay me off the books if I take on that blame. When asked, I almost lost my mind. Because I was such a team player and so much of my co-workers had been there before I have and were much older than myself (they all had kids and family) and I do not have any, I took one for the team. I guess I was a true team player.

  791. SHEILA SCOTT says:


  792. Radelia Douglas says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do show my boss my (&*`&@%`$(_$^~* s and make my `%%(&`&(#(_%_^! clap. He was an older african american who would lust over me because i’m young. It was crazy having to keep my job by giving him a sneak peak everyday.

  793. A. Hamilton says:

    I had to dress up as Barney the dino. It was in a department store located on Brownsville, Brooklyn. The kids were kicking me, it was hot, funky and stink in the costume, and to make matters worst. My check was less that $100 for two weeks.

  794. SB says:


  795. Brittany Bowens says:

    The most exreme task I have been asked to perform on a job is to advertise and lease new properties post-hurricane Katrina in a flood prone area for expensive rent prices.

  796. Lauren Reamon says:

    As a Partner’s %!_%_^*$~&&(+&+ istant I was asked to go to Las Vegas to represent our company at a major real estate convention. Upon arrival to this convention in the midst of the insanity, someone for our corporate office ran up to me and told me to go to another hotel and track down one of the CEO’s badges to even be able to get into the event. I dropped everything I was doing, ran outside of the convention center, seeing that there was a cab line longer than the brooklyn bridge, I immediately started the sprint. Being that I was in heels it was a bit challenging but all the time in the gym paid off! I arrived to the hotel went to the registration booth, tracked down the hotel room of one of the %!_%_^*$~&&(+&+ istants and got the badge. I ran back to the convention center, meeting the CEO outside with a smile and a badge :) The %!_%_^*$~&&(+&+ istant who dropped the ball? Lost their job. Me? The only %!_%_^*$~&&(+&+ istant in the history of the company who has been with the company longer than 3 months.. 1 year and 2 months to be exact! Do what it takes, take what you earn.

  797. Grant says:

    I worked at a baseball park, and one night I had to clean out the bathroom because someone had written on the wall and drew a smiley face, using their poop to do so. I threw up twice while cleaning up the mess.

  798. Kim says:

    The most extreme demand that I have encountered on the job occured when I worked for a gymnastics complex and a little boy with dissabilities went number two in our puclic bathroom and smeared his feases all over the walls and floor. Because i was the only one there I had to clean it up.

  799. J. Axell says:

    Well being an intern for a local live show and wanted to become a technical director I had to take off my shoe quietly and crawl on the floor and fix one of the talent shoe at the same time directing the show and not being seen on love television. I don’t know if that extreme but I had to do it more then once.

  800. Keytwanna Mitchell says:

    The most extreme thing that I was asked to do on a job was to rat on an employee that was sexually harassing another employee but the only extreme thing was that I had to take the pictures of the person who was sexually harrassing the other employee. She was flashing her private parts to the employees and I had to hide and take the pictures. Of course the pictures was ceased by the director and Human Resource Supervisor but I was very scared and nervous.

  801. J J says:

    I’m a teacher, so my work is not as extreme as maybe Diddy’s life or his %+`@+$*&((@^)`_ istants’. In my world, one of the most extreme things I was asked to do, as an adult woman in her 30′s, was to live on campus at a private high school. But it was not only living on campus, it was never being able to be away over night! Maybe for teenagers, that is appropriate, but for an adult woman? This was never disclosed to me before I signed my contract either. It was hard to maintain a relationship and I felt like a caged animal. Frankly, I was not compensated enough for that!

  802. Adriane Yeager says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever have to do for a job, is also the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do for a job. I worked retail, and came in on a Sunday morning to find human _(**`*_&@+*)^&~~ smeared over the front windows of my store. Apparently it looked like a toilet to a drunk homeless person. (Gross, I know.) I was opening alone, so I called my boss and asked who to call, I was told the cleaning service was closed on Sundays- so I had to clean it up myself!!! I thought I might die.

  803. robeata speight says:

    hi my name is robeat speight and i think i should win this trip because my kids are going back to school and i wanted to do something good for myself .and i want to go because i would to go new place that i have not went so that it i hope you pick me

  804. Jacovis Jones says:

    I just started a job at starbucks and I was the only black guy working. A customer came up to the counter and asked a fellow employee did we have any black guys that work here. She came and got me from the back and she asked me do I think she is pretty I told her yes…but she really wasn’t. So she asked can she squeeze by butt and lick my ear while I hold her breast to prove to black guys that she is good in the bed and she can seduce anybody. I laughed and told her no I cant do it. I was still and shock after it happened. I still don’t know what the point was.

  805. Maurice Shuler says:

    Im just going to keep it short and stank im a Volunteer worker @ Must Mininstries in Marietta Ga and i was asked to clean the mens bathroom after the toilet was running over and the site wasnt pretty. But it was a job that needed to get done!

  806. Samantha McNamee says:

    Well its kind disguesting but the most extreme thing I have been ased to do at work is change the sheets on a bed in a hotel, but these were not just slept on sheets. Theses were %)(^_“#$`)(~(_ my, bloody sheets!! The worst part of it all is I only got paid $6.50 and hour! If that isnt extreme enough to deserve the trip to Paris then i dont know what is!!!

  807. stephanie amos says:

    I was 16, 9 months pregnant and working as a maid for an elderly couple. The man missed the toilet, (#2). I was told to clean it up on my hands and knees with no gloves. Needless to say I did it and was only making $2 an hour.

  808. Wanda Smith says:

    I worked for a female Commander on the Metropolitan Police Department at that time I was her personal *`$^#^^$%@*((#` istant I had to lie to her husband and say different thngs to him so he would want her back. I had to pick up her laundry get her lunch pick up her vitamins and deliver and pick up her clean and dirty clothes and the cleaners. Also, I had to take back videos at Blockbusters when I refused to be her personal gineau pig she called the very Police Department and told them a lie and said I came to her house and stole some videos from her house to get me fired and she ended up getting moved to another district after reporting her behavior to the *`$^#^^$%@*((#` istant Chief and later she resigned

  809. Michael Prichard says:

    i used to be a Dairy Manager for a family ran grocery store. it had been snowing like crazy.
    blizzard like, and some crazy guy stole some cheese and a nestle quik. i chased him around the store out the door, ran down the street, we both busted hard on the concrete, but
    i did a leg lock and took him down

  810. Rachel Culver says:

    I had to Pretend to like and go out on a date with a potential client for a marketing firm……. Nevertheless I said no and put in my two weeks notice. The next girl in line after me got treated lovely by the client. I guess what you won’t do another person will.The price you pay to have a JOB in this recession.

  811. sandra bazdarevic says:

    well…im am not required to do this but i love going to my mothers job and helping her out..she is a manager for vandy univ. and she has a lot of paper work to do…she called me into her office all summer long to help her with paper work, to help her make a schedule, figure out the pay roll, etc.. i had a job during the summer while helping my mom..of course i didnt get paid for helping her lol..she says that giving birth to me is good enough lol

    well thats pretty much it..i dont know if this counts because i liked helping her instead of being forced to do something.

    byezz =]

  812. brittany says:

    I was a CNA in high school, now i’m a nurse, however, you must crawl before you walk. Everyone knows to be a CNA you must help patients with activities of daily living which includes baths and wiping tails. So one day i was giving a 60+ y/o male a shower in the shower chair and after it was over i said okay stand up you’re done and when he tried to stand up he screamed i screamed too and said what’s wrong, he said i’m stuck. so i look under the chair and find the patients testicles stuck between the slits of the chair. so since it was my patient and his arms were too short to push them out of the slits; it was up to me to do the job… Although, people frown when they ask you have to wipe &$$`*+$((*&+!^) all day. Yes people that it is a PART of my job, but i LOVE IT TO DEATH!! YAY NURSES!!!

  813. ALICIA says:

    I was asked by my wealthy boss to to get his NBA tickets back from the place he donated to (which was going to at risk youth) because HE wanted to go to that game. This was on game night, when I called the organization we donated them to, they said they were already given to the family who was selected to go. My boss asked me to call them in as “stolen” so that HE could go with his friends. I asked him “what about the family? they will get arrested at the door” he said “oh well.. I want to see the game”. Luckily the arena would not allow me to do this, it had to be done by him since they were his seats. he was too lazy to go to the police depatrment so he bought 4 more (better) tickets. It was completely immoral – needless to say I decided i could no longer be @)$_`)&$*$$(_)! ociated with him if it was going to hurt families in need. (and yes.. he is literally a millionaire!)

  814. LaToya says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do was work 16 hours straight without a break. On this same job I was asked to go out in the pouring rain and lightening due to the need to make a timeline. Talk about life or death for a summer orientation program gone wild. LOL to all this for a 7.25/hr job…. Yeah freaking right!!!!!

  815. Estelle Jenkins says:

    I worked for a bank for 4 years, and one day I had to let a customer into the safe deposit box area to access his box. While opening the safe deposit for the customer, his finger got smashed in between the giant iron fire proof box doors, and he began bleeding. Blood was all over the safes, and he was swearing up and down that he would sue the bank, I profusley apologized, and then he turns around and sternly makes the comment ” You should kiss my cut”…..I no longer work there….but what do you think I did?

  816. Curtis Pulliam says:

    When I was 16 I worked at a fast food place. In the middle of summer I was asked to go in the parking lot and scrub oil stains off of the concrete. I was 100 + degrees outside.

  817. Nicole Thomas says:

    The most extreme thing i was asked to do on a job was to clean urine and poop up at the motel where i work at.

  818. Dwayna Hughes says:

    I was 21 years old working as an Office Clerk at an avionics repair facility. My boss wanted to go home early but he had interviews that needed to be done. He told me to pretend I was the Office Manager and conduct the interviews. So, I did.

  819. Phillip Vaughn says:

    I am a plumber in Atlanta Ga. An apt. buliding was backed up and we had to get to the pipe inside a manhole and we could not reach it by hand. The manhole was full and no one else would jump in so I had to get in and have crap, condoms, tampons, and whatever else may be in the water up to my neck. So yeah I think that’s pretty bad, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I sure could use a vacation from my job haha.

  820. Amberlina says:

    I was asked to keep quiet about the owners of the company steeling money from employs pay checks that was suppose to go into their 401K…Let’s just say my last day was last Friday!

  821. Tina says:

    When I worked as a sales representative a couple of years ago, we had a very slow day and nothing we were doing brought new customers in. So the owners of the company came up with this idea that since it was raining out, I should put one of our white T-shirts on that had our logo on it and go running through the streets and get people to come check out our place. Mind you, I only got men to come in, but it was such a sucess that they had me go all around town to the most busiest places in town and “fish” for new clients. It was the most successful day the company had all year.

  822. Andrew Boyd says:

    My first day on the job as a lifeguard, some kids decided it would be fun to throw some poop into a few lockers in the changing room. Being the new kid on the block, I was the lucky one to clean up the mess. Disgusting, but I did it!

  823. Walter Woodson says:

    The Most Extreme Thing I Have Done For My Job Was I Had To Be At Work 6am And By The Time I Got There My Supervisor Realized She Was Missing A Cable To Hook Up The Printer And In Order To Complete The Inventory We Had To Print Up The Reports So Me Being A Reliable Person She Asked Me to Go Get The Printer And Make It Back From The Bronx To Manhattan With The Cable Before The Inventory Was Finished To Remind You I Don’t Have A Car I Had To Take Public Transportation And I Made It Back In Time

  824. Gavin Schneider says:

    I was working in a restaurant and one of the chefs was showing me how to make a sauce. He was chopping garlic and talking to me, bragging about his knife skills when suddenly he cut a large chunk of his finger down to the bone. He quickly ran to the sink and asked me to finish the job and cut off the filleted piece of flesh completely. I refused to do it and convinced him to go to the hospital instead!

  825. Mondre says:

    The most extreme thing i had to do is attempt to move dead cows from the road wayini Iraq, we were on a mission and our convoy came to a point in the road that was blocked by dead animals, we couldn’t drive around because iraqis are known for putting pressure plates on the road, so we had to use Real MAN power to try and move the Dead cows, while the other half pulled security, so we tried and tried until someone thought of tying a rope to the cow and vechicle and pulling it out the way, 45 mins later, we were rolling again.

  826. Kristopher Chapman says:

    Well the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to on the job. Is to take cashier checks to walmart, try to cash them, and then buy merchandise with the money. So as I going thru with it none of the checks go thru. So come to find out the checks are phony.

  827. olivia says:

    I love Diddy, and would love to go!
    But im not entering.Kills me how people wanna “Go” but cant even follow the rules. LIKE 50 words or less, not 5 pages.and defamatory. C’mon Now. Lol does it really take a 16 year old to notice?

  828. Kathy Stover says:

    I work in a school and the most extreme thing I could think would be to +)!*_)`^@!*+~(+ ist the student in any daily life skill. This would include, changing a student, +)!*_)`^@!*+~(+ isting a student with daily skills, whipping a student but, allowing a student to spit, kick, or basically whatever. The school tells you it is apart of the job, on a daily basis. Even restraining a student. It’s a trip everyday, who knows what will happen sometimes they will even curse you out or tell you off.

  829. K. D. says:

    I’m known for being the calm in the eye of a storm, so many duties that may appear extreme to most may be strictly business to me. Nondisclosure and protection of my employers is of utmost importance as well. I would still like to submit a statement for purposes of winning this contest, as I believe if Diddy can’t find the right *!(~@$$`~$_)@(( istant from this pack of highly emotional contestants, he may want to look for a more reliable, professional, experienced, well established confidante and *!(~@$$`~$_)@(( istant who knows how to get the job done such as myself.

  830. Fay A. Wright says:

    The most extreme thing that my Boss ever had me do was to vomit the other way. I was in the stall of the ladies room and I was throwing up all over my Boss’s shoes. She told me to throw up the other way and not on her $200 shoes. To me that was the most extreme thing that a Boss could tell me to do. How can I control the direction of my vomit when I’m not feeling good.

  831. sherice says:

    Straight out of college I worked for a local company in which I was the same age as the owner’s (who were married) daughter. During the summer the owners went to a convention/vacation and were gone for two weeks. Although they wanted to give me the keys the daughter threw a fit and the owners took me aside to say they wanted to give me the keys to the business but they had to give them to their daughter b/c she was so upset about it. They told me to work with her, not put any cash in her hands, and make sure everything ran smoothly. Almost everyday I waited in the parking lot for her to show up in the clothes she went out in the night before and unlock the door. Four times in two weeks she threw up when she got there and said she was leaving to shower and didn’t come back until the sun went down. I never got to leave for lunch for two weeks, I had to hide all the cash I could from customers or she would put it straight in her pockets and she would get on the PA system to our warehouse and say “attention workers” even though me and one other person were the only ones in the offices for those two weeks. I quit a month later!

  832. Alvin Jerrod Settles says:

    When I was 15, I had to save a man covered in baby oil so I could be certified as a Lifeguard.

  833. Lindy Fejes says:

    I am a personal *#`&(~+)&#~%^)` istant to a CEO of a multi million dollar web development company and as his *#`&(~+)&#~%^)` istant I not only attend to office duties but attend to his personal needs as well. One day I had to call his step mother in Saudi Arabia knowing that she HATES Americans and is best friends with Osama Bin Laden’s mother… anyways I had to call her to tell her about a personal wire transfer that we had made to her. I was so afraid to speak to her knowing who she was and how she didnt like Americans and me being a young white girl thought she was going to bomb my house. (not really) But I was teriffied of calling. haha Needless to say she was very sweet over the phone and I haven’t had to place any of those kind of calls to her since. :)

  834. Delilah Hargrove says:

    It was to dress up in the arby`s custom in 80 degree weather during the woodward dream cruise selling bottle water with this crazy exspression of im thinking arby`s but its my job and i made it look fun and fab… theres no !$!@^&“_`~_)*_)@ ness this way. (man I should have had on one of those shirts)

  835. Shavon Myers says:

    The most extreme thing i’ve ever been ask to do as a job was to go to Iraq and take care of people that is on a mission to kill and destroy what I call home(America). The hardest part of the job was to make sure they received excellent medical care. While, people in United States can’t afford to receive good medical care. That had to be the most extreme and hardest thing I have ever done in my life for a job. But, a great life lesson.

  836. Johanna Scott says:

    The most extreme thing I had to do at work was teach a Supervisor how to work a computer system and dealing this lady was very hard for me cause she weas not to bright. I know that it’s not that extreme but I work at a health insurance company.

  837. gabriela ocana says:

    I used to work for a hotel as an events coordinator. One time we had a group that needed football helmets to fit kids and not be too big but we had no one to try it on except me. I got one of the helmets stuck and had to walk around the office with it until we had someone come take it off.

  838. dawn thompson says:

    I was working for a mental health service, and i was asked to make supervise some of the residents that afternoon, a woman who lived in the group home had been calling my name, i had ran back to see what was happening and there was a long at least a 9 inch piece of poop on the floor in her closet. I almost threw up, i ran into the main area of the house and called my supervisor and told her what had happend, she then told me that i needed to clean it up; thats when i lost it. I told them that if they didnt send someone to relieve me then i would just walk out and thats exactly what i did i left, my stomach coudlnt handle it. so thats my story i was asked to clean up poop and coudlnt handle it.

  839. Gissel Rosario says:

    As a social worker in Miami Dade County I had to pick up a run-a-way child from Jackson Memorial Hospital at 1am. I arrived and she had run a way from there. About 3:30am I get a phone call this 13 year old child took a bus to her foster home still wearing a hospital IV. I arrive in the home and the child refused to get in my car. The police would not transport and neither would an ambulance. So here I am with a 13 year girl dehydrated with a needle in her arm refusing to put on shoes and go to the hospital so they could remove the needle. I remained in the home until 6am when the child finally just took the needle out herself.

  840. Rebecca Reaves says:

    The most extreme thing I have ever been requested to do for my job, was to produce a sell. (What I mean by that is) The company that I work for throws different parties to bust up sells and we invite different people there to try and upgrade them to something better. Well at one party we had two guys come in and they began to flirt with me. Well to help bust up our chances of getting them to purchase and make the upgrade, I was asked to unbutton my shirt a little, not to much to show them everything, but just enough to get them into making a purchase. At the end they did upgraded and purchased additional items.

  841. daylena watson says:

    well when i was diving a trash truck i lied to a customer and told them i was a suervsor and told ths customer i couldnt do a certian thing for them.

  842. Tanya says:

    We had an immediate supervisor that had a terrible problem with body odor. You could smell her before you saw her. When me and co-worker went to her supervisor to ask her to speak with her, she told us to do it ourselves! We had to tell her she smelled!

  843. Eve G says:

    Last Year at my job at a small grocery store, My boss at the time didn’t want to help me carry out 5 of the 5 gallons of water all by myself. As I was leading the shopping cart down the ramp, the cart flipped over and all the water landed on my body, chipping my bone in the wriste. As painfull as that was, I still had to finish my cashiers shift, then went to the E.R. My ex-boss till this day still has the cashiers take out the heavy gallons of water to the customers car. and I still have a chip in my Bone!!

  844. Van London says:

    I was working at Mcdonalds on the late shift 11pm-7am & the cooking crew quiet.I ran the drive-thru but the grill man,the table man,& the food server quiet due to pay check holds. I had to help my shift manager run the entire store until the new shift came in.Talk about hard work,lol….

  845. Ricky Traulich says:

    I was working for a concret comapny in southern minnesota. we were on the last sidewalk pour for a large company. A rain storm moved threw followed by hail. I was stuck holding a tarp with my hands and the tips of my boots for about 15 minnuts threw the hail. But the welts on my back were a small price to pay for respect and a raise.

  846. anthony woodard says:

    The most extream thing i had to do on a job i was working at a resturant and this lady really needed to feed her baby and it just so happend she breast feed him and she for got a blanket so i had to stand in front of her so she could feed the baby it was sooo funny b/c everyone was looking and i couldnt even take car of my othere tables…woooo what a

  847. Tharrison Boykin says:

    I was working as an English conversation partner/ tutor, tour guide, and everything else for a group of people from china. One day, my director told me that I would be `_#())#^#%^@+*@ isting and translating square dance lessons! i had no idea what I was doing, but I did my best!

  848. Chasitie Fitzgerald says:

    THe most extreme thing i’ve ever been asked to do at work is clean an old mans crusty flaking ear. I worked for a while as a biomagnetic technician. We combined acupressure and auricular therapy to help people with all sorts of aliments from losing weight to smoking and fibromyalgia. There was this one custome J.W. i won’t say his last name. When he came in i should’ve known something was up because my coworkers were snickering behind their hands. And while he wasn’t my client my boss wanted me to clean his ears for her while she “took a phone call.” They were the nastiest ears that i have ever seen. Besides the fact that they were huge and smelled like old cabbage they were flaky. As i put the alcohol on the q-tip and began to clean his ear little flakes of some sort of ear dandruff began falling. I did fine until i was halfway done with the ear and one of the flakes floated on the breeze made by the ac and landed in my eye. I amde some excuse about going to the bathroom before i could hurl in front of the client.

  849. Shayla Wingfield says:

    When I was 15, I wanted to work so bad because I was tired of asking my Mama for money, I got a job a Shoney’s Restaurant. One of the managers asked me to scrub the grout between the floor tiles with a toothbrush. This was my first job and I was so sick of not having money, I did it.

  850. Ashiki Wiggins says:

    Hello, when I first saw this Win a trip to Paris from Diddy, I thought about my fear, my fear is flying.. The number 8 represents new beginnings, so Facing my fear would be a big accomplishment..But the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on a job is to put a live animal/creature into my boss’s office for retaliation…Well, the thing is, I couldn’t find any..Our office was located in a wooded area and we searched and searched and could not find anything..Besides, I had this gut feeling like it would come back and bite me in the butt..but we couldn’t find anything…not a roach, a fly, a snake, a turtle, nothing.. It must have been his lucky day!!!

  851. Curtis Robinson says:

    I am an Engineering Technician who works for a Civil Safety Organization. The most exteme thing that I was asked to do on the job was; A test that required me to hold 2 – 600VAC, 200A wires in each hand while creating an arc across a plastic to be tested. My job is to keep society safe but it puts my life in danger everyday. But if you don’t work, you don’t eat!

  852. Davon Richburg says:

    I worked for a television rental company who serviced hospital patients. I walked into a patients room who was complaining about having to move his bowels. I buzzed for a nurse,however they never came. I decided to help the patient out so i got him out of the bed. In the process he coudnt hold it and decided to deficate on teflo right next to me and splashed it on my shoe..eeww

  853. Brandice Ingram says:

    At one of my first jobs in fast food i worked night shift. Depending on what i was closing that night i had to make sure everything was cleaned and straight for the morning crew. One night i was asked to close lobby. That included both men and womes bathrooms. The womens bathroom wasn’t bad at all but the mens bathroom was hedious! I had to unclog the toilets, mop and wipe down everything! It was disgusting but i found out the next morning that no one has ever taken the time to make sure the bathrooms were clean on night shift before and i got a promotion! But i also made sure to avoid closing lobby as much as possible-lol.

  854. Curtis Pulliam says:

    Can you believe that I had a job and I went in at 8am and they actually told me to go home at 5pm. They said that everyone leaves at 5pm. This is crazy to me. I always work. I could not understand how people dont work and 18 hour day. I guess I have always wanted to work for Diddy but just never knew it.

  855. T. Jones says:

    While working at a fast food resturant in college I was asked to clean a men’s urinal.
    Ugh…what else is there to say.

  856. Tabitha Wilhoite says:

    I was asked to extract hormones from cow brains. As a chemist we needed the hormones for other chemical processes. The brains were gross they were all crushed up and grainy and they had a horrible smell. I had to physically scoop the brains up and load them into the grinder and then collect the brain juice at the end of the process. It was the worst task ever!

  857. Renodder Holder-Brown says:

    As an Administrative _!^+@@#_~)!)&(% istant, I worked for an older women whom I believe was about 60 years old. One day around 4:00 p.m., my supervsior ask me to put her teeth in the cup in her restroom. I did not believe I heard her correctly, but I did. what did I do, I took her teeth from her hand and put them in her cup.

  858. Arnor Alston says:

    Dear Diddy,

    I will like to win the trip to paris cause im a single mother of 3. I havent been on a vaction in 10 years i will like too go on a vaction and enjoy some me time.
    I wouldnt mind taken my oldest child with or just giving her the tickets.
    She is about to graduate high school
    I will like to get her a present for finishing high school
    She is going and majoiring in Fashion.
    I am so proud of her


    P.S I love ur show!

  859. jonathan perry says:

    The most extreme thing i was asked to do on the job was clean up a drunk customers “throw up” it was nasty and extreme but can’t nothing come between me and getting that money

  860. Aviola says:

    I went to a staffing company and they sent me to a warehouse. When i arrived there they sent me to a big room full of old phones and old women and i was told i had to clean them (the phones not the women)lol, with q-tips. Well i acted like i was excited and was told i will start the next day. Well guess who did not show up for work the next day. HAHA.

  861. Christina Colón says:

    I used to work for a company that give dog training and it was too a dog hotel and at the same time they would have children birthday parties. I worked one day 3 birthday parties for 3 kids that were probably 6 or 7 years old right in the middle of the day, under the sun. I had to play the whole day with more than 75 kids. Serve food, beverages, be part of a dog show we had then serve another round of food and beverages, then after that clean up and prepare everything for the second birthday party and the third. It was hectic. My boss didn’t really have an a idea of how tiring and stressful it is to deal with so many kids in a small lapse of time and do all the other things that comes with the job. Then when that day was over it was probably around 10 or 11 pm and had to go to sleep to wake up the next day to have like 2 other birthday parties.. After that i had no energy left in my body.

  862. Tara Johnson says:

    My most extreme I had to do at my job was clean up throw up from my boss in the conference room before a big meeting. My job `%(%(#@#_++)_%_ le was administrative +$@$_&+*`~##~^( istant for a retail company which I won’t name. I had to get on my hands and knees to get under the conference room table to clean it up. I really needed my job at the time and just kept thinking about my boys and got through it. That is the most extreme thing I had to do at that job.

  863. Natasha Letman says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve been asked to do is clean one of my clients toilet and bathroom floor with a toothbrush. Cleaning up after someone who made a big dump in the toilet and on the floor deserves someone like me to win a trip to Paris. Natasha from Brooklyn

  864. tanya archie says:

    the most extreme thing i was asked to do at work was cancel my trip that i planned for my daughter to the Bahamas. she had never been on a plane before and she really was excited about this trip she was only 9 at the time. i already put in my leave slip and paid for everything,my boss told me that i couldnt go or i would loose my job.well i quit and i dont regret it because my daughter had a great time and now that shes into fashion i wish that i could take her to Paris which is a fashion capitol.

  865. Kendrick Fleming says:

    I was told to stay up for 72 hour straight to finish work and repair on a LM2500 engine. This last for my whole 4 year career there. I didn’t quit, no B**** A******.

  866. Jessica W. says:

    The most extreme thing i was asked to do on the job was to take a body shot of ciroc off a customers body while i was on the clock while other customers were present during a hockey game ewwwwwww

  867. Tambra Morgan says:

    when I working at hyundai car plant I and my co workers were asked to go outside in the back of the building and walk through knee high grass full or snakes,bugs,and sky high ant beds to pick up any trash or objects laying on the ground then throw thim in the proper recycling bin

  868. DeAndre Lequez Jones says:

    I was Asked to Give A Person a hamburger pattie that was thrown away in the pit after we switched ova to breakfast. look likes i had no chose but to do it. hay dont blame me. i guess doing that got me a promotion to @)+&*^^&*$%$%_! istant Manager. Thats was 2 years ago the lady never got sick nor called back she even countined to come visit and mentioned that the burger was fye!!!

  869. Vincent White says:

    I am a youth counselor for kids ages 5-13 with mental health issues.My job description is to teach social skills, better behavior managment,& all around positive empowerment. I had a child that had a lower IQ level than the rest & he wasn’t supposed to be enrolled in the program; but he was. One day he ended up using the bathroom (#2) on himself IN CLASS,& they asked me to clean it & the child up! It was all over the place & funky. I complained but felt bad for the kid so I cleaned him up. They let me go home early and clean myself up for that.

  870. Angela Bolden says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been expected to do on the job was to pick up feces at the waterpark that I used to work at. At the end of each day all the employees have to pick up trash from around the park regardless of what it is. There was a baby diaper faced down and the feces was smushed into the ground. I had to pick it all up by hand. The job of a waterpark attendant is never done!

  871. Jake Adkins says:

    I was once asked to drived from Orlando, FL to Martin, TN to pick up my employer’s son. On the way I had to pick up a portable DVD player and some movies he might like, with my OWN cash! That was a LONG weekend.

  872. Hector Gonzalez says:

    My former boss asked me if I had sex with her and if it was good that I would get a raise and a promotion…after we finish I was the @$%+!`_$*#)%%_& istant store manager for the company, within a week when I was only a part-time @$%+!`_$*#)%%_& ociate.

  873. latrice billups says:

    the most extreme thing i been ask to do is when i got a call from the doctors that they had a kidney for my son, they boss told me let the dad go in, and you have to finish your shift, i almost snap out on him but i told him that i have to leave because its most important to me. I told them if you want to find someone else go ahead.

  874. Garrrick (Gary) Slade says:

    I was a forklift operator at a meatpacking plant in Smithfield, VA. My supervisor came in one day and asked everyone to gather around. When we all got there we were informed that there had been a bomb threat on the building. I waited anxiously for him to tell us to evacuate the building but to my suprise he asked us to *&&_(&*$&_#%(~) ist them in locating the bomb. Some of my fellow employees started running around actually trying to find this bomb. I said “Ya’ll are crazy WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO IF I FIND THE BOMB?” This is really a true story…

  875. Shakira Hart says:

    I believe I should be the winner of Diddy’s Paris giveaway because I am hard working black female.Just like many others I work and attend college. I come from single parent household and I am the first in my family to pursue my Masters Degree. Just like Diddy my work ethic is a relentless process to achieve the best.
    Traveling the world is one of passions and by allowing me to go to Paris I will be able to see one the most beautiful and popular city in the world ( my vision will also be through Diddy’s infamous eye wear). Even if I do not win I am glad I took the time to apply for the contest as well as letting Diddy know that I am a fan.

  876. Christopher A. Jennings says:

    I am in IT Administrator, so for those who dont know my job is to maintain and upkeep computer systems throughout the company. One exectutive sent me an email one day asking me to come and take a look at his computer, he said that he had some troubles with his internet, when in turn he really wanted me to come in and setup his computer so that he could go online and watch porn without it being traced!!!

  877. Joestrid Medina says:

    I love to work for Diddy he is the best yesssssssssssssssssssss

  878. TIERRA SMITH says:

    working at a home improvement store i was ask to do a none job related activity…. as a cashier i was asled to pick up trash in a field behind the store(which was not even store property) like a slave. also i was a sucker when the store was taking up carpet in the back office i was told to chisel the floor to smooth out the concrete. none of these task were in the job description.

  879. Danyelle says:

    I was asked to clean up after an elderly person lost their bows in the executive hallway … she didnt make it to the rest room and lost herself in the hallway and the cleaning crew wasnt coming until the end of the day !!!

  880. Diana says:

    The most extreme thing I had to handle on the job was a drunk customer who spoke no English I found eating dog food in the aisle of a major retail chain on South Beach. No staff member wanted wanted to approach him, because he was drunk beyond belief, and in order to get him to leave the premises–I had to eat some dog food! YUCK! He bribed me!

  881. Tasia Johnson says:

    My boss wore a clear, plastic strapped bra to work and the straps broke. She had an important business meeting and needed a bra. There was no time to get to a store, so she ordered me to give her my bra. I +@!^@)$^$)#+(&^ umed she would give it back after the meeting was over because I surely didn’t want to walk around looking like “Bouncy Betty”. However, when the meeting was over she didn’t even acknowledge she had my bra on, and to make matters worse I had to give a speech in class later that afternoon. The whole day I walked around with my arms folded so that no one would be able to tell. Before I got off work and head to class I had to take some tape and make it work because I had no time to stop at the store nor did I have a sweater to cover up with.

  882. Tamela Wynn says:

    I was working at a hospital in the outpatient lab and a patient came in who needed to have a sperm test done. I had to give him a labeled cup and lead him to the restroom. I then had to wait by the door for him to handle his business and then when he finished i had to glove up and hurry the cup back to the lab to be tested.

  883. Mack Whitfield says:

    when i was downstate as a job i had to shovel cow $)($^+`_@%%*^+$`

  884. Jennifer says:

    I am a bartender at this bar and grill. Majority of the girls who work there are not ur average woman with common sense or book sense. So, one day my boss told me to walk up and down this 3 mile street to every food place and ask for a cup of steam in the storming rain. Of course me being too smart for my own good took 2 hours and a chest code to realize “a cup of steam” NO SUCH THING

  885. HURDIS says:

    The most extreme thing I ever had to do was sing happy birthday to a co-worker. I was always told as a child that I could not sing a lick by my sister, but according to a co-worker I sounded very good. To me that was the most extreme thing I had ever done, because I was put on the spot and that was one of my fears in life and that is singing in front of a crowd.

  886. Tatia Ennals says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do for an employer was to fire an employee for my boss( and I was an equal employee as the guy i was asked to fire!) My boss did not have a backbone nor the courage to fire anyone and we all ( me and my co-workers)questioned daily why he was a manager. Well, I pulled my co-worker to the side and asked him leave in a mannerly fashion because he was fired. Surprisingly, he did, no questions asked. The next month, our manager was replaced.

  887. Leron says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on a job was working as a production !%!+&%&!#)!))#) istant, I was enable to get a job on a movie set for my very first job !%!+&%&!#)!))#) ignment. Well going out to the job and not knowing my responsiblites for the day I ended up on a porn set to my surprise ( every man’s dream) well this porn set was a little different being that it starred male gay actors. I was responsible for oils, lotions toys etc, Also making sure the set props were positioned right for the cameras. It was the longest day of my life and after that job function was over I now work in Medical Mgmt for a insurance company.

  888. KENDRA BENION says:

    I worked for a weightloss company in Boston in which I was a traveling Med Tech. There were several centers and one of them was in the hood. The reps there used to talk back to the area supervisor when she called for the numbers. She was fed up and decided she needed to fire the manager. She asked me to go with her because I am 6’5 & black and she figured if I came they wouldn’t try anything stupid. I never had a supervisor scared and asked me to come help them in fear that something would pop off. LOL

  889. Christopher says:

    I was once a bartender in a casino. Working the “graveyard” shift in the high roller room one particular evening, there was a gentleman who came in and played Baccarat, alone. This man, obviously rich, wanted a particular brand of wine we did not carry, I got on the phone and spoke with the casino mgrs and my supervisor and was told to go across the street to the liquor store and buy this man the wine he wanted, ( this was in Louisiana, all night liquor, lol). Needless to say I received a great tip and all was well with the world.

  890. Donald Jenkins says:

    One time while I was working at the washington nursing facility, I was ask to change one of the residents diapers. need I remind you Im not a CNA I was working in dietary at the time. the nurse Was no where to be found. and the resident seen me in the hall walking and asked for my help. I was in shock. And then I looked at her face and see was more serious than a heart attack. So I took one for the team and changed her before she really got a heart attack.

  891. jessica marlow says:

    I work at a day care and the most extreme i was asked to do was to watched 20 kids by myself. Oh wow!! that was crazy kids just running around and having the be accountable for every single one that was very extreme for me i had no help for about an hour u cant imaginie

  892. Adrienne says:

    I worked in a call center and asked to report that an employee was falsifying their timesheet. I went to management I got in trouble for removing the timesheet from the admin’s desk. Needless to say I was set up. The timesheet was given to me. I was beyond furious.

  893. Shantivia says:

    As a certified nurses @&^+#@^!+&*%#(& istant, I’ve been required to do things that no one would ever do, not even for family, let alone a stranger. From emptying catheter bags full of urine, to bathing the elderly from head to toe, I’ve done it all. But the most of outrageous thing would be cleaning dirty diapers of people old enough to be my grandparents. I love my residents and I enjoyed being able to @&^+#@^!+&*%#(& ist them with their needs, but not many young people would do this.

  894. Tyisha-Nicole Carpenter says:

    The most outlandish thing that I have been asked to do on the job occured during my college years. I was a student (^&&~*@(~!$+@)% istant and one boss took that as her little student slaves. I was asked to carry her purse, computer bag, baking supplies, and stacks of papers up to her office, as she ate dough nuts. Throughout the day, she asked me to count out 350 envelopes, and it turned out that there were ONLY 350 envelops so the counting was worthless and to make random copies of packets,w hich she never used. I did all of the work with a smile, but it took alot for me to hold back my anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  895. Natasha Thurmon says:

    Okay…Okay…so everyone’s responses are probably outlandish and funny. Well my response is extreeemmmeeee! However, it’s serious. I know what it means to go all out on the job. Especially if it’s something you love! I love my job! There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do on the job. I’m a teacher…not a big money maker, but I do it for the kids. My students are smart and intelligent individuals! I work in Baltimore City…right where they film “The Wire”. I’ve had to do everything. It’s been extreme cases from traveling through the block just to make sure my student is alright after getting evicted to helping my student through a loss by personally being there. But, don’t get it twisted…for every or any negative thing there are postive things to. There’s nothing I would’nt do to help them grow and become productive citizens. There’s no limit! So, I can personally relate to those who want to be Diddy’s personal $)))@@^+~@$(`@~ istant. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!!!! How many of you can honestly say you’ll do anything for your line of work? I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  896. Victoria says:

    The most extreme thing I was asked to do on the Job was as an emergency room nurse I had to )$^&&_#!(__#+#) ist in the removal of a dead canary from a woman’s viginia, I also had to )$^&&_#!(__#+#) ist in the removal of an intact light bulb from an 82 yearold man’s anal cavity.

  897. Jenny says:

    It was my first real job, I was 14 years old working in a men’s clothing store and was told to go outside and try to be sexy and bring guys into the store. It was so embarrassing!! I was 14!! I didn’t know how to be sexy!! But i did it and i faked the funk!

  898. Aloysius Ballard says:

    I was a bag boy at a major supermarket chain,they made me clean a situation in the restroom and in order to keep my job I was given a sponge and lysol. A sponge and lysol vs. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

  899. frances shoemaker says:

    i was working at the prison as a co2 in huntsville texas this offender came to me and asked me if i could bring him some newports in and of course i told him no then about 5 minutes later he told me he had to go to medical so i had to take him to medical. i would say about one hour later he came back and it was rack up time he going to come to the door and ask me if he could jack of on me (when they look at you and jack off) i told him no then 5 minutes later i’m walking around doing count and he is jacking off on me so i had to write him a case take it all the way down to the office so the Lt. can see it and sign it and then the LT and the SGT asked me to show them how he was doing it well of course i asked them how do they want me to show them i am not a man and they kept saying show them and i didnt know why so i had to move my hand down there like if i had something down there just to show them how he did it.

  900. Javon Jones says:

    I work at a hotel and had to clean up puke which included everything… the beds crevices, stinking horrific infectiuos stinch. I puked my lunch right along with it…WHAT THE HELL. knowing the workplace should have put room out of order for a HAZMAT team to do that job.

  901. Edlir Dyrmishi says:

    I was asked to go to jail. My girlfriends family owns a company and I do repairs when needed. One day I was at the office and her uncle came in and asked me to go to jail. He is involved in alot of charity events and had an important meeting to take care of. So my girlfriend and I jumped in this limo, was taken to this restaurant and put in a jail cell in front of everyone. we had to dress in a jumpsuit and get mog shots taken. We were given phone calls to tell everyone we knew that we were in jail, once the people arrived ( paniced) the ” bail” money was used for cancer research. At least it was for a good cause.

  902. Nneka says:

    my first internship on my first day, my manager tells me to create the daily newsletter that goes out to 100,000 subscibers firt thing in the morning and then he gets up and leaves for the night. i had to fiure out how to re create the daily newslwtter with the new topics and html code the whole thing by myself. i was there till midnight perfecting it (i had no html skills, had to research it). it was good to go the next morning. everyone in the office couldnt believe he just left me there to do it. as diddy say make it happen!

  903. Marque says:

    As a real esate agent, I had a client that was unsure about if she was going to make a purchase. She was attracted to me and had no idea of what my duties entailed. I was dating her mortgage broker at the time. My client didnt have all of the money that she needed. This wsnt revealed until the last few moments before the deal was to close. My client asked me to “work something out” in order for her to get the purchase secured and that she was willing to do ANYTHING in order to get the house. Staying within the limits of my job, I was able to get the loan worked out but it was revealed that I was unfaithful to the woman (broker) that I was dating. Without being graphic, lets say that I didn’t lose out on either of the “deals”.

  904. Stephanie Lestingi says:

    I was working as a personal %**)`_#_^^$_@#! istant for a very eccentric man who owned a modern jewelry/furniture store. I had to dress in a ridiculous outfit of his choice and attend an art show on his behalf. I had to wine and dine clients at the art show while wearing a very colorful sheer poncho over spandex and a headband. After working at this art show for 8 hours he said the least I could do was attend dinner with him so after working I was forced to continue wearing the outfit as we attended dinner. I was mortified.

  905. Amber says:

    I sat in my office in labor for hours because I couldn’t close the office or the owners would get fined like $5000.00. So, I sat there in labor till I could close the office and I had my son that next morning. I have witnesses.

  906. Paris Hayes says:

    One of the most extreme things that I had to do on a job was perform CPR on a patient of mine who was coding. It was so disgusting, but I couldn’t just let him choke to death and die. I saved him and he lived and recovered just fine.

  907. Anwar Pollydore says:

    I worked as a mover, and one day was asked to do a job at an internet cafe. When I arrived, I was taken to the basement. My job consisted of removing a functioning sink from the wall, amongst what was obviously rat fecies. Obvious, but why? Because enough rat fecies smells like any fecies…bad. After two hours of cleaning his basement and his rat fecies without gloves, and carting them out into a thunder storm, I was given $40 and no tip.

  908. Muffin says:

    i really dont have anything extreme to write about because i am a dental )+**$`~*_#!!)%( istant and there really isnt anything extreme about that. wait,i might have something about the doctor that i used to work for , listen up: there was this doctor that i used to work for . he use to have medicaid patients come in and knew that they were in extreme pain so he would give them needles to numb them and wouldnt do any dental work on them what so eva. so one day he asked me to relase the patient and let them leave. so i was like :” what” is this man doing. i know damn well i saw him do a procedure on this patient and now he wants me to release them. wow what was going on. so basically i saying that i the most extreme thing i did was to release a dental patient off with a numb mouth and still in lots of pain once the lidocaine wears off.

  909. Ciji E. Thibodaux says:

    Was during Hurrican Katrina when I was at work in the hospital where we had no water so we were asked to use the bathroom in red biohazard bags and we also had to do the same for our patients, so it was truly a disaster.

  910. Kisa Pangburn says:

    When I was a naive student teacher, I @_!*#^))*$%%@(& igned my students to write a poem. I didn’t realize I’d be the pornographic subject of a number of the poems, thus with a smile on my face, I returned these “works” and had the students work on turning their “F”‘s into A’s.

  911. Shawntai Veal says:

    Well the most extreme thing I had to do was well, there no nice way to put this but my former boss took a huge dump and it wouldn’t flush so I had to go in there to fix the toilet and I seen whatever he ate in the toilet it was the most disgusting thing I ever had to do at a job, but I got it done and the toilet was fixed!!!! YAYYY!

  912. Dewayne Harris says:

    When I was in the adult entertainment industry, as a male strpper (mainly for bachelorette parties) once I was sent to the bachlorette party of a 88 year old woman who just re-married. She had some bizzare request, some of the request were not even asked by the younger bachlorettes I have once entertained for. haha! Funniest part is there was a whole room of elderly women and as they were watching me strip, some of them were watching the price is right and playing bingo.

  913. Dessire Roldan says:

    I worked for a big retail company for 1 year and I was going to college at the same time. My job +^&&()`!`@)$_^~ le was a logistics +**~~!*~_@(%(_! ociate and I was supposed to handle incoming shipment for the store. I rarely did incoming shipment although that is what I enjoyed. Every morning (4am) I was told to clean the whole store including bathrooms. I felt so low since I was the only one in the store going for a college degree and was also the only minority.

  914. Lisa says:

    when i was serving in the Military in Korea i went to repelling school, to pass the school they told me i had to climb up the mountain and repel down… no problem right well after we got to the mountain site, not only was it 300ft up, we had to repel the way Australian’s repel, oh i wasn’t afraid of heights until i climbed up and looked down…the instructors informed me the only way down was off the cliff…..everyone else was doing it so of course i had to also… the lord was with me that day and i started repelling down the mountain site, then the instructors had the nerve to tell me to brake, i put on the brakes in the middle of going down the mountain, i thought i was going to pass out, but i didn’t, i repelled down the 300ft mountain side “Austrailian style” this was one of my great military moments…

  915. Janice Ignelzi says:

    I work for a cell phone company, and I had to pack over 100 phones, drive my own vehicle 4 hours one way, and try to sell phones at a floral convention. I spent my own money on this, stayed for 2 days, and only sold 2 phones.

  916. Crystal says:

    I worked in the retail store forever 21, one of the most craziest stores around. Well one day I was in charge of the fitting room and at the end of the night I had to make sure the rooms are all clean. while looking on the floor in the handicap fitting room was a duane reade bag. Ok thats common to have bags and litter in fitting rooms because people dont have any home training and respect for the retail world!!! But when that bag has a yellow liquid inside AKA URINE!!!!!! thats when it becomes outrageous…to top it off MY MANGER HAS THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME TO PICK IT UP AND THROW IT AWAY!!!!!!. Now I always do a good job anywhere I work but I will not pick up urine in a bag!!!!! not only that we had maintenance, dont they supposed to do things like that???!!!!! Thank god I no longer work there…lol..

    p.s I didnt pick it up, called maintenance and asked them to do it..Maybe if my salary was like diddy @$@_^&~)*$@@)%# istants then we could have worked some thing out…lol

  917. Desiree says:

    The most extreme thing I have been ever asked to do on a job is plunge a clogged tiolet. You must be saying oh thats not hard. But when your working for a building management office where they have porter, handymen and even doormen it is extreme. To make it worst it was not even my own droppings.

  918. Yavonda Gentle says:

    The most extreme thing I ever had to do was to let a patient die and i could not resuscitate the patient. The reason why I could not resuscitate the patient was because the patient was terminal ill.

  919. Jessica Heider says:

    My senior semester at the University of Southern Mississippi, i took a PR/ event coordinating internship with the local hockey team, the ECHL Mississippi Seawolves. It was my first day on the job and first home game opening the season at their home arena since Hurricane Katrina. The players, and coaches included, wanted something spectacular and inventive for their grand entrance. I along with my office staff decided we would hire some pyrotechnicians to come in and @_#_`^##^(*(^!^ ist with our plan. We wanted to light a ring of fire- on the ICE!!! around the players once they had been announced and play their opening song. The technicians showed on time and we tested the chemicals, it was fabulous. However, the gaming commissioner showed up and said the fire company team were not allowed on the ice for liability reasons. As staff we were experienced with the ice and how to walk, run etc. The technicians asked us to please squirt the chemicals around the players and light the ice on fire because it was thousands of dollars worth of chemicals and they drove across two states to see the crazy idea of ice on fire. Then, the fire marshall showed up with great concern and my boss asked me to talk to him. Since i was new, he did not know me and we didnt have bad history. i was asked to be professional but do whatever i could to make it happen!! i @_#_`^##^(*(^!^ ured him the “organic” chemicals were no harm to the ice, it would not melt and the game would continue with success. ( all a bluff, i had no idea what it would do to the ice- but i would burn that bridge when we got there) with 90 seconds left he shoved me the squirt bottle full of chemicals and said, “if you make this happen intern, consider yourself hired in the long haul.” We laid a huge ring around the players as they skated onto the ice and when the last player arrived i kneeled down to light it, and within 3 sconds this amazing blue and orange flame rose around the players- the crowd went crazy and the players were astonished! needless to say i kept my job and everyone nick named me the “smooth operator” since i worked in “game day operations”

  920. Lucretia says:

    I am a single parent and police for a railroad. Sometimes I respond to the CEO’s house when the burglar alarm goes off. 3AM alarm calls=waking my daughter up , driving 25 minutes to my moms house, and then respond to the CEO’s house. The things we do for paper…

  921. Cynthia says:

    I worked at an agency giving people jobs for security. My first day at the job, my manager placed me at desk with a phone and placed a yellow page book on my desk. He told me to start calling everyone, I needed to get 10 interviews by the end of the day. At 7:00, when everyone left I didn’t have 10 interviews so he made me stay till I got them. I had to do this everyday which was hard because most people cursed you out or hung up on you anyway. Once I got 10 interviews everyday easily he said one day, give me 13 interviews.

  922. Simone Long says:

    I work for a Telecommunications company and we had an important meeting with the President of the company.During the meeting a group of girls behind me just held their own conversation througout the entire meeting. On my way home my phone rings and its one of the !#+)%&“**@*`%^ oc. Directors called me asking me to snitch on who was talking. At the time I was up for a promotion and had to decide what to do. Being from NY we don’t snitch, but I wanted the job. I told him to check with his peers because they were all there and I didn’t turn around during the meeting (being focused on the information) so I had no idea who was talking. He put me in a tight spot but I trooped through, got my promotion, didn’t get anyone fired, and still remained professional.

  923. Kristine Burke says:

    I once fed a parapalegic who came into my restaurant during lunch time because she couldn’t feed herself. She wanted to tip me at the end of lunch but I gave it to the waitress who had served her.

  924. Vonleshia Byrd says:

    Okay you guys I worked at a small retail boutique here in Houston and the most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do is clean the fitting room which had baby droppings on the floor and a used tampon wrapped inside of a shirt! Yes its true my boss called me into her office and said “I need you to clean fitting rooms 1 and 3… it’s pretty bad so so here are some gloves…” I was like am I really about to clean baby poop for $6.25 an hour… You guessed right I put the gloves on and scooped up that poop… hey I did what I had to do!!!

  925. Olawumi Ojedapo says:

    I work in a city hospital, and sometimes we get patients fresh from surgery and until all of the anesthesia wears off, some patients can get a little loopy. One night a patient, who’s daughter was with her had the urgency to be shaved…down there. The daughter asked me to get a disposable razor and be prepared to hold her leg for her. Anesthesia can be blessing at times cause by the time i came back with the razor she had fallen asleep!

  926. Danielle Bush says:

    I worked at a well known lingerie store and we size women all the time for their bra size. The most extreme thing I had to do on the job was size a man for his bra size as well as help him pick out thongs and lingerie! That was truly not a typical day!

  927. Kirsty says:

    I was working at a cafe’ once and my bosses a.k.a. my PARENTS (very extreme anyway to work for!!!) Needed a certain type of English chocolate for one of the guests…not wanting to let them down they got me in the middle of my shift to 30 miles away to get the special chocolate!!!..the place was so busy and they needed me back within 45 mins….(The place was already like half an hour away!!) I grabbed the $10 bucks they gave me and speed 100 miles an hour down the freeway… when i got there! the stupid place was closed!… so i looked up another place on my phone and speed there! I finally got the chocolate! I had 10 mins to get back…speeding back when I was around the corner I ran out of gas in the middle of a stop light!…I was screwed..So i got out the car and grabbed some guy to come help me push the car to the gas station, when we got there the only money I had was 50c I somehow convinced some guy to give me $5 for gas…after that I speed back to the Cafe’ …and I did it all within 44 mins!!!
    DAMN I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  928. DJ says:

    The most extreme thing I have been asked to do was to have a threesome with my former mil commander who we will be called (captain X) for all extensive purposes and his wife while at his office during normal business hours. This couple was so over the top freaky and they didn’t care that other people were in the company area at all. Though I am a good girl and it didn’t go down like that with me, but I must admit that it they weren’t married and they were just dating (I may have given it a second thought, OR two OR hell maybe even three. (I’m a scorpio) lol……Shhhhh…..

  929. Tennille Manwaring says:

    At my previous job a customer tried to return a pack of Maxi pads that was used. I refused to return it because there was a used pad sitting in the stack. I had to call my manager and he told me to return it and dispose of it. Eww

  930. NIKKI!!!! says:


  931. Dessire Roldan says:

    I worked for a big retail company for 1 year and I was going to college at the same time. My job $)@!(_^~~(+_$@% le was logistics (&)+@`+(((!%`+~ ociate and I was supposed to handle incoming shipment for the store. I rarely did incoming shipment although that is what I enjoyed. Every morning (4am) I was told to clean the whole store including bathrooms. I felt so low since I was the only one in the store going for a college degree and was also the only minority.

  932. myc says:

    the most extreme thing i had to do was become a male exotic dance when a show got cancled and the strip club i was work at djing of course. well the show bombed and i was stuck with 100 sreaming females and and no dancers. all the girls where tring to make them feel at home by talking to them and showing them how to do to tricks on the pole for there mates, never the less it only lasted so long then the crowed started getting restless and chanting we want meat we want meat over and over for about 20 minutes… os as i played music and tring to amuse the ravid ladies they started asking will the dj dance he has a sexy voice…. well here we go the the dancer came up to me and started bugging me and pulling on me to dance i was very adiment about not doing it this went on for about 45 minutes or so then the ladies started coming back to the booth begging me and throwing money… so when i saw that it was hard to say no so i got up on stage danced for about 3 songs took most of my clothes off and made about $400 buck in 15 minutes none the less i never danced againg i guess my 15 minutes of fame where up and gone but it was fun but i realized that i was a very sexy man to all types of ladie for and hour it felt good to be wanted. thats my story hope you pick me i would love to go to paris and expericane the house music club scene and chill and be cool as diddy… just for awhile.

    thank you for your time,
    Myc Roston

  933. Pamela Nelson says:

    When I was in the food service industry as a Manager I had to clean up after a young lady who had dranked too much and she lost control of her bowels in the restaurant and totally in the bathroom stall. I cleaned the bathroom and helped clean her up by taking her clothes off and then washing and drying them for her.

  934. Natalie Mack says:

    Well I use to work at a discount store and I got sick on the job and threw up in the bathroom, first of all my boss made me clean it up myself (not like they dont have janitors to do this kind of work). Then to top it all off she told me that if I wanted to go home I had to call for my own replacement, so here I am with a call list sick as a dog and Im calling people to come in on their day off on a Saturday no less to come in. Lets just say my friend wasnt to happy with me when I called her to come in. I didnt work their much longer after that.

  935. Edlir Dyrmishi says:

    I was asked to go to jail for a charity event my boss was involved in. to raise money for cancer research.

  936. Tamara says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do was go to a strange town and sell tickets to a movie theatre that was on its 10th “Grand Re-opening.” I paid for my hotel, drove two hours and was only paid $20.

  937. KESTON SOLOMON says:

    While working at the batting range when i was younger. I had to go in the cage unprotected and reload the machine. At the same time getting hit by balls.

  938. Alhaji Sesay says:

    In my previous career as a Mortgage Broker, in order to get a deal done, I had to do the job of every entity involved in this transaction. The lender needed a letter drafted by the !^^&^(_)^~&!%&+ le company’s attorney within a day to close without my client losing the deal of a lifetime. The attorney however was out of town for a week! I had to study the laws of the Dept of HUD and write that bad boy with the quickness, get a prefilled authorization letter the !^^&^(_)^~&!%&+ le company had on had and submit it. DONE DEAL

    Do what you have to do to get the job DONE…..

  939. SONJAAN says:

    On my first job as a waitress I had a really crazy manager! When all of us were hired, he didn’t even train us! He told us to train ourselves and at the last minute, he told us that we were going to have a soft opening that night! My luck continued when I got 5 tables at once and one table with 5 of the worst guests ever! The sixth guest that was late was the worse! She expected her food on time with everyone elses! I had no previous training and never got any, but still had to serve everyone that night…I pulled it off!

  940. Amy says:

    I once worked as a work study and I was told that I needed to organize like a thousand text books and video tapes by education subject and by alphabetical order. I did this and the secretary who had me organizing them would find another text book or video everyday that I came in. Because it was in aphabetical order and I had limited space I would have to rearrange them on different shelves every time she added another book or video (that she claim to have found after I left for the day) to the collection.

  941. Deedee says:

    I was a Courtesy Clerk (the bagger lol) at a grocery store, of course we had public restrooms. One evening I was asked to clean the restroom. There was waste and blood all over! The sink the floor, the bowl, just nasty! I stepped out, took a deep breath and went to work!

  942. Rachelle Gooden-Joseph says:

    Well I’m a Optician in New Orleans , La. One time a patient came in and she needed a adjustment. I needed to move her temples to adjust the frame. Out of no where this white woman hit my hand. I stopped and my manager look at me and i had to hold it in. I said to myself( I know this ()@*@_~*_`@(@*&+~ didn’t just hit me). I know i needed my job so , i had to keep it in. Now thats extreme! Any black person know it takes alot to hold your self back if someone hits you , but for a white women( I’m not racist either) to hit them , _!~~%_~))*(&++_^ that B was praying i didn’t go extreme on her.

  943. Paris Hayes says:

    One of the most extreme things that I had to do on a job was perform CPR on a patient of mine who vomitted and then coded. It was so disgusting, but I couldn’t just let him choke to death. I saved him and he lived and recovered just fine.

  944. Peter Bassignani says:

    Two days after we were married I asked my boss for a week off for our honeymoon, and he said “We’re too busy”. Two years later, by the time we got to take our cruise, she was pregnant with our first child. That’s not a honeymoon. She deserves Paris.

  945. carolyn mitchell says:

    I am a nurse and I do private duty for a young lady, and her mother asked me to give her a pedicure
    (trimming, polishing, and rubbing feet). I did it and laughed about it later. What do people do for ther jobs?

  946. Tiffany says:

    I work at a drugstore chain. One evening as I was doing some stocking, I had a customer come to me and ask for a (brand) vibrating ring. This brand was offering vibrating rings for one dollar! After I called the manger, looked at all the stock, I still didn’t find it, but I got a great experience out of it.

  947. Terri Ann says:

    I was a Sales ^^“!_&%~`~)$@^ ociate at a Retail store and had been there for a while when a new manager had came in. My old manager had gone on maternity leave and wasn’t sure whether or not she was coming back .So she and I had to train the new manager of her position. I ended up doing most of her work and then my own. Well, she was a lazy, money hungry always borrowing money from me and so forth. I didn’t want to lose my job so I did eveything she asked. Well, one day it was snowing really hard and she had asked me to get her a pack of cigarettes from the gas station across the way. I declined because 2 people were always needed in the store and that would have been against company policy and she owed me money. She then said that the gas station across town had cheaper ciggs and that she wouldn’t tell anyone and she wouldn’t clock me out as a favor to mer. Well, I went to get the ciggs in 5 inches of snow and ended up crashing my car into a guardrail and telephone pole. I was then rushed to the hospital .I was ok, just fractured my hand and banged my head against the steering wheel. I always wear my seatbelt!!!! When I got to the hospital I called her to let her know I was in an accident and that I wasn’t coming back for the week at least. The first thing this broad said to me was, well did you get my cigarettes?? I was like wtf????Needless to say, I sued the company and got her fired because she was stealing clothes for her friends, money from the registar and asked/ begged to buy my drugs from the hospital. Some people.

  948. April Jordan says:

    Ian an independent contractor at a salon where I rent out space along with the equipment in that space so one of clients( who happens to be overweight) sat in my chair and the hydraulics broke as she sat down I then informed the salon owner who the instructed me to tell her she was financially responsible for the repairs needed for that chair since she caused the damage to the chair I then told her I couldn’t do that because she didn’t intentionally break the chair she then went on to say it may inspire her to loose the weight

  949. Denae L. Wyatt says:

    I work at The Henry Ford in the catering department serving weddings,parties, etc… during what was to be a `^`$`&+_)#!@)(($ tail or drink hour a older guest (brides grandfather) pants fell down in the middle of the party as everyone just stared at their family member i had to actually bend down and pull his pants up in the middle of the room crazy!

  950. Cynthia says:

    I worked at an agency giving people jobs for security. My first day at the job, my manager placed me at desk with a phone and placed a yellow page book on my desk. He told me to start calling everyone, I needed to get 10 interviews by the end of the day. At 7:00, when everyone left I didn’t have 10 interviews so he made me stay till I got them. I had to do this everyday which was hard because most people cursed you out or hung up on you anyway. Once I got 10 interviews everyday easily he said one day, give me 13 interviews. I quit this job, it was very hard and not too rewarding. I don’t mind working hard as long as I get what I put in

  951. ericka jones says:

    i had to clean up feces from off the bed, floor, railing to the bed, arms, nails, fingers, and butt of my client and the worst part is that my client waited until after she desecated on herself to get up and go to the bathroom and that is how she got feces everywhere including me

  952. Tabitha Wilhoite says:

    I was asked to extract hormones from cow brains . I had to physically scoop the brains up and load them into the grinder and then collect the brain juice at the end of the process. It was the worst task ever!

  953. Jennifer Leonard says:

    Well i do extreme things almost every day i work.I am a front office manage at a hotel.I think the most i have done is help clean a room after someone was almost killed and there was blood and boo every where.I also have old men asking me to read the sex movie names.

  954. AYSIA TURNER says:


  955. Jenney Dube says:

    As a hostess i was required to make sure the bathrooms were clean. Someone went number 2 literally on floor in front of the toilet. I was told to CLEAN IT UP! This was right after a little kid puked on the floor two hours before. I survived and am at my fifth year at the job!

  956. Cornelius White says:

    It was nap time at this center yes…. kids. and this paticular day i was working with my cousin. She’s like in her 50′s always cracking joke and s*** like that so on this one day she just so happened to brush by me and her hand swept my genital area, (I know.) Man this chick starts running around telling everyone how much Im blessed compared to her husband lol…. So me at the age of 18 at the time sittin there all blushin and s*** never would imagine that the head teacher who’s identity must remain confidential, came to me asking to see my “gift”. Might not have been Treatening to my Job but that my friend is the craziest thing ive ever been asked to do on the Job. LMAO

  957. Kowanna Bing says:

    Well, I sorry to say that this sorry is true, but currently I work for the state government in atlanta, ga for a an well known agency. About two years, I was badly in need of money and I was very depressed because my lights were out and rent was do, but my director notice something was wrong with me, overall to make a long story short…we have sex and he was a minute man but I received $1000 out of it as of today we still work together as nothing happened, lol.

  958. stephanie says:

    Where should I start. There was a few thing that I was asked to do while I was in the Army that were a bit extreme. I remember when I was stationed in Germany, it was the middle of winter we were meeting for morning formation at 5:30 a.m. and there was a pipe break in our motorpool. There was about 5 inches of ice across the whole ground and we were given an hour to clear enough space to walk and to repair our camouflage. They gave us shovels and told us to get to work. Before that I was put into a 20 foot ditch given a rake and we were told to make sure no leaves were seen. As far as me by myself being told what to do I would say that when I worked as a Phlebotomist on the graveyard shift I was asked to work a double shift until 6pm after working from 10pm the night before and then coming back to work at 10pm.

  959. sherman rowell says:

    I work at a Jewish grave yard a maintenance men. The day of hurricane fay we had furneral services going on. Meaning instead of being home preparing for my family for the hurricane i had to be at work for 8 hours buring people. And even on the next day there was continous rain and tornado watches on the news, they asked that everyone stay inside and my boss called first thing that morning and that did not go for us. we worked 3 days straight outside in the rain, thunder and heavy winds with no rain suits allowed. And my job offers no health insurance.

  960. Sharika says:

    One day while at work doing one of my usual duties, paperwork, I was greeted by the President CEO of the company, who happen to be in the neighborhood and made a surprise appearance to inspect the venue during my shift. Well, to my surprise there were no major issues that concerned him at the moment. However, before he left, he had one request which was for me to get a wet wash cloth, get on my knees, and clean in the crevices of every carpet in the house. Wow! talk about fettishes.

  961. Joey B says:

    The craziest thing I ever had to do at my job was to make sure this guy who tried to sneak a long island ice tea out of the club. Well first i saw the guy hide tha drink under our fence so i walked outside to make sure he didn’t pick up and take it with him. Him and his girlfriend get in the car while im outside talking to another guy and watching the drink. Well the guys girl goes gets the drink i go to stop her and tell her she cant take that, shes like its not my drink, well i stand inside the car door so his girl cant close it. then the dude gets out of the car pushing me and trying to fight me. well he i get him down see another guy coming, i stop him but the guy i had down went to his car a pulled out a metal pipe and ran after me, finally the guys girl dumbed the drink and got her and her man outta of there. Fun nite.

  962. Robson Silverio says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve ever done on a job was bought a lot bier and got beautiful place where happened her party birthday, but I need to prepare all stuff in two hours and half.
    Uffaaaa.I’m happy with it, because I did it

    See you in Paris!

    Rob – Brazil

  963. damon wilkowski says:

    The most craziest thing i was do i wasabout 15 and i worked at a pizza store and i worked with a pot head and the kid had Shrooms and put them on a slice pie that we were serving and asked me to straight not say a word and it would be the funniest thing ever so i did ..Did not say a word didn’t snich i actually helped serve it when people would get mushroom slice ..At the time it was funny as hell but definitley ~_~+$)&+*%@`@(&( ed up…The kid i worked with got arrested ..People were goin to the hospital and eventually cops found out…Got the kid..I almost got arrested crazy #&#`*)`_*+~__!*^ and the place got shut down ..So thats it

  964. ASZHURA says:

    I worked for a NYC hotel overnight and whenever the boiler would go down ironically they would tell me to go to the boiler room and turn some ^^+`$*!%)~!+~_#* LOL hahahahahahah they are funny I don’t know anything about a boiler what if I would have turned it the wrong way??

  965. Pamela Nelson says:

    I am a Office Manager for a security company I was at work one day when a customer came about a dipute about a charge on his credit card.He kept trying to put his foot up on my chair where i was sitting and I kept knocking his foot off. He said the statement was in his sock, I told him to us another chair, he kept on trying to use my space then he said the statement was in his pants it was getting really strange needless to say my coworkers and Boss were watching from the camera in his office laughing like crazy I was wondering why nobody was trying to rescue me.They had hired me a stripper for my Birthday.The last laugh was on me.

  966. Tiffany Robinson says:

    I was working for a reproductive endocrinologist office as a medical records clerk and was in desperate need to move up. So every chance I got I tried to show the supervisor I was willing to do what it takes. She asked me to fill in at the front desk in the lab because we were short staff. A male patient was exiting the laboratory and reaches over the counter and handed me his sperm to ask me to carry it to the lab for testing. That’s when I knew I might be in the wrong specialist office.

  967. Jamir Smith says:

    I am currently a wardrobe production ~`)$~*~*`&$`*_( istant and achieving everything in a qucik amount of time is what is required. My designer scheduled me to steam all of the talents clothes at 5:30 in the a.m. then pick up alterations from the cleaners in 30 min, set all the clothes in the talents rooms by 7:30 a.m. Pick up different products for the wardrobe trailer, then run and get personal needs for the talent. Running to set then having to run across town to pick up velcro and a different pair of shoes for one of the cast memebers. All of this had to be acomplshed by 9:00 a.m. Because of my drive and my hunger I made everything happen.

  968. amber becerril says:

    I love this show I love the characters this is so real the action is great I wonder who is going to work for diddy

  969. Marque says:

    As a real estate agent, one of my colleagues had a listing in a local town but she was located out of town. (about 100 miles) I had a group of clients that wanted to see the house that she had listed but the door was locked. The listing agent had never seen the house and never secured a key. She asked me to go over to the property again and meet with the local locksmith. He never showed up. While I was on the phone with the listing agent and my clients on the premises, the listing agent asked me to break the window and enter the property. Mind you this was late in the evening and in a heavily racist neighborhood with many neighbors watching. I did not do it but opted to leave without entry. Good decision on my part.

  970. Pam Hornsby says:

    I think the most extreme thing I had to do was to travel to various satellite offices within the city and create new ID badges with an old camera. I worked for the HR department and we were in the process of updating old employee badges. Might I add that I was eight months pregnant and living in Alaska at the time and it was the coldest part of winter. I had to take this stone age camera from my car (it weighed a ton in my opinion) and into the office of each location while walking on icy and snowy parking lots. In Alaska, they don’t keep all parking lots salted or sanded to keep them clear of ice. I was slipping and sliding and shuffling my feet so as not to fall. I couldn’t believe my manager asked me to do this, but I did it. Never again!

  971. La Kisha Davis says:

    I’m a cosmetologist and the craziest thing I’ve ever done is on my daughters birthday one of my clients called and said she needed her hair cut to go to a awards banquet I happened to have my shears and I cut her hair in the Chucky Cheeze bathroom!

  972. Eric Spivak says:

    My company purchased tickets, a new camera, editing software and more a day in advance. As we prepared to film an event, that turned out to not even be happening at all. So instead of breaking the news to my boss once I found this information out, day of… I set out to make it happen from scratch with myself. From telling security I was a performer, to speaking with the event coordinator, and trying to rearrange the shows schedule to let this happen. (Meanwhile we had nothing to do with the event) I just wasn’t about to give up or waste time and money. So I pay the DJ 200.00 of my own cash, 100 for him to help host this event and merge a dj set with a bikini contest so we have a timeslot, then give 100.00 for a prize. I get a clipboard and a piece of paper, rush into a crowd of thousands then spend 2 hours trying to get participants and buzz raised for our makeshift event…I call my boss, tell him it’s happening and what I did, he rushes to meet up, we meet 10minutes til showtime, im running around like a chicken with my head cut off, we still have 2 slots to fill. I pay 2 people to enter the event, and bam – Were on stage right in time, and it all goes off without a hitch. So that’s my ‘story’ which was reality, video footage below of the event

  973. Viren Jadeja says:

    The most extreme thing I had to do was holding down pregnant rats as they were injected with hormones. The rats were crying as well as urinating and defecating on me. Finally, I also had to hold other rats as they were decapitated for research purposes.

  974. Theresa Harmon says:

    The most extreme thing that I ever had to do was clean the mens bathroom at Ponderosa. My job was being a waitress and cashier and we weren’t very busy so I was picked out of all the people who were there to do it, and their was #^$(##&&_)&_$@(@ all over the toilets……..

  975. Jay Newson says:

    I currently work in the radiology department as a access representative checking patients in as they come for exams. Early one morning a 89 year old lady came in for a exam and needed help changing, access reps normally do not help change patients for insurance reasons. However, I could not say no to a old lady so I helped her change her clothing. She asked me to remove her shirt and I was frantic because techs changes patients. While I was helping her unbuckle her bra she turned around to me and said honey after you reach a certain age everything start to travel from upnorth to downsouth. I nearly threw up on the floor because I was not expecting her to show me her personals.

  976. Amber Norwood says:

    I have worked in 2 daycares and now an early childhood center dealing with 15-20, year olds is extreme enough but I think the most extreme thing is in one day alone having to clean up boo-boo, pee, and throw-up none of this is in my job description!!!

  977. Tonita Grout says:

    My first day on the job working for a behavioral school I had to sit with a kid that got into trouble. I was told to help him with his work that his teachers had given him. I was given a walkie talkie cause thats how we kept in touch and put in a room with him. So we were both on seperate couches when I started to read his #+()%$@(^`)`^&~ ignments to him, and as I was reading I caught his hand moving up and down out the corner of my eye. The kid decided to cover his self with a blanket and pleasure his self while I read to him. I tried to use the walkie talkie but it was dead, and finally someone came to remove the kid. That was very extreme for me because I was put in a room with a kid that I had no back ground information on.

  978. Desyree Thomas says:

    The most extreme thing that ive been asked is… to Clean the poop out of the Bathrrom that was all over the stall. I should have looked at the camera and made the person clean they poop up, but cleaned it because I repressent NO )@$)_~@_!%%“`+@^ ASSNESS. IT WAS DISGUSTING.

  979. Esther Kamiyole says:

    I am a student and the most extreme thing I’ve ever done at a job was when I worked at MacDonald’s four years ago. Basically everybody called off work including the manager and I was the only person at work. I tried calling the owner but he was out of town and there was nothing he could do so I +`_(*`!!*@~~!#! umed the position of the cashier, cook, food handler and even the manager. It was a pretty rough day because I had customers honking and complaining their food was getting to them late but they didn’t understand I was working in the whole restaurant all by myself. At the end of the day I was exhausted but I got a reward for my outstanding performance.

  980. chad says:

    first official day on the job as the new front desk &)_~!~`)$!$$#$# istant at a fitness gym on campus. the stomach flu had been going around and i was one of two people working at the gym that morning. a gym member reported to front desk that another member had defecated on the men’s locker room floor. looked all around for the maintenance or a janitor and the one janitor was across campus dealing with another stomach flu situation. well…it was left up to me to clean up the mess…yup me. my co-worker was on their lunch break at the time. quite the first day for me.

  981. Martina Jones says:

    while working for a car dealership were i was employed for 8 years , once there was a really big scary looking guy that came in the dealership . he want to go on a test drive , but with the policy in place at the job about women in test drive i didn’t really worrie i would have to go . but it was kinda late at night not many employee still there i had to go . i was terrified but new i had a job to do , and it didn’t help that i wasn’t a fan of letting other people drive me around. so we went on the test drive and not only was the customer very happy but he went home in that very same car . so i got the job done , made good money , and learned that mr. smith was alot nice than he looked.

  982. Debbie says:

    Was asked by a firm partner to clean up his corp apt before his wife showed up for an upexpected visit. The apt was littered with porn, leather, whips, handcuffs, condoms, etc. It was pathetically and incredibly disgusting. I informed him I did NOT do it for him, nor would I ever go there again.

  983. Natasha Henry says:

    I work for the Mt Vernon School District, with Special Education. I have been asked to clean up throw up and change pull-ups. I also have to wipe faces and butts. I have done a lot of things for the growth of my students, education is the most important thing a person should acquire in their life time and for some that consists of just daily actions. So with my dedication to my job I will always go above and beyond for the growth of their future. Clean bathrooms, butts, faces, and even my extra time to insure our children future. I love my students and I would do it whenever needed.

  984. Victoria says:

    The most extreme thing I had to do as an emergency room nurse was _)*`_((+`$((^#$ ist in the removal of a dead canary from a woman. This canary was located in a private area. I also had to _)*`_((+`$((^#$ ist in the removal of a intact light bulb from an 82 year old man’s rear end.

  985. donna says:

    the most extreme thing i did was pick up a snapping turtle and keep it as a pet for like 3 weeks the i released it back to the park.

  986. Angelica Badalucco says:

    As a teacher’s +(&“^&#_#@`^$# istant at my college the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on the job was to make 30 copies of a 200 page book. I had one hour to complete the task. Needless to say I used more than one copy machine.

  987. Brittany Smith says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do (and complied) is prepare my supervisor’s resume, careerbuilder profile, and call jobs of interest on her behalf–within two weeks of employment. Probably pales in comparison to the other posts, but it’s true and the only thing I have so far. <3 Enjoy!!!

  988. nicole freeman says:

    i work for ups & going to the extreme is pretty normal. i would have to say that production and money is the most important aspect of ups. so the most extreme thing i ever did as a supervisor .was to climb on to a 6-8 foot high moving conveyor belt to break a 50-100 ft jam of pkgs. i was scared but you know being the only female among my peers. i had to show what i was made of. working for ups you will go the extra mile. to prove you can get the jobe done.

  989. Tony L. says:

    Well when I was about 19 I was working at a resturant and I had just moved out of my grandmothers home. My Boss asked me to go on a weekend trip with him if I wanted to
    get a position that was up for grabs. I ddidnt want to because if would have seen my boss (wow)
    5’6 300+ pounds and had over active sweat glans even when it wasnt hot. He claimed that it would be nothing sexual he just need arm candy for his friends” so therefore he needed a hott young date
    it was the worst time in miami I have ever had the room only had one bed, so got the most painful crooks in my neck from sleeping on the couch. every time his friends were around he would put his arms around me, and he was always sweaty and smelly (like mildewed towels) not to mention he was so so cheap. we got back he told everyone he took me on a trip it was the worst. but the worst thing about this saga I didnt get the position (why me)

  990. Lora Condon says:

    While working in a day spa, my boss lost her license drunk driving and begged me to drive her to and from work everyday for 6 months. I knew my job would be on the line if I didn’t, so I drove 45 minutes in traffic every morning to her home, waited for her to eventually wake up and come to the car, then drive her 30-45 minutes to work. I would wait 1/2 an hour after work for her to finish, drive her 1/2 hour home and then a 1/2 hour back to my house. On many occasions, I had to stop because she was having anxiety attacks or the shakes from the previous nights drinking. To top it off, she told everyone that she was doing me a favor by letting her drive me her to work so I didn’t have to pay for parking at work. Needless to say, my 2004 Ford Focus has over 140,000 miles on it! A year later, she lost her license again to drunk driving, but thank God, I was gone by then!

  991. Desyree Thomas says:

    The most extreme thing that ive been asked is… to Clean the poop out of the Bathrrom that was all over the stall. I should have looked at the camera and made the person clean they poop up, but cleaned it because I repressent NO B!TCHASZNESS. IT WAS DISGUSTING.

  992. LYNDA ALEXANDER says:

    The most extreme thing that I was asked to do on the job was, to watch my co-worker because she was stealing money from the company and because it was only her and I in the office the boss asked me to watch her and report back to her at the end of the day to tell her everything that she did and every phone call she made what was said. I know that , that was extreme.

  993. JaJuan Fernander says:

    I went out to Las Vegas for the MAGIC convention. The event was being held during the week of Valentine’s Day. On that day I was asked to get married at the courthouse downtown. I said yes and we did it. I kept it a secret from my family for the last 6months. Half of my family have found out, while the other half of my family still do not know, includinng my father.

  994. Aubry Hat says:

    I was the $_%(#_!&*#*&`(! istant manager with a company and my manager was gay and she wanted me to sleep with her girlfriend so they could have a mixed baby. I declined and that was the end of that job.

  995. Kris says:

    Wanted manager for Chiropractic office –
    patient accounts;
    phones & filing;
    get cash from bank on Saturday mornings;
    take cash to hotel where boss spent the night with someone other than his wife;
    cover when Chiropractor’s wife calls/comes looking;
    pretend you believe boss’ sinus problem is due to scuba accident.

  996. Dearci Moody says:

    Well the most extreme thing I was asked to do on my job was to clean an entire stock room from top to bottom including the store restroom in a brand new Sean John outfit my mother bought. That was the worst job ever in all of my job history.

  997. Ty Frazier says:

    I use to work in a movie theater, one night while talking to one of the managers in the hallway a lady hurries toward us all sweaty asking where the bathroom was,so we point her in right direction.About 15 minutes later a group of ladies came up to me saying that something happened in bathroom that I needed to go check out. So i walked into the women’s bathroom and there was liquidy, human feces ALL over the bathroom…….the walls, the stall doors, the toilet and even the ceiling….NO LIE the CEILING!!!! And guess who had to clean it up? Yes me, I had to clean it all, even the ceiling!

  998. Shelaney says:

    I have an extreme job working for an extreme show. As a production +!!_~~+#_@~(&@! istant for the television show America’s Most Wanted I do more than my job entails. I’ve met a fugitive on airplane runway asking them why they ripped off thousands of dollars from innocent people. I’ve interviewed a detective at the exact spot where a murder occured and listened as gunshots were fired to scare us away. I’ve told a victim’s daughter that we finally caught her father’s killer and hugged her in my arms. I’ve been asked to do a lot of things I never thought I’d see myself doing in a lifetime, and I do it all to one day earn the respect of my boss and myself.

  999. Duke Carter says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve done is get an interview I needed for a 5:30 newscast a hour before going on air. Try to produce a cast and leave to get an interview that someone else should have done but couldn’t, because they didn’t know how to work the camera.

  1000. rosemary enobakhare says:

    The craziest thing I have ever been asked to do on a job is go out in 4 feet of snow to canvass for a presidential candidate in 2007 all day. Then reason this is so crazy is because I am from Mississippi and snow and me don’t go together. I had to drive in snow, walk in snow and wear this huge puffy coat and I am so not use to. Because I am not use to driving in the snow I was unable to drive up hills which meant I had to walk up hill and yet again I was not use to this so I was sliding down the hill. That was the craziest thing I have ever done on a job.

  1001. Jessica Joseph says:

    The only thing i can think of as the most extreme thing that I was ever asked to do on my job, was to manage a store by myself for a half hour. I know that’s not long but it was a small discount supermarket and it was night time. The manager left me for an half an hour to be a cashier, stock shelves and to count money in the safe at the same time. It was a challenge because you cant keep customers waiting, and then the money we have to make sure is correct at the end of the day. And if our product isn’t on the shelves we won’t make money.

  1002. Marisia Brown says:

    During Christmas time and I was asked to take photos of customers with Santa Claus. No problem. But then I was asked to wear an elf costume. I was so embarrassed I had to walk around the store announcing that Santa was in the store while wearing an elf costume.

  1003. Jessica Heider says:

    My senior semester at the University of Southern Mississippi, i took a PR/ event coordinating internship with the local hockey team, the ECHL Mississippi Seawolves. It was my first day on the job and first home game opening the season at their home arena since Hurricane Katrina. The players, and coaches included, wanted something spectacular and inventive for their grand entrance. I along with my office staff decided we would hire some pyrotechnicians to come in and ~!#%~%@`@*+@_#$ ist with our plan. We wanted to light a ring of FIRE- on the ICE!!! around the players once they had been announced and play their opening song. The technicians showed on time and we tested the chemicals, it was fabulous. However, the gaming commissioner showed up and said the fire company team were not allowed on the ice for liability reasons. As staff we were experienced with the ice and how to walk, run etc. The technicians asked us to please squirt the chemicals around the players and light the ice on fire because it was thousands of dollars worth of chemicals and they drove across two states to see the crazy idea of ice on fire. Then, the fire marshall showed up with great concern and my boss asked me to talk to him. Since i was new, he did not know me and we didnt have bad history. i was asked to be professional but do whatever i could to make it happen (so the players, fire company or coaches were not let down)!! i ~!#%~%@`@*+@_#$ ured him the “organic” chemicals were no harm to the ice, it would not melt and the game would continue with success. ( all a bluff, i had no idea what it would do to the ice- what if it melted and they had to forfeit, and thousands of fans hated me? but i would burn that bridge when we got there) with 90 seconds left he shoved me the squirt bottle full of chemicals and said, “if you make this happen intern, consider yourself hired in the long haul.” We laid a huge ring around the players as they skated onto the ice and when the last player arrived i leaned down to light it, and within 3 sconds this amazing blue and orange flame rose around the players- the crowd went crazy and the players were astonished! needless to say i kept my job and everyone nick named me the “smooth operator” since i worked in “game day operations”

  1004. Nancy Jean-Jacques says:

    The most extreme thing that I was forced to do on the job occurred while I was bartending. I had to flirt and be extra nice to old, drunk, nasty men for tips!!!! Talk about lowering myself!!! And, even after all of that, the tips were not guaranteed!!!

  1005. Tania Yanowsky says:

    As Administration ~%~)$*`!$!$@#() istant for environmental agency I did office type of work, and I only worked there for three months. it was carrer conditonal position. I was asked in the first month to take over the respiratory fit tester and mask fitter job. I had no training and education in this area. My job description did not include this duty, but I did it anyways. I had to go to gas chamber to try out the various face masks with canisters. I guess training and safety does involve in product testing!
    LOL :)

  1006. Jamie Nowicki says:

    The most extreme thing I have been asked to do happened prior to me getting the job. The potential employer was hiring an office manager. I applied to the position and the employer called me to inform me I was to come in for a second interview. When I arrived to the interview, there were four other applicants in the conference room. It was then the employer informed us that he needed a manager that had a keen eye for opprotunity accompanied with common sense. He then invited us to a roulette challange at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, Michigan. At first I thought this guy was crazy and I needed to get as far away from him as quickly as I could, but at the same time I knew I needed a job and the pay was excellent. I had to compete. He provided us with $500 cash and reserved our table in advance.
    I had played roulette on an old Nintendo 64 game, but never at the casino. It was my first time in the casino. In the end, I “won” the office manager position. I loved my job, my co-workers became my family. It was a great experience.

  1007. Pershaun says:

    The most extreme thing that I’ve been asked to do on a job was to re-pot some plants. However this was not a part of my job description. So I’m saying to myself that they must not know that with these nails I don’t do dishes, windows, floors, garbage nor do I dig in dirt. So with that being said I told one of the other co-workers that the supervisor said to re-pot the plants. And made it seem like she said for her to do it and not me.

  1008. chad gaitor says:

    an a job interview to a construction job while letting the boss know my skills he apparently notice this police officer approaching the foreman trailer then ask me to switch seats and pretend to be him so i did not knowing that the guy that came knocking at the door was severing a summons to the boss for a paternity court and the officer took my picture as proof that he severed the summons.

  1009. Gregory Johnson says:

    I worked for a non-profit who’s budget was pretty tight. We had to get out about 1000 toolkits that included about 250 pages each. I had to run all the copies on a normal printer in the office, collate them, staple them, and package them without any help. It took nearly three weeks of working from 9am to 1 and 2 in the morning including weekends. It was crazy. I got the job done though.

  1010. Jaime Green says:

    The term “extreme” has a variety of definitions from “exceedingly great” to “radical, as in action or opinion.” I believe my example encompasses exceedingly great as well as radical! I was working for a large restaurant chain supervising New Restaurant Openings. Each opening lasted 2 weeks with the 1st week being training & the 2nd week being the 1st of actual operations. My team conducted training week and offered support for operations. The company was in a 4th Quarter crunch, having just gone public and now being held accountable for their projections by a vast array of stockholders. I left my home in October, returned one day for Thanksgiving, and then finally on Christmas Eve. The extreme part of flying from one opening to the next was being asked to conduct TWO restaurant openings simultaneously in the same city. Yes, I had two seperate teams, but I am but one person who normally would spend 15 to 16 hours per day at the restaurant I was ~`$&!`~@@+%+(#~ igned to open. Needless to say, there weren’t enough hours in the day so I LITERALLY didn’t sleep for two solid weeks. Both restaurants opened successfully, the company hit projections, and the stockholders were happy … I slept through Christmas!

  1011. Brian Evenden says:

    The most extreme thing I was ever asked to do on the job, was asked when I worked as a car detailer at a dealership. I had been working at the dealership for over a year. My job was to clean and detail the inside and outside of every car that came in. One day I came back from lunch and my boss, who was also my Uncle approached me and asked me to clean the customer bathroom. When I was asked it was no big deal but of course not my job. I walked in the bathroom with mop in hand and as I looked around someone had had explosive dihrea. The poop was on the toilet, floors, and the wall. I am 6’4 and the poop was on the walls above my head. Needless to say me and my boss, slash Uncle did not see eye to eye so I left. For real that S!@T was crazy.

  1012. Kara Black says:

    I work with homeless individuals. During Thanksgiving three years ago we had dinner with a group of homeless individuals. A salon gave them makeovers. There were so many homeless individuals I ended up having to wash a woman’s hair that had not been combed or washed in over a year.

  1013. Ray Betancourt says:

    The most extreme thing ive done while on a job was while i was driving for a luxury car service in the bronx, i had pick up to females from westchester county going to L.E.S so they started telling me about their boyfriends cheating on them and they wanted to get back at them, so they started filming them self’s telling them off and then filming them self’s kissing me and licking my neck so they asked me to start filming them making out and doing explicit things, then had me pull over to let them get on top of the car to start filming them getting nasty with each other until they pulled me into the scene, and dont get me wrong they where hot, so i did not thinking anything of it, till the following week when i was dispatched to the same location thinking it was them, when i got there all i seen was about 20 to 25 dudes waiting for me, i just rolled by laughing, thinking to my self “whats good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

  1014. Kevin Morgan says:

    Well i would have to say the most extreme thing I have ever been asked to do on a job was unload 2500 bags of lawn fertilizer by hand. I had to take the bags of one by one and then stack them on the outside of the store. All this in 98 degree weather. I could have said no but i have never been a quitter and i never will. Sometimes you got to do whatever it takes. No matter whether you are making one dollar or a hundred thosand dollars. Got to keep my family fed!!!!

  1015. Patrick Van den Bossche says:

    We had been working very late nights all week at a client location with a team of four colleagues and one manager and the manager suggested that we would keep working on Friday “however long it took to be fully prepared for a Monday 8am board presentation”, so that none of us would have to do any work over the weekend. Seemed like a good plan, except that we didn’t wrap up until 4am on Saturday morning and we all had to get back to the underground garage in our own office building where we had left our respective cars on Monday morning, when we travelled out to the client location in the manager’s car (a BMW 7-series) … and that was almost 120 miles away. We drew straws and I ended up the ‘lucky driver’. I covered the distance in just over an hour, speeding all the way and fortunate not to encounter any cops along the way … but then, on the final stretch to my own house, which was only about 10 min away from the office, I got pulled over … for driving 5 miles over the speed limit. The cop couldn’t figure out why I was laughing when he gave me the ticket ;-)

  1016. Kim says:

    Ok well i’m sure my story wont be as extreme as everyone else lol but I want to win! So i work at a hotel where’s im a room service/housekeeper so my job is pretty extreme lol Well yesterday I had 26 rooms to do =( which took me 11 hours to finish !

    First the room’s are so nasty when people check out! Matter fact this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT lol PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM lol or at least put your trash together in a bag lol

    I was doing my rooms and the manager calls me to go to a room to help a guest so the guest tells me she has hair all over her bathroom , I looked at her like well clean it up it’s is YOUR hair!!!!

    So to make a longggg story short I think people dont realize how much work housekeeper’s do !!! It’s so much more then making beds you never know what’s inside people’s rooms you’ll be surprise the stuff you come in contact with! So the every day grind and not knowing what to expect is my most extreme moment which i have every day 7 days a WEEK!

  1017. Tonyea Pulliam says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve ever had to do was when I was a store manager for a ladies retail clothing store. I was cleaning out the fitting rooms when I noticed a large pile of soft feces in the back fitting room. It literally looked like someone got sick or lost their bowels in the fitting room (at least I hope that is what happened since they didn’t use the bathroom like a normal person.) Being the store manager, I had no choice but to clean it up myself. I strapped on some rubber gloves and used a dustpan to scoop it up. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever done, but what else was I supposed to do? I had customers to serve and somebody had to get it up and I couldn’t ask an #`)**!#“`#`!!~ ociate…

  1018. Reasheda Ghani says:

    Hi my name is Reanecia Ghani Bruce. I’m 11 years-old and I’m doing this for my mom. The most extremest thing my mom had to do on her job was to throw her boss’s chewed up gum away!
    YUCK! She also says that I want to work for Diddy is one of her favorite T.V. shows!

  1019. fred jones says:

    I worked at a local mall here in clarksville tennessee. while on the job on day my manager asked me to go to old charlys (a bar and grill) to pick up an order for his parents!! not only that he asked me to deliver it for them!! his parents stay about 45 minutes into the country me being such a nice guy i said that i would do it. it kinda benefited me in a way because i was still on the clock so i got paid without working.

  1020. Ernesto Hernandez says:

    Wow, I guess the most extreme situation I’ve been in so far at work was when I had to build an entire drawer from scratch for my Supervisor by myself epically when I had no experience at all on building cabinets. It was really difficult, but I did it.

  1021. Ciara Wilkes says:

    The most extreme task I have been asked to complete on a job, is when I was working for Steve and Barry’s, and I had to build the store from floor up. Literally. From sun up to sun down, displays, shelves and cubicles for merchandise, were built by hand. We had a tight deadline to meet for our grand opening, and myself along with a team of %_*@&!#%`)&`_^~ ociates, shed blood, sweat and tears for our company. Loyalty and dedication was the only thing on my mind. Being that I worked long, tiring hours, I never stopped for anything, and because of that I was annointed the %#+*#$*#%+#(*)$ le of Visual Merchandiser for my non-human capabilities of no sleep, all business attitude.

  1022. The Winner ! (Anita) says:

    I interned for the the director of a Law office in BK while in highschool. The director asked me to read over legal documents for a case and summarize it. I missed a little sleep but handed my masterpiece in the next day. He used my notes in place of reading the actual legal documents and went in for litigation the following day. Law left in the hands of a minor…it doesn’t get any better than that.

  1023. Angelica Badalucco says:

    As a teacher’s )^@&&`@)`*)+~+~ istant at my college the most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to do on the job was to make 30 copies of a 200 page book. I had one hour to complete the task. Needless to say I used more than one copy machine.

  1024. Vernon Hadley says:

    Hello, the most extreme and memorable thing I’ve ever been asked to do on a job was to clean up doo-doo. The thing about it was that it was placed in a position that was purposely set for the cleaner…and It had to be me. Now, I’m a hard, street, hood brotha’ so all I remember thinkin’ is, this was not in my job description, and how am I gonna get out of it…Well there was no way around it.I mean it was the worst day…You know how you smell something stank and the scent gets in your mouth and nose @ the same time. Well, this was coming from a grown, adult person who I didn’t even know. Just imagine that… Man, it was the most unforgettable, extreme thing I ever had to do on a job and I won’t ever forget it.

  1025. Ovalle Quiros says:

    I use to work for a company who’s name I can not disclose do to hippo laws. I worked as a direct care giver for individuals w/ developmental disabilities. Wow I have worked for so many different agencies, before but none like this one. well one of the guys (client) use to ~`^*(()#)_`+#@!+ all over the place and smear it all over his self, other’s, and things. Of course I had to clean it up. the worse was when I was not looking and he (the client) caught me on the side of the face with a glob of ~`^*(()#)_`+#@!+ my first response was to beat his @*!!(`)$~@_#~+# But could not. After I washed my face I had to clean him (the client) up, now my supervisor who worked there before me, never cleaned up behind him always left it up to me… Well the cherry that topped the cake was one day he (the client) was in his room masturbating and I was told to enter in his room, and put baby oil on his erect $((!^_@!@&))%)&~! Now that most extreme thing I’ve ever been asked to on the job. How many man have to work lube up the next man $((!^_@!@&))%)&~! so he can masturbate? Of course I had two put in my two weeks notice because this just was not the right facility for me…and this is my story… Sorry if it grossed you out but thats just you looking in my shoes…Thank you…O.Q.

  1026. Josie says:

    I’m a NYC middle school teacher. Need I say more? I was told that all my students need to pass the NYState exams. For the learning challenged students I had to make up individualized tests for 12 and 13 year olds. In addition to the other hundreds of details I had take care of these tests had very detailed guidelines. Although the tests were at a pre-K to Kindergarten levels the students had to be coached through every detail. I think the most extreme part of the job is that I have make students who do not care learn or want to learn, learn. I have also been told to tell parents what they want to hear and not the truth.

  1027. Ryan Radowicz says:

    well this is my 10th time trying to type this my PC is messsed up

  1028. Shanell Hill says:

    Well first off I had the all time worst summer job ever, halfway through the summer I finally found a job working at this gas station sitting in this stupid humid attendant kiosk. I figured hey I can’t be that bad because I didn’t have to stand up, and I was all alone, and I could do what I wanted when I wanted. I thought to myself this might not be as bad as I thought. Little did I know I had no clue what I was getting into. You see the gas station was located on a military base and there were a lot of disabled veterans who came to gas up there. This entire summer I spent long hot days in sun gassing up rude and bitter old peoples vehicles, and I aint even get one tip. They pull up and honk their horns to get your attention then wave their handicap stickers at me or even stick their crutches and canes out the window, when they know good and well that they can walk to that gas pump. And I only made 7.25 a hour!!

  1029. Termaine Tanner says:

    i was ask to take one of the children i work with to the bathroom, having to actually pick them up, it was hard but okay.

  1030. Jervay Vanderhorst says:

    I had to do street team work for an artist at a concert with no ticket and no way inside the show. In order to get paid for the job and prove that I passed out all the promotional items I had to get 50 pictures of people holding up product in front of the stage. I went to the hotel where the artist was, as I pulled in, the 2 tour buses were leaving the hotel. I pulled my car between both of them, followed them inside the back entrance to the concert, the police asked me what I was doing, hand-cuffed me, searched my car, I told them I was on the street team and they finally let me inside the show!

  1031. Erica Sturdivant says:

    The most extreme thing I been asked to do on a job is to clean human feces off the wall, floor and toliet of the bathroom at a store called Fred’s. I was giving a rag, no gloves and a spray bottle of disinfection to clean the mess. It smelled very awful and was very nasty to see. I was ashame for myself because I had to clean it and for the person who did it. At first I didn’t want to clean the bathroom because my stomach started to do flips and turn upside down, but hey I couldn’t afford to stop my pay check so I put plastic bags from the store on my hands and beginning to clean.

  1032. Tiffany Mance says:

    The craziest thing I was asked to do at my job was to clean the womens bathroom due to an over-flowing toilet (and not because of me using it). It was crazy because I was a phone customer service rep not a custodian.

  1033. Kathryn says:

    Being asked to see my underwear during a barracks inspection. I later found out that my Sergeant wanted to know if I had thongs in my collection. Although his stategy to see my goodies was creative, I found him and his attempt distasteful.

  1034. kelima lespierre says:

    I was working entry level for a company for a bout a year and they decided to put me in management training which I was happy about. After 5 days of training my supervisor tells me I have to work 7 days a week,did I mention I have 3 children at home ranging from 11,9and 5. I told them Saturdays are fine I have a sitter for 6 days a week.the managers reply was well an 11year old is old enough to watch the other kids for 6 hours you have to decide whats is more important to you. Need less to say I now hold a position with another company that is more under standing of me being a single mother. Even though I still took a small pay cut at the end of the day, its a small price to pay for the safety of my children.

  1035. Dozie Okpalaobieri says:

    During the christmas break of my freshman year, I got a job in the College Bookstore as a cashier making minimum wage at the time $4.25. One fine snowy day, we heard a squeaky sound coming from one of the bookshelves, a rat had decided to study a little psychology! Needless to say, my supervisor came to me (of 8-10 other employees) and said “you’re African, can you get rid of the rat?” Let’s just say, that rat kept breeding for the next few weeks until the exterminator did his job!

  1036. Cassandra Melton says:

    The event I planned was to raise money for the American Heart *%)&“(^*&_)%$@ ociation. My school raised almost $4000 the year before. I wanted to do something extreme so I offered the